Loose Ends

There are so many stops and starts on this site. I would apologize, but well, this is something I do in my spare time. ROFLOL!! SO is looking at me from across the room and obviously wondering what I find so funny. He doesn’t realize I burst out laughing at the notion of spare time. I don’t think I’ve had any spare time since about 1986. Yet somehow I’ve managed to make the time for this place, and it’s never enough. But I press on.

The first thing that has been bugging me for most of the duration of this blog is all the streams of thoughts I’ve started but then something came along to divert me, and I ended up somewhere else. No, I’m not going to come with posts on all of the seemingly dead end thoughts I’ve had. I’ll spare you that. And sometimes I was only musing aloud, and the subject matter is not important any longer. But there are some thoughts I need to let flow a little more in order to feel I’ve done what I set out to do when I started this place. One is obviously my diary. Another one is maybe my experience at Comic-Con 2012. I’m still pondering that one because if I really tell what happened, I’ll probably burn a bridge, and I hate doing that. But we’ll see. There are also interviews I have that need to be published, because I believe you will enjoy learning about those people as much as I did. And then there are other thoughts such as my take on Heinz Kruger (I never did say what I really thought of him, and as time has gone on, I find the need to talk about him has increased.), or my many thoughts on objectification (no snark; okay, maybe a little) and I have no idea how many other thoughts I started to pursue.

The second thing I want to address is the fact I have a couple of big boxes full of Richard Armitage memorabilia or paraphernalia (depending on how you look at it *snort*), and I have never intended to keep all of it. Some of it was given to me to give away, and for that I am immensely grateful. The rest of it I purchased with the plan to give most of it away. Some of these items I have already given away. Somein “giveaways” and some when I felt like it. Please note none of the items in those two boxes are keepsakes sent to me by fellow fans. Those items I consider precious and will keep because they represent friendships.

But I find it strange I have those two boxes. Collecting is not usually my thing. Oh, I can be a pack rat with things like paperwork ’cause I might need it later. But collecting items for the sake of just having them has always seemed like too much work. Yeah, I’m lazy. Sue me. Of course if you looked around my house, you would think I collected books. I do love reading. SO does as well, and we encouraged it in our children. Consequently, we have bookshelves in every room of the house. Some rooms have several shelves, and there is an entire room with nothing but floor to ceiling shelves crammed with books. But the only reason those were collected is because they have had some usefulness and not for the sake of just possessing them. (And now with Kindle, I don’t have to devote so much space in my house to them; don’t ask about my Kindle collection. Oy).

None of this is to say I’m knocking the idea of being a collector. I have friends who are collectors of various and sundry items, and I’ve enjoyed their collections by enjoying what they have collected, by enjoying how they bask in their treasures, or by being fascinated at their efforts. But then I can go home, and I don’t have to dust anything or worry that those collected items will be damaged or stolen or misplaced. Yet I find myself with those two large boxes full of stuff about Richard or tangentially related to him, and sometimes I ask myself, “How did I end up with all of this?” The answer is always immediate. Oh yeah, I am having fun, and some others are having fun along with me.

As much as fun seems to have morphed into a four-letter word for some in the fandom, that is essentially the reason I’m here. It may sound shallow, but then define fun. Yep, maybe it’s not what you think I’m thinking. Oh sure I like to snark, but if that’s all I ever did, your eyes would glaze over,and maybe they have at times. Mine have. But then I regroup and come back to the blogging adventure where I can usually find something interesting and enlightening, and sometimes it makes it into a blog piece, but most times it doesn’t. Damn time constraints!

But I wouldn’t change a thing. The meandering around and trying things and having flops or hitting walls, and then stepping back and rethinking something and seeing it differently and all the time writing, writing, writing (whether any of you ever see it or not), has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I cannot recommend it enough. To those of you who wonder if you should blog, let me say that again. I cannot recommend it enough. It is manna for the brain whether this place looks like a pile of fluff. It’s feeding something in my mind by facilitating writing and research and ideas and ideas and ideas and did I mention fun? well, I’m saying it again ’cause the fount will not stop. Thank you, Richard Armitage! And more important, thank God. I’m serious as a heart attack. I do thank God and for Richard Armitage as well. :)

And all of that brings me back to thoughts of the itinerant kind, I’ve let Ken Stott languish by himself long enough. I need to come with the blog pieces on his er, compatriots.

Okay, a picture, and honestly, the only reason I’m putting this here is so I have something that will post to Pinterest other than that picture in my banner. As much as I like it, the picture doesn’t begin to hint at what this piece is about. Or maybe it does?

I think I just talked myself out of a picture for this piece.

2011 Posts are Up

425417d8My kid is learning HTML and CSS (and eventually PHP and JQuery). She’s been hand keying my posts into archive pages, and boy is she learning how to move around with HTML. Phew! But I’m not about to tell her she can do this dynamically. If I do that, she’ll want to jump ahead when she needs the pain of doing links and other stuff manually. MUHAHAHAHA.

