Armitage Protection Mode, A Real Bargain


June 20, 2011

This post was actually written several months ago, but hey, it’s apropos just about anytime I’m afraid.

Dear Richard,

I guess I’m not a good fan since my obsession doesn’t extend to protecting your honor. LOL! Sorry that laugh slipped out, but the thought of doing that is so absurd I couldn’t help myself. I have every confidence you can protect your own honor, and seem to be handling it just fine without my help.

Now I will admit to being hacked about the ending of the latest series of Spooks, and wanting to go on the defensive about your part in it. But man, it’s frustrating to see that kind of storyline when you deserve better, and really, I would have been hacked no matter who played Lucas. You just raised my expectations much higher than usual, so the disappointment was heightened and the need to vent about it greater. But really, that’s about a consumer being dissatisfied.

There are fans, however, who are very good at protecting your interests. I’ve encountered several of them during this fan odyssey, and they are so good at it, that I’m not sure you should have to pay anyone to do this for you. :D These people will do it for free! And they’re gooood! Yes, I already said that but am compelled to reiterate. Oh man, are they good! My occasional reddened hands and ringing ears are testament to that. So if you ever get tired of handling this yourself or paying a pr person or a bodyguard, I know where you can get some cheap labor.

Then again, maybe I’m also afflicted with Armitage Protection Mode since I’m here trying to save you some money. ;-)

One of your fans who doesn’t even want to think you need protecting. I’m just here to watch.

P.S. And you really have screwed yourself on ever using a beard as a disguise.

note: yes, it is a fake fan letter. If you had any doubt, then perhaps this note is necessary. Of course I would have put it here anyway for the action fans. :D

Hopefully we can all stay out of Armitage Protection Mode (aka APM), since it’s a drag.

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  1. I don’t think people seem to realize crush overindulgence and crush protectiveness are flip sides of the same obsession. Those who zealously police the feelings/actions of others fall into the same trap. It’s sad for fandom as a whole.

  2. The basic problem seems to be the usual – confusing the actor with the roles. Of course, Mr. Armitage does not require fan protection, and Frenz, never in anything you have posted suggested such an impulse. As as been said, print can be misinterpreted, but for those who have come to know you this past year, we don’t see anything untoward. :D.

    Of course, I love the RA interviews, and derive some impression of the man. But. He is on camera. We do not know him. We like what we see. And we derive impressions from what his colleagues say of him. But we do not know him. And he doesn’t need fan protection. Just fan appreciation of his talent. Which is considerable.

  3. I am really glad you said this, and I think it can’t be repeated often enough. He’s a grown man. He makes his own choices. He’s competent to do so. We should expect him to be able to manage this on his own.

    I have (had!) a colleague who studies the history of fan behavior and fandoms, and he says that these disciplining attempts we see from time to time are based in a cognitive fallacy derived from magical thinking: that by behaving in certain ways fans can manipulate the wish object into the behavior they wish to see (whatever that is). So the desire to protect the object is the same as the desire to manipulate him. When you look at it that way, it’s even more distasteful.

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  5. Dear RAgirls!
    You are right,no wonder,you are bunch of intelligent people.
    When I read some (protective) fans comments one word comes to mind-
    Your fan and humble servant-Joanna:)

  6. Im totally lost here! What happened that made you write about this subject? Are there fans trying to protecte him? from what/who? I don’t get it. Please show me the light!

  7. I’m lost as well…what happened? I see that several RA bloggers are expressing similar dismay and sadness to some recent development(s) in the world of Armitagemania. All I can gather is there are some individuals out there who strongly disapprove of some of the honest, intelligent, thoughtful and introspective writing about Mr. Armitage and are seeking to police this type of activity. This is very dismaying indeed…

  8. …just wanted to add that I completely understand if you do not wish to divulge the details of whatever happened in such a public place — those who already take a dislike (find offense?) to what gets written/ expressed about Mr. Armitage may find more targets to aim for and that would be very unfortunate — not to mention very childish!

  9. I didn’t mean to confuse anyone and no, I don’t want to divulge any details and think all of you who have commented and most of you reading will understand that. I should have just left it alone. Obviously, yesterday I couldn’t fight the inclination to talk about it, and yet that is but one of countless times I’ve had the inclination, and when I let fly, I did what I do most of the time — tried to make a joke of it. But really, it’s not funny, so I couldn’t help getting serious at the end.

    As I said in the piece, I wrote it months ago, and I probably would not have written anything if this had been about me because I wouldn’t have felt the pinch so much. But it’s not about me, and I guess I’ve taken up someone’s offense who I think has been unfairly maligned, and not just a little bit. If it had been a little bit, I would have blown this off as I’ve been doing for quite a while now. But this person will not quit and borders on threatening.

