Conflicted Fangirl

Yes, it’s my quarterly bout of circumspection. It started last week when I posted something sane for a change. But I cannot be completely sane if pictures like this are still floating around:


Before I submerge my sanity again, I want to make it clear that my wish to take Richard out of his box is also a wish for myself. I do not want to be in continual fangirl mode. Sometimes it bores me. There I said it. No, it’s not the first time I’ve said, and it won’t be the last. And I don’t want to get into a debate about desire nor diagram this photo although it begs for diagramming. I acknowledge that readily, and that the man is walking desire. But I also see something far beyond that. Much beyond that, and the sane part of me doesn’t want to lose sight of it.

However, today when I was sifting photos, this one knocked me silly again. LOL! That might be a maniacal laugh. I’m not sure yet.

And actually, this is a public service post for the new fans. Yes, indeed that’s what it is! They’re still dazed by Thorin Oakenshield, but when they’re done, they now have something else to drool over. :D

I’ve had this picture for so long that I have no clue if it’s one of my screencaps or someone else’s.

I’m Feeling Alternately Relieved and Apprehensive

Since I posted about a certain celebrity, I’m getting some bizarre search referrals. Some make me snicker, some make me gasp, and some make me scratch my head. But all of it makes me realize I have never been privy to this kind of examination of Richard Armitage. The one who will not be named has some seriously rabid fans. Oh yeah, “peaches” are tame by comparison. So rest easy my fellow fangirls; I don’t think we have anywhere near the craziness going on that the man who likes to wear a kilt has.

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for him, and of course can’t help but wonder when all of this craziness will hit the object of our affection. Will this still be fun when it does? I honestly don’t know. I do know one thing though. You think I’m snarky now? When that fodder comes into my path, I will not be able to resist it. Just giving warning.

Yes, yes, yes, we need a picture!

[click to enlarge]

Of course I know G*rry has some very nice fans, and the ones reading this are probably thinking, “Just wait; you’ll find out what it’s like!” Oh my, I’m not sure I want to. At least we have until the fourth quarter before things get really nuts.

Screencap courtesy of

Interrupting Your Fangurling With an Important Message

I was just reading Calexora’s piece about quitting her blog. I’m sorry she feels bad. We are all entitled to our feelings, and no one should be made to feel bad about feeling bad, which I hope this post does not do, but her post begs a response. No, that wasn’t snark although it does sound like it. What I’m getting at is that I respect her decision, but I also want to address some of the issues she raised.

Can there be crazy fans who deserve a celebrity’s contempt? Yes, and in the case of Gerard Butler, I understand it. Awhile back I was looking for a picture of Richard Armitage on Photobucket and landed on an album with basically stalking pictures of Gerard Butler. Phew! Scary shit. My gut tells me it’s the tip of the iceberg. So when ol’ Gerry made some cracks, I don’t blame him. As for Calexora, I’ve never gotten the impression she’s like the crazy fan Gerry finds amusing.

Onto Richard Armitage. He’s a helluva actor, and he’s been nice enough to communicate with his fan base. Let’s hope he never complains like Gerry’s doing, but if he does, that’s his business.

Mostly, the point of this piece is that it’s good to laugh, let’s enjoy each other, and NEVER take this stuff too seriously. Whether it’s fair or not, Richard Armitage is a diversion for me and not my life’s blood, and that fact should take nothing away from him.

Lastly, this idea that Richard Armitage reads our blogs is erroneous. It does not happen. So I hope some of you can rest easy with that — unless you were hoping he did. :D

edit: if you’re still taking this too seriously, see the comment section.

note: Calexora did eventually erase her blog, so that link above leads nowhere.

Diary of an RA Fan — Part 697 Dragged Back From the Edge

Entry — December 16th, 2011:

Every time I think I’m done with this Richard Armitage addiction, something happens to keep me from making the leap away from it. When I see one of his candid pictures with those piercing eyes, I have a flood of thoughts that makes me want to get on my computer and start writing. It’s not that I fantasize about the guy (yeah, I know that no one is ever going to believe that even if it’s true), but he is compelling. Looking at the picture from the Macbeth tour makes it obvious why I think he will be a megastar if the American public ever really gets hold of him. But then there are so many variables, and maybe the guy doesn’t want that kind of fame. Shaking my head as I write this and thinking no way in hell I would want that kind of attention. How could you have a normal relationship when you have that kind of magnetism in a mere photograph? And for American women to drool over it? Not sure what I think, but apparently, I’m still addicted to whatever this is.