The point of this is not just so she can learn these languages but so you can easily look at my old posts. I’ve had countless questions about that and quite a bit of email from people venting their frustrations in trying to find something. Well, I’m trying to make it easier. 2010 went up a few weeks ago, and 2011 is now available. Look under ‘Archive’ on the menu.

The best part about going through these old posts, besides my kid learning something valuable, is my laughing and crying and cringing and being encouraged by all this crap I’ve written. I’m currently going through 2012 and so far, this is my favorite post from that year, and just may be my favorite on this blog. It really speaks to the spirit of this place.

And yes, I will put up a category and tag page. That’s when we’re going to jump to some PHP. :D

Sorting Out This Place

SH3_093For a long time I’ve been unhappy with the navigation on my site and in particular the method for finding old posts. A few weeks ago I got so frustrated I decided to do something about it. I thought about moving the site to another host where I could do what I wanted with it and put all sorts of nifty functions into it. But I honestly don’t have time to do that, so I decided to build an archive instead. It’s under the prosaic name of ‘Archive’ on the main menu.

I only have 2010 posts so far because I’m still wondering if I even like this system. Not sure yet if each month should have its own page or if all the posts for a particular year (divided by month) should be on one page. Maybe you’ll try it out and let me know what you think. If so, then I’ll adjust accordingly and add the other years. I will also be adding tag and category pages at some point, but I may wait until I move to a self-hosted site before I do it.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what’s there and don’t judge me too harshly for some of my posts. I was a budding writer, and in many, many respects, I still am. I like to think I’ve improved, but I don’t deceive myself that what I’ve done here is anything for posterity. What I do know is I’m glad I did it. It has helped me find a voice of sorts, and frankly, I laughed and cried and smiled as I went through some of these old posts and seldom had a regret as I read even when the writing was awkward. I know it was part of the process, and I’m entirely okay with that.

Given all of this, I hope you will let me know if you have issues finding something, or there is a bad link.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com

A Word or Two About Comments and Spam

There has only been one comment policy on this site — comments must not stray into attacking others, and yes, I’m the one who gets to decide what’s an attack. So far I’ve never had to block anyone because of this rule. Maybe admonish a little when someone was straying into it but not outright block someone, and I hope I never do.

That aside, I’ve blocked all sorts of spam. Too much to even consider. Just know it’s in the hundreds of thousands. And therein lies a problem some of the time. Legitimate commenters occasionally get caught in spam because the Akismet program which filters spam on WordPress.com sometimes gets overzealous. Nothing against this program. It works great except when it doesn’t, which isn’t very often. But it happened the other day when it put a longtime poster’s comment in spam. Thankfully, she sent me a message to let me know she was unable to comment at my site. I searched spam, and voila, there were her comments.

If this ever happens to you, and you’re not a spambot :D, please let me know. I want everyone who wants to comment or discuss to be able to do so.

FYI: I can be reached on Twitter or by email and yes, by Facebook although I have FB notifications turned off, so I may not quickly reply there.

Comment Moderation on RAFrenzy

About two months ago I had some really odd things happening on this site, so I went on full comment moderation, That means every comment has to be approved before the public sees it. I hate it, but for now, it’s more comfortable than worrying about someone trying to hack in.

I said this as part of another post topic a few weeks ago. But since it’s created confusion for some long time readers who have never had their comments not readily appear after posting, I thought this subject should have a post of its own.

What you should see after hitting enter on your comment is verbiage to this effect: comment awaiting moderation.

How long I’m going to do this I’m not sure, but I hope you bear with me while I do.

Jump Start

For those of us who like long hair, this picture is a must, and if that’s not something that would wake you up, then I don’t know what will:

[Click to enlarge, and if you don’t do that, what is wrong with you?!!]

For those of you who don’t like longer hair, surely this has made inroads into that thinking! Okay, so it’s the eyes. I admit it. But the hair makes a wonderful frame, along with the shoulders and the chest. :D

You want your own copy of this? Go to RichardArmitageNet and check out the Wallpaper page. Carry on.

Note: originally from a photoshoot at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2006.

And I’m putting this in housekeeping, since I stumbled on it as I was doing some maintenance work. Thank you, mybeckett for the lovely wallpaper, and to Ali for running such a great site.

note: I’ll be getting to Ascroft.

A Question to Readers

This blog is now almost three years old, and there is so much I have posted about and seen in the process that I sometimes forget some of you haven’t seen the same things. In that interest, I have a question for you. Should I post more pictures or is my writing enough? Okay, that’s a tough question since to answer you may feel you’re insulting me. But I’m fairly thick-skinned and can handle constructive criticism. So let me know what you think. Just know that I don’t want this place to become mostly a picture gallery (you can go to tumblr or Pinterest for that LOL!) although I do love me some pictures of Richard Armitage. :D

Richard, Fault Magazine, January 2013 (as always, click for a larger format)

Photo courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral