The Misty Mountains Call

[note: mp3 download at bottom of the post]

Who knew the dwarves singing would be absolutely wondrous by evoking such a keen sense of adventure? It’s telling how the song pervades my spirit and immediately demands an identification with 13 guys from a fictional place. At less than one minute, I’m hooked and ready to go with them. Bravo! Peter Jackson and Howard Shore and Tolkien of course! Bravo! But then comes the let down that the wait will be a year. Thankfully, a few things are occurring to alleviate the withdrawal. I’m reading Tolkien. Read The Hobbit again a few months ago, and pictured Richard Armitage marvelously as Thorin. Thank you again, Peter Jackson! I’m also starting the trilogy and heck, I’ve purchased all of Tolkien’s works including the non-fiction (more on that later) and some of it in more than one format. Several are duplicated on my Kindle. Yes, sometimes I really am insane. Oh, and I’ve purchased this as well as reading lots of excellent sites which give literary analysis of Tolkien.

As if that weren’t enough, I’ve downloaded Over the Misty Mountains Cold (a longer version) to my iPod where I will listen to it until I have learned every measure and their dynamics, and hopefully, get tired of it and then grow to love it again before the movie is released. And I found this video of it on YouTube. Phew, is it fun to surf around today! If you haven’t tried it, go for it. Lots of interesting things to read and watch about ‘The Hobbit.’ Good thing I’m on vacation. Just don’t get caught up on stuff like this as I did.

Tolkien obviously loved music, and his passion abounds even now. He’s inspired countless others with his sense of the epic. Here’s another site I found surfing around awhile back. Wonderful! And be sure to check out the last guy on the list. He and his band are an old favorite — Tolkien inspired songs or not. If you don’t know him, check this out, and I’ll stop there as I feel a tangent coming on. Yeah, I know some of you remember that song. :D

In the meantime, here is an mp3 version for those who need a regular fix.

edit: bccmee made a version of this that I love:


  1. I read “the Hobbit” together with my kids, when Richard got the part. It was good to have a “picture” of Thorin ;-)

    Thanks a lot for the mp3 version – I definently need a regular fix ;-)

  2. The song is simply amazing. Kudos to the composer and the singers both.

  3. It is hypnotic. I did my own mp3 version. I couldn’t wait *giggles*

    I know we still have a year before The Hobbit will be release but I’m already thinking about The Silmarillion. I think that Sir Peter Jackson can be retired after that. I read it many years ago and it is time to start it again.

  4. After watching the vid a zillion times (“Just once more. After this next viewing . . . OK, maybe–a couple more times.”) I realized I wasn’t just watching to see Richard. I wanted to hear that song again. And again. And Again. Hypnotic is a perfect description, antoniaromera.

    Now I long to hear other songs and music from the movie.

  5. The song is now on my ipod. Thanks frenz!

  6. I’ve been listening to it on repeat!!!!

  7. That is exactly what it happen with me. I’m bewitched for the singing. And Richard voice suits so well with the spirit of that song. We have heard only two verses of the song. I wonder if we will hear it all.

    A fact is I will have to add the soundtrack to the wishlist. X-)

  8. Mr. A does have a good voice – would have been a very good one, with training. Think The Hobbit is going to be terrific!

  9. […] trailer, my blog sisters have you covered: go here for the lyrics (provided by Faboamanto), and here for an mp3 you can download (with thanks to Frenz), and you can also go here for an interview with […]

  10. 24 hours later and I am still watching the trailer and still singing. LOL

  11. […] The song. Link stolen from RAFrenzy. […]

  12. Angie named us “United Nations of Armitage”. Well, ladies, I think that now, we have a hymn ;)

  13. :D And what a great song it is! I should have it memorized pretty soon, as much as I have listened to it. I even enjoy hearing him breath during the song. *sigh*

  14. btw, the “anonymous” comment on singing was me – I have no idea why it showed as anon. Because I don’t like anon. And, I really loved his voice, so that comment was NOT derogatory, just a perception..
    just in case,

  15. […] can even download an mp3 of the song clip at RAFrenzy‘s […]

  16. Re the anonymous, I just figured it was a glitch, because I can’t really remember anybody using anon. here.

    I wonder if he did have at least some vocal training as a choral singer, if not individual voice lessons. I would think somebody who was studying musical theatre would likely need to hone their singing as well as their dancing abilities. We know he learned to play several instruments.

    Now I have to say I am glad he decided musicals were not where he wanted to be, because so many of us would have been denied experiencing his extraordinary gifts.

    For a man with, I believed he said, “a small talent,” he certainly manages to do very well. ;) Pity he’s so unnattractive to look at. :D

  17. If i remember correctly, I think he did understudy some parts in Cats with solo singing. I’m pretty sure he had formal training in singing as well as dancing and acting in the school he attended as it offers quite a comprehensive education in performing arts.

  18. You are correct about those understudy roles, Jane. And I was thinking the same thing–he was in a school for the arts, Pattison College, which would likely have included lessons in music, dance, art, drama and playing instruments as part of their curriculum. And later there was the training received at LAMDA., which is a school of music as well as drama.

    One thing is for sure: the man is nothing if not versatile.

  19. I checked out the audio book of “The Hobbit” from the local library. My son and I listened to it in the car as we traveled back and forth to school. It was fabulous, complete with the songs. My son is 10, and was completely engrossed in this story from start to finish (it helped to have a dragon as the bad guy!). If anyone finds it difficult to set aside pleasure reading time, this may work for you as well! Must admit I appreciate Richard’s voice more than the one on CD, even though it was very good!

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