I’m Here for the Bad Guy

edit: this post has quickly earned the ripple tag thanks to bccmee. Check out kadamanja’s and Calexora’s posts. :D

The teasing about ‘Captain America’ and specifically Heinz Kruger has begun at my house. My son will go see the movie with his friends because quite simply there is not much else to see, but when I mentioned seeing it, there were some guffaws from the family. SO asked, “and what will you do once Armbruster’s part is done? Will you actually stay for the rest of the movie?” Our daughter, who is also an RA fan, chimed in, “It’s Armitage, Dad. His name is Armitage, and I’m sure Mom and I will gut it up and stay for the rest of the movie. You know how she loves Tommy Lee Jones, and of course I’ll make the sacrifice of watching Chris Evans with his shirt off. :D” SO chuckled, “No, Tommy Lee may not do it this time. She’s there for the bad guy. And who’s Chris Evans?”

Yeah, who’s Chris Evans? :D

If that’s not a picture to fangirl over, I don’t know what is. LOL!

I also like Stanley Tucci, who’s playing Dr. Erskine but not a bad guy in this.

I understand he gets torched by Heinz Kruger.

Then there are other badasses to consider. Truman Capote?

Oh well, maybe Tommy Lee will make it worthwhile just because he looks like such a badass.

Some screencaps are from my stash, the top one I got from bccmee and the rest I’m not sure about.

And if you’re confused about RA’s part as Heinz Kruger, check out Musa’s post.


  1. You mean you’ll supposed to stay to the end? Oh. …okay. ;)

  2. LOL, it’s like dinner theater at your house!

  3. […] Just as I was about to post this, two new posts on the same topic came out, one by RA Frenzy (includes another new pic of Richard as Heinz) and the other by Just Another RA Fan. […]

  4. @Judi, Yeah, I think that’s how it’s supposed to work. We’ll see what I actually do.

    @bccmee, Oh, it’s a regular laugh riot. Seriously, uh, I mean comically. Oh, I’m slap happy at this point. But they really are giving me quite a ribbing.

    Oh, and I was about to post when your message came across. It was too good to pass up. Obviously. :D

  5. Richard has a way of making me fall for the bad guys . . . Guy (well, really not bad, just misunderstood ;) ), John Mulligan . . . Heinz Kruger.
    RA is, naturally, my primary reason for going, but I do actually enjoy films and series depicting WW II (although they are usually more realistic, of course–The Great Escape, for example). And I enjoy some super hero type movies. Would I be in such a state of frenzy *giggle* if he were not in it? Nope.

    But, oh–that Heinz. Rockin’ the suit. Rockin’ the hair. Rockin’ the ‘tude. And you know our RA will give him depth. Even if it’s only for a few minutes on the screen.

  6. And RA will be wearing glasses! Not sure why I find them so attractive on him. ♥ I will have to undergo years of analysis.

  7. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, Angie, he’s purty .:D

  8. @bccmee, we cross-posted. As long as it’s fun, that sounds good. :D

  9. I’m thinking Dad needs a T shirt that reads, “It’s Armitage, Dad. His name is Armitege!!!!!” LOL! That silly guy. He knows it’s Armitage. Doesn’t he?

    And where will I be the day this premieres…the sticks of the Great Smoky Mtns. BUT the good news is, I’ll be in Atlanta the 24th. Wonder how much chocolate it will take to bribe my friend into going to the movies instead of the Outlet mall? =o)

  10. Who will be able to resist SQUEEEING really loudly when we first see him on screen…that’s the real question! :D

  11. oh good grief. I can spell Armitage. I really can.

    Word Verification: Armitege=Armitage. You know. The hot dwarf. ;)

  12. @calexora, I’m probably going to make a fool of myself. :D

    @nb, you won’t need the chocolate: just show your friend the train station scene from N&S.

    I’ve said more than once that if SO ever says RA’s name correctly, I need to stop watching his shows.

  13. I think I’ll stay until the end of the film because
    I will not have legs to go !!!!!

  14. Actually, the t-shirt should say: I’m here for the bad guy.

  15. @Kathie…sounds good to me!!!! And the hubbies can have the other one.

    @Ana…I hear you sister. That’s why it might be a good idea to go with someone…so they can carry/guide you out of the theater.

    @Frenz…packing dvd’s as I type.

    @Calexora…packing socks for mouth

  16. Frenz!

    Very funny – I think your family knows you well.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my Heinz Kruger post :) So Much Appreciated :)

    You know, I still don’t know who Chris Evans is, but I’ll find out soon.

    Wonder how many of us in theaters across the world will be there for RA! We should do an exit poll after each showing.

  17. Kathie has a good idea. I may make a t-shirt! :D

  18. I LOVE the t-shirt idea! But I wonder how many of us would have the courage to wear it to the theatre?!

  19. I think I may do it, and I’m sure my daughter would do it although she’s also there for the “good guy” even though she thinks he’s dumb. I have no idea of Chris Evan’s intelligence, but my daughter seems to think he won’t be doing any rocket science any time soon. LOL!

  20. One more thing…this Kruger guy is one well-put-together fashion guy. I mean look at the perfect pink tie, the crisp white shirt, the flawless fitting suit coat and pants and vest, the starched white hankie fitting in pocket exactly straight. And the polished shoes. And not a single solitary black hair out of place. Now THAT’S what I’m tawkin’ about.

    Note: no !!!s were abused in this comment

  21. Oh, I hear you tawkin’. I’m diggin’ the suit, well, with him in it. :D

  22. Heinz is very soignee, indeed. And every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man, right? ;)

    Re the T-shirts, I would need one for Benny that says “I’m with the crazy blonde who is here for the bad guy. Please overlook it if she drools, thuds or squees excessively. She can’t help it.”
    That’s a lot to get on a T-shirt, isn’t it? Well, he’s a tall, broad-shouldered dude, we could make it work.

  23. Oh you guys!!!! I’m sitting here crying with laughter!!! I think the T-shirt is a great idea and I’m wondering how I can get to a store to have one made before the 22nd!!!! Do you think my grandkids will still want to take me? I’d have to hide it until I got to the theatre then flash it at everyone. :D

    @NB See I’ve used lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!’s to make up for your lack thereof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I say we slap a Kruger photo *the one up above* on the T shirt to verify what the Tshirt says. That oughta shut em up! What say you bcc??? You can throw a quick wallie together for us to copy, save and print onto the now awaiting iron on transfer paper? You have absolutely nothing else to do. Except maybe buy some Depends for emergency situations at theaters?!! ;)

  25. One of my fellow Lions has a business where he can transfer photos to T-shirts–if he has a good-quality digital file, he could make me one. :D

  26. I certainly would wear this t-shirt (LOVE the idea).
    Please, where can I buy one? ;-)

    I really am going to see this movie just because of Richard.

  27. Frankly,

    If there is any actor in a supporting role who is worth going just to see–it’s gotta be Richard Armitage. :D

  28. @Angieklong totally agree! how delish does he look here!! :D and yes who is Chris Evans again? :)

  29. I heard on the radio today Chris Evans underwent therapy after accepting this role because he was conflicted about how it would affect his career long-term. Poor guy may need more therapy if that handsome Brit with his United Nations of Armitage goes and steals Captain America’s thunder . . .
    Chris is cute and all, but–well, he’s no Richard Armitage.*sigh*

  30. I’m thinking something like this:


  31. *wearing silly fangurl grin on her 50-year-old face*

    Oh, yeah, Frenz. Me likee! He makes bad look sooooooo good.

