Happy Birthday, RA

Not sure if this is a fake fan letter, but it’s sincere whatever it is.

Dear Richard,

I’m taking the day off and hope you are doing the same.

I wish you happy on your birthday, and I’ll be back with snark tomorrow or the next day.

Until then, a couple of videos for you to enjoy, and I thought the second one was interesting where TJ Schiller talks about doing a little bit of work on a trampoline, foolin’ around a bit, and just imagining himself skiing like a pro, and voila, he became a pro. Not quite sure I believe that, but it’s nice to imagine. So maybe a tramp purchase is in order?

Take care,

One of Your Crazy Fans


  1. What a thoughtful present!

    Where in the world can you ski in August?

  2. Happy B.Day RA!

  3. Should we be looking for him where there is some snow?? LOL
    I imagine him reading those books he never has time for…

  4. Before we know it, the snow will fly, so I”m just getting him ready. LOL! He needs to buy that tramp now! :lol:

  5. I do hope that he had a lovely birthday – maybe there was a party ???? Who knows ???

  6. I remember him saying in a interview he went skying one time a year, maybe he does it on his B-day? I know SouthAmerica has snow right now or maybe those countries very close to the NorthPole have snow even in August?

    Whatever he did, I hope he had a great day.

    OML :)

  7. Nive videos … lol … do you live on the ski slopes???

    @ Servitus above. You can ski in Australia and New Zealand in August :)

  8. @Servetus,

    Skiing at Cardrona in August:


    They are several minutes away.

  9. […] If you missed it, check out my other letter about skiing. I’ll be back tomorrow to give you a hard time with my speculation about what […]

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