Zan’s Not Done — A Call to Action

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I just had the most interesting chat with a Netflix customer service rep! Using their Live Chat (at the bottom of their page), I asked the rep about the upcoming expiration of the BBC shows. They said that their license for most of the BBC shows is due to end, as we all have heard.

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If we can pull this off, maybe we can finally get Richard’s picture on Netflix as well.

Richard Armitage, the Salesman

I’m pulling a page out of Guylty’s book and doing an image analysis but doing it Frenz style. That’s where my bullshit peddler/detector (you decide) is in overdrive.

Photos do not always convey reality, but whatever they convey, the effect can be profound. Take this photo for example:

Embed from Getty Images
[viewing tip that’s legal: increase the view in your browser. The original image is such a large format, that you can blow this up quite a bit to see the detail]

If I were a betting person, I would bet this photo does more to entice most of you to go see Into the Storm than any trailer ever will. :D

Yes, that’s the end of my analysis. Do I have to spell it out? Seriously, do I have to connect the dots? I didn’t think so.

Additionally: Poor Steve Quale out there trying to be serious.

And now a letter to Todd Garner:

Dear Mr. Garner,

If you want the Army to turn out en masse, ensure more photos like this make it to the public’s eyes. Remember what you said about Richard Armitage being dreamy? Well, Sarah is certainly doing her part to respond, and I can hear the collective sighs as I type this.

A Crazy Fan who is ready to take the ride come August

new tag: the dreamy factor

edit: another one. Not with quite the impact, but you get the idea.

Embed from Getty Images

second edit: oh dear lord, this is how rumors get started. I can practically feel the heat coming off this one.

Richard Armitage Sarah Wayne Callies Cinema Con
Courtesy of the Anglophile Channel

So What’s Your Reaction to the Trailer?

This kind of sums it up for parts of RA Universe:

So a puffy shirt and a forceful rescue do it for some of you? Or is it just Richard’s presence anywhere? :D

What say you?

Richard’s Wish

I was watching this the other day, and I literally (yes, I mean literally in that I really) laughed out loud. :D

I understand Richard would like for the Army to get drunk. If he happens to be researching, I have some news about this desire. A cocktail won’t do it, but I have just the thing to make us get completely blitzed, and I started to second guess this idea until I saw this:

Richard Armitage Yowza

No second guessing now. I know there’s a way to make us all get drunk.

Dear Rich,

If you want to ensure we get blasted, I have a tip. Merely shave your head. You do that, and I guarantee you will drive most of the fans to drink.

I’m trying to imagine this picture with you sans hair. Phew. Even the thought of that makes me want to reach for some alcohol.

A crazy fan, who adores your hair! :D

P.S. It would be a total hoot if you really did shave your head. I expect it one day if you’re a serious actor and especially if you want to make good on going ugly and damaged. ;-)

P.P.S. Leaving the snark for a moment. As much as I love your hair, I would love to see you in the ugly and damaged roles. Something real. Bring it on.

1st Rule of Social Media

Never forget it’s global.

It used to be said that television could eat up material, but television’s got nothing on social media. Mainly because most of us don’t have the ability to also broadcast via television. But not so with social media. We can broadcast and rebroadcast to our hearts’ content.

And if something has been posted no matter where it originated, it’s out and no longer new. But people can still take it and share it on social media thereby making it even less new. It’s like a shot that ricochets to parts unknown — until someone makes them known. Unfair as that seems, it’s true.

Case in point is my last post with Sarah Dunn’s photo of Richard Armitage. A commenter took exception to its being new. Since I haven’t been following along, I didn’t realize it wasn’t new. But a trip to tumblr and Twitter made it abundantly clear that the photo has been seen and seen and seen long before it was posted on Sarah Dunn’s Facebook page as a Christmas present to the Army. And with this bunch, there should never be underestimation on not only the items having been seen (we have reconnaissance officers that would make other military envious) but also in the ability and readiness to articulate what is found, sometimes within seconds! LOL!

So why this post? I know the global aspects of social media are ferocious. This post is big fat reminder to myself to always do homework. As for Sarah Dunn, it’s her business how she treats this global rule. For now I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because I do believe she was giving added value by her overt willingness to let us play around with her pictures. And that is new. I also like her style, so yeah, I like her page and have no compunction about encouraging others to do so.

Having a Moment Over Here (or I’ll Have What She’s Having)

Richard Armitage has engendered all sorts of feelings, and many fans have spilled a lot of ink, as it were, over the phenomenon of these visceral reactions he provokes in us. May I say sincerely that the eloquence of some of you has moved me to the point of tears at times. I’m not kidding when I say that. Some of you have captured the feelings so well! But I love how this word sums it up.

Certainly, there are nostrilgasms and femurgasms and lots of other gasms going on, but they all lead to the Big One. :D

Some of you are thinking I’m nuts right now. You have read the “About” page of this blog haven’t you? Then you shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Back to business. I’ve been planning this post for almost two years and was going to sit on it a little longer, but I witnessed another Armigasm today, and I had to say something. Oh, you still don’t know what that is? Well, it’s when a fan is so overcome by thoughts of Richard, that they gush. I mean they gush and gush and gush and they can’t stop and don’t care who is nearby and they feel good when they’re done but also a little vulnerable. Totally natural.

I witnessed a few more of these later in the day, but hey, that’s all part and parcel of being a Richard Armitage fan. :D

And I hope everyone is lightened up about this and gets a chuckle out of the word that’s now in the lexicon.

My friend Pam at’s forum which is known as A Happy Assembly (or Aha. Indeed :D), gets the honors for coining Armigasm. And to get in on the hotbed of activity with all those Austen fans and maybe join the Order of the Cotton Drawers, you have to register over there.

note: I would link to the blogger whose writing prompted this post, but I’m not entirely sure she’s ready for that. She may need a day or two to recover. LOL!

And You Wonder Why It’s Called the Armitage Army

Zan has just issued a call to arms. To right a wrong as she puts it. I can do my duty for Richard Armitage. And yeah, I like Aidan Turner too. I have seen him in person, and believe it or not, he’s cuter in real life than he appears in his pictures or video. Yeah, it’s true. He puts a grin on your face. But all that aside, I’m doing this for our guy. :D

Call to arms!

March 25, 2013 by zan

OK, maybe “arms” is a bit harsh. But “call to keyboards” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, y’know?

Anyway … what I’m getting at is that all Thorin devotees and Fili followers, YOU ARE NEEDED!!! NOW!!! There’s less than 12 hours to fix a terrible wrong!

As y’all have probably seen, TORn is running their version of March Madness using our beloved LotR and Hobbit characters. Even though there were some questionable match-ups in Round 1 — Fili v Kili? REALLY??? — a few of our darling Dwarves made it through to Round 2. And now, well … Houston, we have a problem…

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I had to snaffle this gif. It’s so appropriate. Isn’t it the damndest thing when the Army moves into action, Rich? :D Yeah, well, it doesn’t have that name for no reason.


Gif courtesy of Zan’s sidebar. What you haven’t read that blog piece yet? Move it!

edit: Yes, yes, I get Kili and Fili mixed up, and they’re both cute. Dean O’Gorman’s dimples are so appealing they should be criminal.