    What I can’t get my head around is the bitterness and hatred spewing out of them, and it just keeps coming. It’s sad, and I don’t say that in a patronizing manner at all. It’s sadness that someone can be this angry, and I can’t help but wonder why — even if it’s not my place to ever find out why. I still ask why because part of me wants to help. Part of me wants to take the pain away or at least help them get on a road that will end some place peaceful. But then all of that would just sound like a savior complex to this person. This is not someone who wants to be helped because you really would have to be God to help. No human being is going to be equal to the task. So I pray He does help.

    As for the rest who try to set other fans straight about their behavior, I wish they would chill too. But I suppose in any group there is always going to be an element who takes it upon themselves to control the others. The key is not to heed them. But sometimes I just get irritated with the lot of them as I did yesterday. Wish I hadn’t gotten irritated ’cause I really don’t want to be irritated, and thankfully, today I’m not.

    Note: when I say that about people who control behavior, I am not referring to anyone who is a site administrator or moderator. It’s prudent for them to enforce their TOS (Terms of Service), and I appreciate the people willing to take on that somewhat thankless task.

  10. I don’t know what this is all about but assume that there are individuals who disapprove of some of the very honest and thoughtful writing that is to be found about Mr. Armitage and are seeking to impose their views upon others. I stress that this is my assumption and that I respect your decision to say nothing further, RAFrenzy. I, too, enjoy the RA interviews, but I am very aware that the man I see is on camera or I may read about him on a page. I do not know him. I will never know him. It is not for me to make assumptions such as that he needs protection from other fans, admirers, call them what you will. That, for me is inappropriate. He is a grown man. For me, what is appropriate is to appreciate his talent. I find thie development you have written about sad and disturbing.

  11. You’re on the right track with your assumptions, and I think I’m going to make a bigger point out of this in another blog piece. I’ve been debating that, but I think this might be a public service to others who may want to blog or write anything for publication.

  12. I do think it is entirely valid to raise this issue from time to time. It is clearly an issue. I don’t think that discussing it is making too much of it. And yes, it is rather a public service – as in “Ye who consider blogging, Blogger Beware”. And maintain a sense of proportion and humour.

    We’ve witnessed the occasional commenter, who (IMO) crosses that line to personal attack and frankly, utter discourtesy. And we’ve seen the patience of bloggers in dealing with such encroachments, till the only solution is to block the commenter.

    Carry on, Frenz.

  13. Fitz, you took the words out of my mouth. LOL! I’m typing my piece now.

  14. I have over the recent months been somewhat mortified by what some bloggers feel the need to express. However, it is their right to write about what they wish and my choice, as I have exercised it, is not to read it. Everybody wins. However, I would caution both side of the aisle, the blogger and the reader, to tolerance as I have witnessed the lack thereof on BOTH sides.

    My two cents…I expect change back *smiles*

  15. Good points. But I hesitate to say more as I’m waxing on about this in my next piece. :D

  16. Love you RAfrenzy, Glad that you are still around. :)

  17. and btw ..missed you Frenz

  18. I am another one who was totally lost about this so thanks for clarifying RAFrenzy. I look forward to your new piece :-).

  19. Something happened on the fan forums again? I’ve now read similar posts from both you and Skully and I believe Servetus has done one too from what I can see here, but I’ve not caught up with her blog yet so can’t say for sure. Anyway. If such is the case, it makes me happy I don’t frequent the fan forums. (The only proper fan forum I seem to check into now and then is for Toby Stephens, and in it, I only actually check the Jane Eyre section.) Maybe it helps with keeping my feet on the ground and not dive too deeply into the celebrity worship. After all, Richard’s just this guy, you know?

  20. No, not fan forums. Something else, but yes, fan forums can be a mine field at times.

  21. And thank you, Violet and Annie! Glad to be here. :)

  22. Agree that no purpose is served in pointing directly to the occasion(s) that drove this post, as it’s just a reward to that person.

    I think no blogger is perfect. There is one post in particular on my blog that I wish I could take back. I wasn’t mature enough to see what I was doing. (Ann Marie and I may be talking about the same thing). I think, though, there’s a difference between criticism of a POV — most bloggers would be glad to have a “loyal opposition” — and trying to explode the framework for discussion. Every discussion needs a framework and blogs have implicit ones while many fan forums have explicit ones, and I should have made clear in what I wrote that I was not intending what I said as a criticism of the forums that have specific rules (no discussion of Armitage’s personal life being the most controversial one). Your forum, your rules, and people understand this as long as things are enforced equitably. The problem is people who try to make discussion impossible, to undermine the rules of civility in a way that makes it too frightening for the average person to engage.

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