So Fine He Missed It

Ali over at RichardArmitageNet.Com just put up some screencaps of RA in ‘Doctors’ (c. 2001). Yes, I’ve seen these before, but I’ll bet some of you haven’t:

A few thoughts about these. First, he is drop dead gorgeous by almost anyone’s standards. Second, I know a few childhood experiences can damn near eclipse a profusion of experiences in adulthood, but my gosh! this man has to have some awareness that he’s not ugly. Third, I look at those two pictures and get hacked all over again at that godawful cover of ‘North and South.’ I’ve said it before and I can’t help repeating: whoever did that cover must have been jealous!

edit: Yes, I’m going get back to Lucas North, but I’m still struggling with my blog pieces.


  1. Really they could have chosen a zillion better pic’s, if your unaware of the lovely Mr A you would wonder what all the fuss is about!

  2. Absolutely. Plus, he must be seen animated and with sound! to truly appreciate him. :D

  3. Still, RA in leather is NEVER a bad thing!! Well, at least not in a bad way! ;)

  4. I actually love that pic on the cover of N&S by itself but the design could have/should have been so much better. They should have called bccmee or HeathRA. ;)

  5. I like his humbleness about his looks ;-) – lovely pics from RAnet.
    That cover could have been done sooo differently (and much more to the characters advantes) – so yes you must be right, the designer was jealous ;-)

  6. How could RA’s pic be wrong?! Of course it’s the design. :D

    And I love his humbleness too. May he always retain enough of it to be charming.

  7. I think he’s aware he’s grown into his nose and that others find him attractive and his body fit. He just doesn’t think he’s all that and bag of chips which is a good thing actually.

  8. Drop dead gorgeous is RIGHT! *scrolls back up to look at pics again.*

  9. Of course by this time, he KNOWS how somewhat good-looking he is. He’s not a half-wit. :D

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