Tangent: An Interesting Development

This shouldn’t be called a tangent as it has absolutely no relationship to Richard Armitage other than the fact it’s loosely about the economy and what that may portend for spending power on the pursuit of entertainment. Having said that, I was entertained by the implication that a significnt number of us (U.S. citizens) have gotten over the TARP situation (aka the Bank Bailout). That is news to me and the reason I chuckled as I read. But after the initial mirth at this wrongheaded thinking, I felt an ire and a question building in me which usually happens whenever I think of TARP. Am I in the minority on thinking that Wall Street and Washington ran their hands in our back pockets and in some cases our front ones?

Man Who Helped Saved America From Financial Armageddon Is Running For Office

kaskariNeel Kashkari, one of the main operatives of the bank rescue TARP (and therefore one of the men who helped save America from financial Armageddon) is leaving PIMCO, and running for office, according to Dealbook.

It’s not clear what office he’ll run for, except that it will be in California, and it will be as a Republican.

Frankly, if someone at the heart of TARP can entertain a run for office without being totally laughed out of the room, that tells you a lot about how America has gotten over the crisis.

He has a website set up discussing some of his background.

Read more

I’m not sure what to think at this point except that I believe we were screwed over, and no, I’m not part of the Occupy movement. That smacks too much of a puppet master at work seizing on the anger of the masses. No thanks.

Gone to read Kashkari’s website.


The Frenz fix in lieu of TARP would have been to give every adult citizen a hundred thousand dollars. This would have been a lot cheaper, would have definitely made the economy robust, and we sure as hell would have easily seen where the money went!


  1. Amen, sister!

  2. I’m with you–I keep reading about this economic recovery, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting anyone I know. At least, not in a good way.

  3. Preachin’ to the choir!

  4. Thank you for still talking about things like this. And for not turing into a screaming banshee when you do it.

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