Tangent — If Media Producers Would Just Listen to Me

I knew I was right. Of course I was right. I always am — in my dreams. But I am right about something this time. Media producers need to get it. People don’t want to watch shows through nefarious means. Well, at least most people don’t. Of course there will always be some people who just want to steal. But most people just get frustrated at the difficulty of accessibility. It’s only due to this frustration that most resort to viewing shows through YouTube, P2P sites, etc.

I hope someone who can effect a change is reading this:

When asked if they would pay for a service which provided an advertising and DRM-free TV show, movies and music experience, an impressive 66.4% of respondents said they would be prepared to pay for that.

The prices they would generally be prepared to offer are $1 per TV episode, $2 for a movie and 50c per music track. ($1 AUD = $0.91 USD)

edit: The problem, my friends, is that media producers are trying to create a scarcity where there is none. This is done to keep the price point artificially inflated. It’s not going to happen. Now that average Joe Schmuck (which is how I think media producers, and I’m mostly thinking of Hollywood, think of us) has the means to manipulate the technology, it’s not going to go away. Once people got a taste of that, they’re not going to give it up easily. About the only way this could be controlled, and even then I don’t think it really can be, is if we have an international group that has the ability to exact punishment. We are moving toward that, but we’re never going to get there, and do we want to go? I know I don’t, and it’s not because I’m a law breaker but because that kind of control is not necessary. The short of it is media producers need to catch up. They are lagging far behind, and it shows and it’s going to keep showing unless they learn to deal with the competition. Okay, I’ll stop now because I feel a serious diatribe coming on about copyright and all sorts of related subjects that this blog SHOULD NOT be conducive to.

But before I drop this, I love the last paragraph of this piece.

Here’s my gratuitous pic, so this post is not entirely me bitching, and it’s the tricep this time:

Screencap courtesy of my stash.


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  2. The copyright laws are not adapted to the 21st century and modern technology, and the media producers are the most clueless of it all. (Sweden responded by creating a political party about it – called the “Pirate Party”, named after infamous Torrent site The Pirate Bay.)

    Only recently, it was announced that, gasp, a new single would be played for the first time on the radio and you’d be able to download it straight away! You wouldn’t have to wait X weeks to buy it! How out of tune with reality do you have to be to only realise this NOW? If I hear a new song on the radio and want to get hold of it, I’ll have forgotten about it if I have to wait a month before it comes out and might check if I can find it By Other Means. If I can go straight to my legal MP3 purveyor of choice and get it straight away, guess what, they get my custom.

    It’s still a bit screwed up, though. Say I download – to keep this current – the new Jane Eyre movie and (uh … *goes to find what’s currently on*) “Hop” from a Torrent. Would the movie companies have lost money by me doing so? No. With “Hop”, I wouldn’t go see it at the cinema, I wouldn’t rent or buy it on DVD. I probably wouldn’t even watch it at all – or maybe just wait until it was shown on TV a couple of years later. With Jane Eyre, they’ve a) pissed me off by having it open in the UK SIX MONTHS after the US (guess why I’d want to scan the net in the first place!) and b) c’mon, it’s Jane Eyre, they’re going to make a bundle on people like me, because I WILL see it at the cinema regardless and bring a +1 and I WILL buy the DVD and watch it more than once. I’ll post reviews about it online and spread the word to other Brontë fans, and I might even consider getting the soundtrack and anything else I can get my hands on.

    Downloading stuff for personal use as described above – “an it harm none, do as ye will”. Piracy in the way that you take the things you’ve downloaded and sell them to other people for profit – no, that’s not fair, and so I’m not okay with that.

    They also say that people who download music illegally are also in fact people who legally purchase the most music. So that’s another thing to think about. But yeah, the media producers need to get with the times, for they are a-changin’ and instead of trying to bust 7-year-olds or grannies for filesharing, how about looking into the reasons WHY people fileshare in the first place and try to accommodate that audience. Like you say, most of us actually want to pay (at least if we have money to). Instead of slamming DRM on everything and removing the “record from wave” option in Windows 7 (*loud bleeping noise while Traxy says exactly how much she just LOVES this new-found feature of her otherwise very lovely laptop*) and things like that … it’s trying to fight the tide. Surf the tide instead, make it work to your advantage. If life gives you lemons, don’t ban lemon picking and restrict lemon tree growing – make lemonade, for goodness sake!

  3. … Do I have to make some kind of additional disclaimer to the post I just made, saying “I do not endorse illegal file sharing, Torrents or The Pirate Bay and am in no way affiliated with any of those nasty piratey things and I have not, nor will I ever, download any of the movies aforementioned from an illegitimate source” just to make sure I won’t be arrested in bed? Which in itself is ridiculous. Beating someone up and/or raping them, sure, you might get away with paying about £10k. Sharing a couple of dozen files over the internet, you’re looking at at least £1M. What kind of a society do we live in that puts the interests of rich media companies ahead of people who have been severely abused?!

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