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Love this.

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(for anonymity we will refer to the woman in question as N.)

So August 23 N. went to the Crucible. As you all may know, Richard’s parents were there. N. had enough courage to go over and talk to Mr. and Mrs. Armitage. (She was first in line and they were standing nearby) Here’s what she had to say about meeting our favorite Margaret and John (besides the N&S ones ;) )

“she was(predictably) lovely and gracious. She didn’t act like she was in a hurry and patiently listened, making eye contact, and generously introduced her husband, who was waiting, also patiently. She smiled kindly as I explained I would value her signature on the ticket because it was from his birthday, and I reckoned she was involved. She took the ticket and then said “You know, we will be seeing him. Shall I have him sign it” and further asked…

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Sarah’s done it again

The pun aside, these two photos are fantastic, and I have seen a lot of photos of Richard Armitage. Not saying how many. Actually, I have no clue how many. It is a lot.

The originals are found here, and I’m not entirely sure these can be embedded.

One more time and this time with the copyright symbol:

Richard Armitage by Sarah Dunn

note: I will remove if Ms. Dunn wants me to do so. No problem at all.

Tangent — Please Keep Twitter Wild. Let the Bird Fly Free

twitter personalizationIt is bound to end soon, because Twitter is bent on making big bucks. It was inevitable when they made their IPO. But the somewhat chaotic nature of timelines and hashtags is a good thing — read that: it draws a lot of people to Twitter who in turn shake and move things. Take it away, and those same people may go somewhere else for their serendipity fix. What am I talking about? Right now what we follow is what we see in our timelines, but if Twitter starts algorithmically curating our timelines with no ability to opt out, it’s not going to be nearly so much fun. When Twitter starts thinking for us based on how we’ve thought before, i.e., based on our Twitter surfing, then the wonderful serendipity and certainly the ability to be exposed to other ways of thinking besides our own will be lost.

I mentioned this kind of thing* a few years ago. To be clear, I understand the need from an advertising standpoint. These companies have to make money to continue to provide us all the great content, but hell, isn’t there a happy medium so I’m not always fed exactly what a site thinks I want to see? How boring.

* Do yourself a favor and watch the video in that post.

edit: I retweeted this earlier today, but I want ensure it’s seen by all of you, and that you know I feel the same:

another edit:

Throttling my feed and not showing me everything is exactly why I got so tired of Facebook & can barely make myself go there- even though that’s where most of my RL friends are. Don’t decide for me what I want to see and (especially) not see!! Twitter already has the “Promote” thing and it doesn’t bother me, I can ignore or not. Right now, I like the setup of Twitter much better. — SH on the possible algorithmic curating of Twitter timeline

The Old Vic has heard us!


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Some of My Favorite #AskArmitage Tweets for September 12

The control freak in me is begging to do this, so I’ve relented.

My favorite questions for the September 12th #AskArmitage Twitter event:


I did not see one of these, so I had to ask!

I’m sure some others have asked this, but I didn’t see any. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get it in more than once. :D

Why Shit Doesn’t Just Happen

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There’s an author and blogger I follow who got my attention this morning. I’ve now pre-ordered his book.

Why Shit Doesn’t Just Happen
September 2
By Bob Mayer

shitdoesntjusthappen1Why the book and title? I had to get your attention, just like engineers, soldiers, pilots, astronauts, passengers, policemen, firemen, etc. need to get someone’s attention just before a catastrophe occurs in order to either prevent the event or save lives. And engineers, systems analysts, workers, and managers have to get the attention of others in order to point out cascade events that, if unchecked, will lead to a catastrophe.

Consider the meaning of the phrase shit happens. Saying “shit happens” indicates events are random, have no meaning and there is no accountability or responsibility. It indicates such events could just as easily happen again and there’s nothing we can do about them.

Read the rest here

A segue for those who only come here to read about Richard Armitage. Today, our guy is “In Conversation” at the Old Vic, and it’s going to be interesting to see what he makes happen.

Hopefully we will hear something soon.

So yeah, an interesting mix of subjects.

edit: I wish I had turned off pinging. Oh well, Bob Mayer can think I’m a nut all he wants. I did buy the book. :D

You should write about The Crucible. EVERYONE should write about it.

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I couldn’t agree more — even if you don’t publish it for the world.

You should write about The Crucible. EVERYONE should write about it.

The reason that I have been trying to link every longer fan reaction to the play that I have found on a blog or site — and I look for new ones every day — is that I’m trying to create a broad record of the reactions to the play by non-professionals. No one should take my decision to write about the play myself as a signal that I think others should not write about it. I will continue to search for other reactions and link them here in order to do what I can to assure that more people see them. Everyone will have a different one — because really, everyone is seeing a slightly different play — and we should rejoice in that, in finding as many as possible.

If you do want to publish something and you don’t have a platform, I hope you know that there are plenty of blogs (including this one) that would be happy to do it for you.

A little inspiration:

John Proctor


If you want to start a blog and need help, I’ll help you, and no, it does not need to be a Richard Armitage blog unless that’s what you want.


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