Netflix, I Really Do Love You, But…

Richard Armitage needs a profile picture. If you’re not sure whom I’m talking about, please know that it’s not the bald guy. I’m talking about this luscious creature:

I already wrote you one love letter but hope you don’t think I’m stalking you. ;-)

And if for some reason I’ve been struck blind about where this picture can be updated on your site, then give me a cyber slap, but please explain to my dense self how to do it. :D

Oh, and I doubt you can use that picture above, but I had to post it. This one from IMDb might work:

P.S. I almost hope you don’t see this ’cause I would have to leash the limerick monster.

Photos courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com and the public domain.

edit: “streaming” limericks from here, and they ping to Twitter as well.


  1. @Frenz, I’m not given to purple prose. So, the only thing to say about that new pic is aaaahhhhh….

    Rev up your limerick muse, please. :D

  2. I did, and I’m streaming it here:

  3. *SWOON* That first picture got me ;-) Oh! the second one is good too….

  4. Glad you two like it, and yeah, that first picture is Guh!

  5. Oh great pics, Frenz!!! – the top one is a definite winner for me!!! Is it the way he has slightly narrowed his eyes or something?

  6. He’s saying: yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

    I hope not! :D

    That picture is sexier than any buff, good looking guy with his shirt off. Smokin!

  7. This should have been the picture for the best big bad hunkie he just won!

  8. Oh, yeah, that picture is well, what more can I say about it? It’s hot, and I love the hair. I don’t give a rip what hairstyle that is; it’s hot on him.

  9. That top picture is killing me! Just when I think the crush is dying down, BAM, back to full on. He knows what naughty thoughts are there and he approves. At least that’s my impression ;)

  10. Question, Frenz….how can we help you campaign for a real profile pic? Or can we? Or should we? Help….

  11. I’m contacting them on Twitter, but other than that I’m not sure. They’ve got it rigged where you can send them an email about this subject. Maybe a hard copy letter? I honestly don’t know. So far I’ve written them, oh, about 20 limericks and made a few cracks and so have some others.

  12. Since I’m Twitterless, I’m helpless? I’ve looked on the NetFlix site, but can’t get past the form letter junk. Beyond that, you can’t say much. I guess I’ll just have to rely on you Tweets/Twitterers/whatever you’re called to take care of business.

  13. The only thing I can think is to call them. I’ve hesitated to do that, but I might if they don’t get on the stick.

  14. I called tonight. Got a sweet little gal after waiting on the line for about 5 mins. Told her I was browsing thru some titles and was looking for my fav actor, found him and *gasp* there was no profile pic!! “Imagine my horror!” She laughed and said she’d make a note on it an asked me to spell his name. Can you believe she didn’t know how to spell it? Tsk, tsk. I offered to send a pic but she was certain they’d find one. Any one want to place a wager on the odds on this deal? ;)

  15. Hmmm. Let’s see, I’ll take that wager if I can bet against it? That is what you meant? :D

    I’m going to keep writing to them on Twitter for the next month. I’ve got a slew of limericks ready to go! LOL!

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