Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde or Oh the Places You’ll Go — Edition 35, Maybe 36

This isn’t about Richard. It’s about myself and the crazy things I’ve done since becoming a fan. Like some of you feel, Richard Armitage in a period drama sounds good to me, but then I have said I wanted to see Richard in something that was ugly and damaged. But Hannibal? Really? I guess after following Captain America so closely, anything is possible. LOL!

A possible look for Francis:


Yep, that’s right, I skipped a report on all the other places I’ve gone that I would have never set foot near if it weren’t for our guy.

Let me just say this about my foray into the comic book world. I actually enjoyed it. Yes, I’m admitting that publicly. I also thought Richard Armitage did a great job as a bad guy in that franchise, and I expect nothing less in this one. And hallelujah, it will be for six episodes instead of about six minutes.

Note to self: must check out Red Dragon at the library. No, seroiusly, must check it out. No, I’m not kidding, go check it out.

Artwork courtesy of a tweet by WeHannibalism. I have no idea who created it, but if you do, let me know.

All Right! Another Bad Guy!

I love it when Richard Armitage plays a bad guy. So glad we get to see more of that, and no, Thorin Oakenshield is not a bad guy — at least not on par with some of the baddies Richard has played in the past.

And for those who were asleep at the wheel, Richard’s been following the creator of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller, so an announcement was imminent. Maybe we’ll get a selfie now. :D

Hannibal Recruits The Hobbit Star Richard Armitage for Killer Role

By Michael Slezak / January 13 2015,

hannibal-season-3-cast-richard-armitage-dolarhydeRichard Armitage has found a role into which he can really sink his teeth.

The Hobbit actor will join NBC’s Hannibal in Season 3 in the terrifying role of Francis

read more here


The Tooth Fairy? You don’t even want to know how my mind is processing that.

And for the uninitiated, you really, really need to watch Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood.

Update on the Richard Armitage Blogging Event

rahobbitbillboardCounting the survey responses, tweets, DMs, and email, I’ve gotten about 30+ replies from people who are interested in one or more of these roles: blogger, guest blogger, organizer. Thank you for that!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the title has some clue, but there is more information here and a few basic Q&As here.

For those who haven’t replied but are interested (yes, you can back out later, but I hope you don’t), the survey will be up until the end of this month. The survey is here. Takes a minute or less to complete.

I’ve also received communications from those who only want to participate as readers and observers. They have been very nice notes of encouragement. Thank you for those as well, and I suspect there may be a guest blogger or two among you. :D

For those of you who have volunteered to be an organizer, I will send you a note the first part of next week to ask about your thinking on a theme and to talk about a possible structure of the event. I will also be candid about what I am able to do and not able to do. In the meantime, please feel free to send me an email if you have further thoughts.

note: this candid shot makes me laugh. It says: hey, remember me? That’s probably how I’m going to feel about this blogging event ’cause I’m going to bring it up a few more times in future. I don’t do it to be a pest but because I know all of us have about a bazillion pieces of information coming at us, and it’s easy for something to get lost in the deluge. Or maybe it’s just me who has this problem. ;-)

Zan’s Not Done — A Call to Action

Reblogged from Well, There You Go …

I just had the most interesting chat with a Netflix customer service rep! Using their Live Chat (at the bottom of their page), I asked the rep about the upcoming expiration of the BBC shows. They said that their license for most of the BBC shows is due to end, as we all have heard.

read more here

If we can pull this off, maybe we can finally get Richard’s picture on Netflix as well.

Netflix ditches Richard …

If Zan’s blog name was ever apropos, it is on this piece. LOL! Thank you, Zan for making sure we have a place to quickly get a fix!

Reblogged from Well, There You Go …

Sad, sad, sad … Netflix is cleaning house on February 1, 2015. Among the many changes coming, we’ll be losing access to some of our favorites …


Right then … so what to do when needing a Richard fix and the DVD player is just not convenient? Not to despair, dear friends!

Read the rest here

Going the Distance — Part 1

Richard Armitage ep1 StrikeBack
It’s interesting to review old posts and realize the fundamental impetus and tone of this blog is the same. I still feel as I did when I wrote this post in 2010 with only a few changes. One of them is I can no longer keep up with the press on Richard Armitage. Part of that is due to my situation and part of it is due to there being so much more. This a good thing for him in more ways than one. LOL! (unfortunately, I have never kicked the LOL habit. Every time I’ve tried, something I’ve said in jest was misconstrued as serious). The other thing that’s changed is I almost feel like Richard Armitage is an old friend. Before anyone starts becoming worried about my having descended into the depths of some serious CW, remember this often happens when we like a particular entertainer over a long period of time. Can you say Tom Hanks? Sure you can. Okay, so there’s the odd person out there who doesn’t like Tom, and no, I’m not fully comparing Richard Armitage to Tom Hanks although I do think Rich could be more of an everyman than he is currently. But I’m not going to chase that rabbit today.

