That was Interesting or maybe not

vlcsnap-2014-11-06-14h35m57s239Moving on from thoughts of Time Warner’s state of affairs, since it’s not much fun to talk finance or economics. No, that’s not a true statement. I love to talk finance and economics, but I know most people hate it. See why I stay on fluff subjects most of the time here? The serious me is not that much fun and likes to talk about things like the Time Warner/Comcast merger, why Facebook’s IPO was lousy, or about my fascination with Elon Musk and Tesla and renewable energy, or the health care sector or other fun subjects like Quantitative Easing. I really love to talk about Quantitative Easing. Don’t get me started on that one.

Yes, I’m really going to stop all this talk that makes your eyes glaze over and go back to talking about the dwarf actors, which was my initial plan but did not include talking about the snubbing of the Kiwi dwarves. I was more or less going to ignore that until, well, I couldn’t.

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed something about that situation. It’s not a situation to a significant number of fans of the Hobbit movies. It seems the Richard Armitage fans are mostly the ones who were offended if the current chatter is anything to go by. The Tolkien fans, or more specifically the Ringers (fans of Peter Jackson’s Tolkien movies and not to be confused with Tolkienists who are not fans of the movies for the most part) are pretty quiet. This issue doesn’t seem to be a big deal to them. Yep, I’m saying it appears they really don’t care if the Kiwi actors make it to the premiere or not. And that surprises me. It really does. Oh sure, we know the got shut down on this issue, but are they the only voice for the Ringers? Maybe so. Maybe the Ringers aren’t as prevalent as I thought.

I could be so wrong about all of this, but that’s how it seems.

Further, it’s made me wonder if perhaps I’ve given the Ringers too much credence as something truly organic and principled instead of something manufactured by someone who had a vested financial interest. Okay, yes, I’m being disingenuous. I’ve known for the last few years that there is an effort to market to and through the Ringers. Because I was taught not to say anything if I couldn’t say something nice and encouraging, I haven’t said anything about this. But the incident with the Kiwi actors bugs me enough to break that rule.

Someone slap me ’cause if I really get rolling here, I may get so candid that I say something I really regret.

So am I just a fan bitching? Maybe, but then again, I have been cultivated to be a fan of the actors in this movie, and so it’s natural I would be unhappy with some of them being left out of the world premiere. Yep, I’m saying that if anyone is to blame for my feelings about that, it’s the powers that be who drew my attention to these guys in the first place– Richard Armitage excepted of course.

No worries that I’ll go further than this post. This is the last of my venting about it. I think it’s all off my chest now, and I can move on to more fun topics. Like my piece on Graham McTavish. But I’m going to do McTavish a favor and not put his piece right up against these rants.


  1. Interesting about the Ringers. Maybe TORn IS the main place they congregate (vs. we or the Tolkien hardgeeks). I wondered about Middle Earth News…. but as I look around there, truthfully it strikes me more as a PR / marketing site vs. “news”, at least in the op/ed sense. Though I do like it. You’re certainly more likely to know about this than I am.

    I still think this spat drew more attention, dropping on the heels of the momentous “World Premiere Announcement” video- we watched Orlando’s lips move as they plainly said the cast and collaborators from all 6 movies would be there. The disconnect was just jarringly obvious. But probably enough of that, as you’ve said.

    And I don’t mind if you talk about any of those things, except quantitative easing. QE does make me throw up a little.

  2. Regarding quantitative easing, we need to talk about it a whole lot more. LOL

  3. Urrrp, I warned you! Ha- I think you should come up with a proposal (as our resident economic expert) for “Richard Armitage as Economic Stimulus”. Would put us all in a better mood than QE (or at least me :)

  4. Instead of the 800 billion to the banks they should’ve given all of us about $20,000 each and we would’ve spent probably a chunk on the movie industry of which Richard Armitage would’ve gotten a piece of that action and a lot of people would’ve been happy. That’s my quick and dirty version.

  5. I would study economics like a fiend if there were such a course! As to the Kiwi Dwarves snub, it does seem that it never gathered as much momentum as we (certainly I) expected. But that’s physics & there’s now way in hell I’m gonna study that! :)

  6. Nope, I’m not going to study it either. I’m moving on. I say that because if there are not enough fans who think that the snub was inappropriate, I’m not going to make it my purpose in life to point it out to them. I just couldn’t move on without highlighting the fact the ringers are almost completely nonexistent on this issue. That really is disappointing to me.

  7. If I wanted to really get candid, I would go on and say that some of my initial thoughts about a significant number of ringers being a bunch of middle-aged guys who still live with mom and are self-absorbed, may have been correct. But hopefully I’m nicer than that, so I won’t say it.

  8. And I mean no disrespect all the wonderful ringers I’ve gotten to know. I just wish the image of being self absorbed could not be propagated by their silence on this issue.

  9. I hear you, Frenz! I thought the same as you. We need a “Well, that de-escalated quickly” meme or something. ;)

  10. “Richard Armitage as Economic Stimulus.” That’s brilliant, SH! Quick, someone start a blog on that subject. Frenz and I give you permission to use our infographic, to be found here:

  11. It is a shame, as I watch the appendices in the DOS EE, that these men we ignored, unworthy of the World Premier in London…How trying it must have been for all of them to don that garb every day, the makeup, wigs, padded suits under the garments that the Dwarves wore, the physical aspect of it all is incredible. The barrel scene alone should have guaranteed them the red carpet anywhere in the world..It just grates me like a rusty brake drum, to borrow a line from RA….The “Ringers”? Well who needs them if they cannot support, not only the books and films, but the actors as well…all the actors…..Climbing down off my soapbox now, The Hobbit EE is on…

  12. I think that part of the problem (or at least from what I heard) is that a few of the fans in favor of sending the dwarves to London came on a bit too strong and alienated the more reasonable fans. I also noted that those on forums and boards saying that it *wouldn’t* happen and generally dampening enthusiasm were all female, so I don’t think that “male Ringers” is the problem. RA fans are obviously the exception.

  13. If this problem were more important to me, I might ask for a definition of “too strong” and “more reasonable fans,” but I meant what I said that it is not an issue worth pursuing. The Kiwi guys are probably not going, WB certainly was able to control a major fan site on this issue, and the Ringers are not enough of a force to counter that. End of story.

  14. Jeepers, Frenz, being at the first premiere in NYC for The Hobbit, I just adored the reaction of all the dwarves to the fans. Their joy was palpable and genuine! Most of the bigger stars didn’t grace us with their presence. A little been there, done that perhaps? But the chance to meet everyone from Andy Serkis to Adam Brown was just amazing. They were so endearing! Anyways, let us hope that the lads get a chance to spread their unique charms throughout the lands while promoting this last adventure.

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