Tangent: Shouldn’t We Be Talking About Earth Day?


Earth Day has become a political statement, and maybe it always was. Since this blog is not political, we will not be talking about such things as Earth Day. But it does raise a point about RA.

I’m so glad I don’t know his political views. Thank you, Richard Armitage, wherever you are, that you don’t throw your views out there for your fans to process. Since I would think about your views and then wonder where they came from besides deciding whether to embrace or reject them, it would be one more thing I’d have to hassle with. So thanks again for making my life a little less of a hassle. ;-)

Screencap courtesy of ariane179254 on LJ (I think).


  1. I think it’s a particularly smart decision on his part for two reasons: (a) if he really does want people to stay out of his private life, it’s a good idea for him NOT to use any power he might have to influence decisions they make in theirs; and (b) he really has an international fan base, and so anything he might say, e.g., about UK politics, could easily be taken out of its original context and misunderstood (“twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,” as Kipling would say).

    Not having inflexible political or religious opinions is good for business, as has been apparent since at least the seventeenth century. Still, I like to know that he has a social conscience (i.e., his support of charities that help children, teenagers, the homeless/downtrodden, and victims of natural disasters). It says nice things about him as someone who realizes the extent to which he has been blessed, and these are things we can all get behind regardless of our individual politics.

  2. Well, he’s political to the extent that he’s not afraid to show his love for his country. In particular I point out his poetry reading on the BBC 2 Radio show “A War Less Ordinary”. I have posted his reading of “Night Watch for England” on my blog for Earth Day.
    Love your picture!

  3. […] Richard Armitage Online mentions Mr. Armitage’s interest in the UK general elections, though thankfully no reference to his own views. Referencing our earlier discussion of Armitage’s advertisements for the first televised […]

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