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Have you learned some new words since becoming a fan of RA? Below are some I’ve learned. Feel free to add yours in the comment section. Just list the word and give a definition of it or just list a word. It can be silly or serious.

fangirl — noun: someone who is hopelessly obsessed with something and likes all things associated with it. Said person will always defend the object of her obsession from perceived verbal attacks even when they point out logical flaws with said object. — posted by Random Insane on Urban Dictionary. Uh, yeah, I think that says it well.

Sometimes used as a verb: fangirl, fangirling.

squee — verb: to squeal with glee; from a combination of the two words; the sound of an excited fangirl; noun: a feeling of excitement and happiness, such that one feels like squeeing.

“Squee!!! Have you seen the trailer for the new movie?!” or “You wouldn’t believe how full of squee I am right now.” — posted by rosamund on Urban Dictionary.

PHWOAR! — adjective: referring to sexy, which is synonymous with Matt Bellamy, David Tennant, Ewan McGregor, and any other sexy beast.

“Have you seen Matt Bellamy in that leather coat and shiny trousers?? PHWOAR!! SEXY!” — posted by HighRevoltage on Urban Dictionary. What?!! No, no, no! That needs to be fixed! Guy in leather can totally smoke Matt Bellamy in leather — no matter how much I like Matt’s guitar.

dorktastic — adjective: a mix of “dork” and “fantastic”. Often used to describe something that is considered awesome by people of a dorky nature.

“That Star Wars shirt is dorktastic!” posted by Stacey on Urban Dictionary. Nat introduced me to this word in Busting a Groove. Such a great term! I wish I’d known this one years ago. I think Nat has changed this into a description of someone who is “dorky” and “fantastic”! Like that picture above of RA in the red sweater. ;-)

snaffle — verb: to steal, usually food, in a sneaky manner, often accompanied by the sound “yoink”.

“I was walking into the kitchen when I found someone snaffling the chocolate raisins!” — posted by Loocie on Urban Dictionary I suspect this term comes from ‘snaffle bit’, which is a type of horse’s bit. It does seem that most of the definitions involved either food or drugs taken orally. LOL! If not those two then it involved sniffing of some kind. I guess that fits here since I adore food and the subject of this blog is like a drug. I can’t even process the sniffing. Okay, I’ll stop. My imagination is going places I’d rather not share.

Armitage Day — noun: August 22nd, set aside to celebrate RA’s birth (so dubbed by Traxy at The Squeee.

fangasm — noun: that sound you hear when we all get wind of something with RA in it. Especially heightened during an “RA drought.”

Armigasm — noun: the state when a fan is overcome by thoughts of Richard Armitage, and they gush with feelings. It’s not uncommon for words of love to be heard, and it doesn’t matter who’s nearby, it’s like a free fall that can’t be stopped. It feels extremely good almost to the point of pain, but afterward the person may feel vulnerable.

RA Drought — noun: a time when Richard Armitage is almost nowhere to be seen in a show or movie or play or interview. Yes, it’s a terrible time. Terrible time. It makes a fan resort to obsessive viewing of fan videos and screencaps.

FanstRAvaganza — noun: a week usually in March when the RA blogosphere goes nuts (more than usual) celebrating the goodness of Richard Armitage. Also known as fanstRA since that’s a bitch of a word to type as well as say. :D

fandwarfing — the hysteria which goes on when seeing the little people and more especially one little people.

Armitageitis (pronounced “Ar-me-tij-eye-tis”) — is an addiction to the actor Richard Armitage . Symptoms include – smileyness, excessive giggling and sighing, insomnia, and a noticeably increased usage of Twitter … oh, and the need to create your own Richard Armitage based Blog! Coined by Antigone

And then there are the acronyms — this is something peculiar to all groups — the tendency to create their own language, and the RA Universe is no exception. :D

RA — Two letters that have never been used so creatively. Do I even need to explain why? If so, then this site has fallen down on the job. Some people are adverse to using them, but if you type Richard Armitage enough, you’ll cave too.

TDHCMO — proper noun: Tall Dark Handsome Cotton Mill Owner from Milton. May see variations of this such as HCMO or CMO or TDHBW (Tall Dark Handsome Blue-Eyed Wonder).

DDG — adjective: drop dead gorgeous, which is often used to describe the TDHCMO.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Your turn to have at it, and I don't care where your definitions come from or if you make them up. I just reserve the right to edit.

Even if you don't have a definition, just add a word. I'm sure someone will define it! LOL!

Picture courtesy of, I'm not sure. But I snaffled it from Nat’s blog with her permission. I guess that really wouldn’t be a snaffle, but I like using the word.


  1. here’s one – squiewing
    …ogling RA pics making the inevitable and appropriate sound..

  2. […] on the meaning of things I definitely need some self-empowerment, some redemption and some PHWOAR. I thus reference this picture pointed out to me first by […]

  3. I hope one day he will get to the point where he feels free to say “No, I ‘m not wearing that thing, I’d rather have hot needles stuck in my eyes.” :)

  4. BTW, I loathe the word “PHWOAR”. One of the ugliest sounding words ever invented. It also very much reminds me of “whore” and I’m not going to forget that any time I read it. But more so, I don’t think it captures the internal response. Women are capable of bawdiness, IMO, while men just write about it . This word, IMO, does not capture women’s bawdiness, but in a way, the word itself is an example and I can’t argue with that. I personally find it crass.

  5. I didn’t like phwoar at first, but it’s grown on me. It became apparent to me after I uttered it as a reaction that it’s onomatopoeia and the perfect guttural sound to describe the involuntary response to certain images. LOL! Of course the proper way to say it is PHWOAR! ;-)

    Oh, and the red sweater is atrocious. I almost canned it for this page, but the joke was too good to pass up.

  6. […] all the discussion of nudity, and then a note that there hadn’t been much PHWOAR here recently, I’d thought I’d compromise with a photo that makes me PHWOAR even though […]

  7. Guh. Much like Phwoar a gutter sound that is made when looking at extremely smexy picture of Richard.
    BTW – smexy= smokn/sexy.

  8. What about the word: Crinkle – used in so many ways.

  9. I have been neglecting this page, but no more! :D

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  13. With reference to Robin Hood, who outside the community would understand the following:

    “tree porn” noun, refers to images of Guy of Gisborne as played by RA tied to a tree, struggling &/or smirking, inducing naughty thoughts in the viewer

    “glove love” noun, refers to images of RA in black leather removing a black leather glove with his teeth [see RH, Spooks]

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  16. Wow! I love this lexicon! Specially TDHCMO and TDHBW, they are spot on!

  17. Noemi, How did I miss your comment?! Glad you like this, and there are many more. :D

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  19. […] to be a Richard Armitage fan involves learning the fine art of snaffling. There’s a sort of weird “right click” twitch I’ve learned to perform with […]

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