Perhaps the only other thing that’s changed is I regret a few more things than I did in that linked piece above. I mourn any part I have ever played in quenching the spirit of community. The only salve to my conscience is that anything I have done was not done to create a divide. That’s not my style. Oh, I’m not about keeping peace at the cost of my principles, but I do not thrive on conflict. Not afraid of it either, but I don’t go out looking for it. Somehow that doesn’t matter, ’cause in fandom it tends to find those who manifest themselves very overtly in cyber world. Yep, this just goes with the territory. I also mourn the loss of some friendships. Thankfully, that’s been minimal, but I still feel the loss. A post coming next or soon on these things and some other fallout in fandom. It is not a rant but hopefully some encouragement.

So why am I posting this? I have definitely changed during the time I’ve been running this site but not as much as I thought. It’s true I don’t drool as much these days, but how long can someone drool? Whatever the case with fans, obviously, I just couldn’t keep that up. Occasional drooling is all I’m good for these days, and that should take nothing away from Richard Armitage. He is a fine actor from whom I believe we have not seen his best work.

And that’s why I’m hanging around. One of the reasons anyway. I’m waiting for the day he is again in a fine role — meaning one worthy of his talent.

Forgotten this?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, probably not since I can’t seem to let that tweet die. John Obert got it, and I’m still basking in that and realize that we still ain’t seen nothing yet. And it may well come from behind the camera when we do.

In the meantime, it’s been fun going some of the distance with Richard Armitage. I’ve never watched an actor’s career so closely and doubt I ever will again. This is an anomaly for me, and I’d like to keep it that way. :D

And speaking of going the distance, I’m going to brag about something, and if you hate it when I talk about my kids, stop reading now. LOL!

I’ve talked about all of my children on this blog including my youngest who is underage but being the least mentioned and not pictured. My older kids have pictures of themselves plastered all over the Net, so it would be pointless to try to keep their photos under wraps. They’re part of that generation who doesn’t think about those things as being a problem. At such time as my youngest reaches majority, she can do the same, but while she’s underage, no way I’m going to put her photo out to be easily snagged.

Onto the bragging.

When I started this blog, I had been a fan of Richard Armitage for over two years, and my son was nearing the end of his junior year of high school and already getting heavily recruited by college athletic directors and coaches. It was quite the learning curve for our family, and I remember SO telling our son, “If you get a scholarship, consider it a job, because they will be paying for your education or most of it.” Mercenary as that sounds, that’s a reality, and it’s good to let a kid know so they don’t go into a college sport with idealistic visions of coaches being their friends. They’re employers first and foremost.

Son is now a senior in college, and he’s done his job and then some. He’s busted his backside with a work ethic that most people only dream about, and it has served him well. He has a GPA hovering around 3.75 and he is an All-American athlete not once but three times with the last time being last November.

2014 CDZ AllAmerican

For those not familiar, this is a very small group of college athletes in the U.S. Thousands and thousands compete every year, but only a handful in each sport make All-American. The ones who do are at the top of their game, which means they are not only talented but have worked incredibly hard. Just thinking about the training is enough to wear me out. My son trains 48 weeks out of the year. He takes off two weeks after the fall season and two weeks after the spring season. The rest of the time he’s eating a rigid diet, only drinks water, runs 12-15 miles most days, lifts weights, does calisthenics and plyometrics, and oh heck, I don’t know what all. And there are lots of athletes who do this and never make All-American. Some of it is also due to luck. They can’t get sick on the wrong day or have an off day at the wrong time.

But the little bit of luck aside, I’m proud of my son, and I don’t mind talking about it here. He’s done a helluva thing, and it needs to be talked about and talked about, and thankfully, SO and I are not the only ones who will, but we still have to stifle ourselves because we stink with pride about what this boy has done.

Yes, I have a segue to Richard Armitage. It’s coming in the second part of this post.

Some Qs & As about the Richard Armitage Blogging Event

Richard-Armitage-with the KeyThis is just a first pass at answers to some of the questions about a blogging event (go here for more information). I’m sure there will be more questions as we go. Also, I am basing these answers on what has happened in the past and feel any committee formed will embrace these answers as well.

Do I have to be a Richard Armitage Blogger to participate? No, you do not. The more the merrier!

If I post for the event, do I have to participate every day of the event? Absolutely not. Do as much as you want.

Do I have to run a blog to participate? It’s not necessary. Many bloggers who participate will be willing to host guest bloggers for a post or more than one. It’s up to the bloggers, but I would be surprised if a guest blogger could not find a place to publish.

If I don’t know any bloggers personally and want to write a guest piece, what do I do? Contact a blogger you like; I would be shocked if they don’t listen to you. If you’re still not sure, let me know, and I’ll bet I can put you in touch with someone who would be happy to host a piece.

Do I have to participate on certain social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook if I post a piece for the event? It’s completely optional to participate on those sites, but you’re missing out on some fun. :D

Can I contribute artwork or video instead of writing? Yes! a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you have any further questions, post a comment here or send me an email.


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