  32. Yeah, me too. I think the luger is a nice touch. :D

  33. Oh, yes, he looks dangerous with the Luger . . . *thud* I covered a seminar on gun safety last night at Healthy Woman (or, as I like to call it, “Girls with Guns”) and while holding a wicked little Reuger amongst a number of weapons displayed . . . I thought of Heinz. Holding the semi-automatic rifle with the holographic scope was pretty neat, too.
    I could imagine RA wielding it with great panache as the bad guy. Possibly with both feet off the ground. ;)

  34. And I should add, unlike a lot of southern women who can wield their Cherries in the Snow lippie and their hunting rifle with equal skill, I am not really into guns. Benny took me to the firing range once years ago and I did really, really well for shooting pistols for the first time. And he never took me back . . . what, he doesn’t trust me?!

  35. I doubt that RA could steal this movie from CE but it’s possible that Tommy Lee Jones will. As for who Chris Evans is I’m not really sure, after I worked out that he wasn’t the same person as the red-haired bespectacled DJ and presenter of The One Show who used to be married to Billie Piper, I’m afraid I lost interest. In fact most people in the UK would assume you meant the DJ not the actor if you mentioned Chris Evans as the former is way more famous here. But the actor looks quite good without his shirt on, so I’m sure your daughter will manage to get through the movie OK.

  36. Oh wow pics I’ve not seen before ! I haven’t told the family I’ll be going to see Captain America yet; much less that I’ll be drooling over a Nazi Spy. I’m also looking forward to seeing Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull.

    Yup fangirling the bad boys again.

  37. Nice Frenz. Very nice. Sooo…I will if you will. =o) Iron is heating as I type…

    The guy on the Joseph A Bank commercial needs to put out an All Points Bulletin that there will be a run on 3 piece suits in the very near future. (can that guy get his voice any lower?! Wow!) Just checked their site and they seem to have only 2 suits in stock that are 3 piece. Hubs had one in the late 70’s that was his fav coaching suit..never lost a game in it. Stil hangs in the closet. Says he wants to be buried in it.

    As for Tommy Lee Jones..he’s HUGE in this family as Lonesome Dove is loved and adored! And Stanley swept me off my feet in “Julie and Julia”!! Both are such good actors. Hubs aka The Movie Hater will watch TLJ over and over in The Fugitive. Who’d a thunk it?

  38. I am not really in a position to go around in a t-shirt with a guy carrying a gun on it. The intellectual RA in the glasses would likely be more my style. One thing I do know though, the shirt will have to be black. What other color does RA wear?

  39. Great graphic, Frenz :)

    Can I post it on my Facebook wall? (naturally, with the credits).

    It’s my tribute to our bad guy ;-)

  40. I’m on the run today, so can’t say much, but, PoliCBA, you can certainly post! :)

  41. I really like both Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones also–and Hugo Weaving. I think this movie has a very strong supporting cast.

    I have to confess I don’t think I have ever seen Evans act in anything. No, I take that back, I saw about 10 minutes of him in a movie (can’t remember the name) while I was getting ready for work one day. He was OK, but he didn’t rock my world or anything.

  42. Musa, love the thought of an exit poll at the cinema! How many shrinking violet RA ladies will be hiding behind family children, or “accompanying” comic book fan SOs? :D

    Angie, rather partial to those old WWII films, too. Guns of Navarone a big favourite. GP et al!

  43. Although I would likely see this movie sooner or later if RA wasn’t in it (I like historical settings and and the occasional superhero film), I doubt I would rush out to see it otherwise. But as it stands, I can’t WAIT to see RA on the big screen!! *fans self* My brother, well aware of the fact that I will be squeeing loudly at the Nazi assassin, has agreed to come with me and is looking forward to it as much as I am, albeit for slightly different reasons.
    Great photo, by the way! Vintage-y suit + guns = HOTTT ;D

  44. Thanks Fitzg! I’ll get my clipboard ready for the exit poll in my neighborhood movie theater!

    HK wins best dressed villain award for sure :)

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