Please Sir, Can We Have Some More?


Dear Mr. Spacey

Yeah, I know I’m not one of your favorite people, but this letter is not only about me. I’m presumptuously speaking for quite a few others. I’m confident I can do that because well, there are lots of Richard Armitage fans who cannot make it to London yet are dying (or almost dying; it feels like dying) to see Richard in The Crucible, so I come with a suggestion, which you may have already heard.

Many of us have been looking at the promotional materials for The Crucible, and I’ll admit most of us have our tongues hanging out. I like to think this is a very overt manifestation of the consumer mentality. Make of that what you will, but what I’m making of it is we would like to see The Crucible without coming across the pond.

Do you think you could see your way clear to make a video that the rest of us will happily buy and maybe even for a hefty fee of oh, say, $50.00? Yes, the control freak in me is thinking for you. Sorry about that; I can’t help it sometimes — like when I really want something to happen. Or maybe you could do it like PBS. Let us donate a certain amount to The Old Vic and then we get a thank you gift. For a $50.00 gift, a video. For a $100.00 gift, a video and a couple of posters, er, signed posters (by you know who). Maybe $300 gets the video, all the posters signed and maybe a surprise gift that we don’t know anything about but we’ll love. Wait. Go right on up to a $1,000 or better, ’cause a signficant number of those “middle-aged, quite well-educated, Radio 4 listeners” have a healthy disposable income, and I’m sure they would like to dispose of it at The Old Vic. Yep, I’d bet money on that. Oh, and maybe throw in a few future shows at The Old Vic with that really good donation?

Yes, my control freak is really getting carried away, so I’ll top. I think you get the idea.

So what do you say?

Richard’s Crazy Fan, uh Crazy Fan with money, money to spend on stuff from The Old Vic :D

P.S. Forgive my crassness in speaking of money, but I know it takes money to run The Old Vic, and I would love to help AND get a thank you gift. LOL! Okay, I laughed there. but I’m serious, man. And no, I’m not normally pushy. I make an exception on Tuesdays.

Graphic courtesy of Brian Clift on flickr


  1. LOL, I love it!!

  2. Spoken as a successful businesswoman, Frenz… he’s fortunate you took the time to toss out your pearls of wisdom. I kick into the control freak gear too….. what’s the saying, “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions!” Fingers crossed that it works.

  3. Totally agree. And, what matters most, it’s true ;-)

  4. Mr. Spacey totally understands what you are talking about because of his post today on the Old Vic site of a giveaway of his own. Now if he would only get one going for RA and see what real money he can get for Old Vic.

  5. …brilliant..x

  6. Kevin Spacey and the Old Vic both have Twitter accounts. Perhaps…a tweet or two to them directly with this post? Just an idea.

  7. I did tweet @oldvictheatre, but I have the dubious distinction of being blocked by @kevinspacey, so someone will have to tweet it for me. Long story on how that happened. The short version is when I first got on Twitter, he didn’t get my dry sense of humor. Oy.

    And as far as I know, he’s the only person who has ever blocked me. He’s also the only person who was been on the receiving end of my acid tongue when I was doped up on pain killers. #drunktweeting, a bad idea.

  8. Ouch. I still like ya, anyway. Without you, I wouldn’t have discovered the wonderfulness of RA!

  9. The good news is he hasn’t blocked the “real me.” LOL! Then again, I’m not sure I follow him as the real me.

    Glad you still like me. RA does make up for a lot. :D

  10. Carolyn, SH, Micra and Mairi, Glad you like it. I’m not sure it will make one bit of difference, but I had fun writing it.

    PM, I think you’re right!

  11. I definitely want a video or PBS. RA looks delcious.

  12. KS is no longer director of The Old Vic Theatre.
    There is a DVD petition on and on FB or send email to TOVT.

  13. He’s not stepping down until 2015 when the new director, Matthew Warchus takes over that fall. This is according to the Old Vic press release in May.

    Spacey also said this last year about his leaving.

    “I’m now planning to leave in 2015 and am determined to raise £20million by then as an endowment fund to make the theatre fit for the 21st century,” Spacey says. source

    So I’m pretty comfortable with the letter addressee and the topic. Not that he will ever read it, but it is right in line with what he’s doing right now. And the idea could be a springboard to something much greater than some $50 or even $1,000 donations.

  14. Allright, feel free to send your letter then. ;)

  15. Thanks *bowing* :D

    Seriously, I doubt he will ever see it, but it’s the thought that should be circulating. He could have made a killing off this RA involvement. There are fans who really do have some serious money.

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