How in the world I ever thought this guy wasn’t nice looking I’ll never know. Maybe I was sick that day. Something was going on to distract me.

note: I had to post that photo twice. :D


I really needed to make this post considering WordPress now has snow on their home page. There’s something about it which makes me feel like a whip is being cracked behind me. Maybe I watched too many Budweiser commercials as a kid. Or is it just me who thinks about Clydesdales when it snows? Of course I had to Google that. Who needs to spend money for entertainment when you can just run odd searches on Google? I was looking for an image to go with the Budweiser crack and found this picture of a fairly newborn kid. Yeah, go ahead and check it out, and then read the whole blog piece. Maybe they don’t care if their newborn’s picture comes up in the midst of a bunch of mammoth sized horses, some suggestively clad women, some weirdness, and the dalmatian. Can’t forget him. And I almost forgot the clocks. I was fascinated with the clocks when I was little. The thought that the horses might break free was always a question. So what does all of this have to do with Richard Armitage? Not much except that I felt it might be “enlightening” for you to be in on how I go into snark mode. You thought I just turned that on and off at a whim? Oh hell, no. I have to descend into it, and Google is immensely helpful for facilitating. Okay, I’m down there now; we can start talking about fangirling again.

Now the segue to dear ol’ RA. For that I needed to visit Tumblr. Tumblr scares you more than Twitter?! You’re taking it all too seriously. It’s not serious. No, I’m serious; it is not serious. You saw a Tumblr that was serious? That must be one of the five that are. The rest are full of shit.* Oh, you need proof it’s not serious? I’ve got plenty, and I’m not sure which of these was first. Does it matter? Of course not. Just sit back and let it roll over you. Don’t think; just feel. That’s the point of Tumblr — no thinking (almost no thinking); just feeling.

click the images for the fun:

and of course this one:

Wait. Maybe this is serious.

By the way, I disagree with this confession. It’s fine to obsess over one character. Further thought: who died and made this person the fandom czar? LOL!

*euphemism for playing around ;-)

I’m Really Trying

May I beg forgiveness for not posting regularly and for teasing you all so terribly with the Spooks behind the scenes pictures? Yeah, okay, maybe I’ve really messed you all around. But do you really want to hear my excuses about why I haven’t been posting? Yep, I thought not, and really, I have no desire to rehash it. I think I’ve made plenty of excuses on this blog already. LOL!

Give me until Monday, and I will definitely post some of the photos, but in the meantime, just know that I’ve had all sorts of shit happening (yeah, I had to get one excuse in :D). The good news is that I’m still smiling, and SO is still smiling as well.

For those who have followed the trials and tribulations of the Frenz household, just know that we’re alive and things are improving. October 6th will be an especially important date for us, and I cannot wait for it to get here. For those of you who have no clue what I’m referring to, my apologies. I hate cryptic, but I must be cryptic in the interest of the family. This was just the quickest way to communicate with those who are keeping up.

I can’t stand it! I have to give you one photo:

Deep breath…..(sigh)….I think I may live.

No matter how many times I view this photo, it still gets me. Maybe because I don’t expect the back of someone’s head to be sexy. Oooh, how wrong I’ve been. Or is this just me who thinks he even looks hot from behind? And he still has all of his clothes on! The broad shoulders do help.

I wasn’t going to post anything until Monday, but I saw this tumblr and here I am. Love these kinds of comments especially since it makes me feel less insane. Richard Armitage aside, that’s a great tumblr.

Candid Photo courtesy of: I’ll tell you later. :)

I’m Here for the Bad Guy

edit: this post has quickly earned the ripple tag thanks to bccmee. Check out kadamanja’s and Calexora’s posts. :D

The teasing about ‘Captain America’ and specifically Heinz Kruger has begun at my house. My son will go see the movie with his friends because quite simply there is not much else to see, but when I mentioned seeing it, there were some guffaws from the family. SO asked, “and what will you do once Armbruster’s part is done? Will you actually stay for the rest of the movie?” Our daughter, who is also an RA fan, chimed in, “It’s Armitage, Dad. His name is Armitage, and I’m sure Mom and I will gut it up and stay for the rest of the movie. You know how she loves Tommy Lee Jones, and of course I’ll make the sacrifice of watching Chris Evans with his shirt off. :D” SO chuckled, “No, Tommy Lee may not do it this time. She’s there for the bad guy. And who’s Chris Evans?”

Yeah, who’s Chris Evans? :D

If that’s not a picture to fangirl over, I don’t know what is. LOL!

I also like Stanley Tucci, who’s playing Dr. Erskine but not a bad guy in this.

I understand he gets torched by Heinz Kruger.

Then there are other badasses to consider. Truman Capote?

Oh well, maybe Tommy Lee will make it worthwhile just because he looks like such a badass.

Some screencaps are from my stash, the top one I got from bccmee and the rest I’m not sure about.

And if you’re confused about RA’s part as Heinz Kruger, check out Musa’s post.