Richard Armitage Into the Storm — Spoilers


Oh you thought I was still talking about his swirling around in the Twitterverse? No, a few tweets hardly qualify as a storm. A nice summer rain? Yeah. However, his followers have certainly created a vortex. What exactly that means I’m sure we’ll eventually know. :D

In the meantime, I have a little something to say about Richard’s performance in his latest movie (I already said something about everyone else here). A few minutes after watching the movie, I was bursting with thoughts to express. A veritable flood, and then the turbulence in my mind subsided, and I knew what I wanted to talk about. Not the accent, not the everyman hero, not the vice principal who looked like no vice principal I had ever seen, not the near miss with the meteorologist. No, none of that. I wanted to address a very pivotal point in the movie — the escape from the school.

I happen to know a little something about driving a school bus in adverse conditions (don’t ask me what ’cause I might explain), so when I saw Richard driving (okay, maybe he wasn’t driving. He just looked like he was, or maybe he really was. I would love to know.), my mind came alive, and I couldn’t help but think a little something extra could have been done to aid in frustrating the twister. But what?! Then the answer came to me. It’s the answer to everything. And it can totally be done in a school bus. Go here, and take your time. I’ll wait.

What did I tell you?! Can you see it? The beauty of it is indescribable, so I’ll spare you. Oh hell, watch it again, and this time “be the bus.”

Dear Richard,

If you ever find yourself in a school bus scene again, please call me. I know all sorts of maneuvers. I can drive a school bus in and out of anything except maybe a flock of sheep. Not the stuff dreams are made of. ;p

Sheep are tough especially if they’re going the same direction as the bus. But if they’re going the opposite direction, it is fun to observe.

Call me. ;-)


One of your crazy fans who really can drive in some hairy stuff; think whiteout at 10,000 ft.

P.S. I’ll be buying the DVD for further study. :D

P.P.S. Beverly Farr has some thoughts on the movie as well.

I cannot believe it’s time for school to start again! I ask myself every year why I’m still driving, but I love it. The kids really are so much fun to observe. Of course I have to get my bluff in on them during the first few weeks of school. After that, everything is great. One of my favorite experiences with my kids, and this happens a few times a year:

note: I am going to write a serious post about my impressions of Richard in this movie but not yet.

edit: more from Beverly

Really? — SPOILERS

The spoiler tag is for the three of you who don’t know how The Hobbit ends.

Also, my bullshit detector is turned on high lately, so forgive me if my tone sounds snippy. I’m actually smiling.

I just read this below at TheOneRing and certainly have two cents to contribute.

Debunking that Hobbit movie rumour about Thorin Oakenshield

May 30, 2014 at 11:23 pm by Demosthenes

Many people have written to us over the last five or so days about a story that has begun circulating around the internet concerning Thorin Oakenshield and the final Hobbit film, The Battle of the Five Armies.

Frankly, we hoped this story would die a quiet death because it is simply not credible. However, a couple of web media outlets have picked it up so somewhat reluctantly here we are quashing a rumour that simply has no credence at all.

Seeing as this is obviously leading us into spoiler territory, if you are avoiding them or have not read the book (I know there are a few of you out there), then look away now.

The original source of this rumour is a website called Ecumenical News (I know it has subsequently popped up on The Examiner too), which posted the following:

…a few details have surfaced regarding the story line of The Battle of Five Armies. It has been reported that the film will follow Tolkien’s book, though one character who died in the book, Thorin Oakenshield, will remain alive.

This rumour is patently untrue.

The rest here

(emphasis mine)

“Patently” is a strong word. I know TORn is uptight with Peter Jackson, but this idea that the death scene has been filmed, so it precludes Thorin living does not take into account that Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. can change their minds. Oh yeah, they can change their minds. Did we get three movies instead of two? Or did I dream that?

And speaking of rocks, didn’t the initial idea of two movies comprising The Hobbit series stretch the limits of common sense, and the idea of three movies was lunacy? I guess it’s all in how you look at it and when. We’re now staring down the likely advent of a third Hobbit movie into the billion dollar club. Somehow it doesn’t look so nutty anymore.

Anyway, I have a feeling this may not be just a bunch of swoony Thorin fans driving a rumor, and I could be so ridiculously wrong, but it’s hard to swallow this opinion from TORn that it’s just not possible Thorin could live. It’s the movies! Anything can happen.

Plus, who’s it going to hurt if the masses have more opportunities to spend more money on drool over photos like this:


For the record, I would prefer that PJ follow the book with respect to Thorin’s story, so I am not part of the petition — either in reality or in spirit.

Also, Stephen Goodwin is my favorite writer at TORn despite his opinion in this piece. :)

Photo snaffled from

From the real…to the so not real…and back again

Reblogged from Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life, and I assume there are spoilers because I haven’t actually read it and won’t until I see the movie myself!

In the midst of all the busyness of the season, Big Boss took me to see The Desolation of Smaug. In The Big City. At the IMAX. In the middle of the afternoon.


The only thing that would’ve made the situation more surreal would have been for us to buy a Big Bucket of popcorn. We’re not that weird. Or stupid. Can you imagine? $7.50 for popcorn. Give me a break.

Read the rest here

Queen, do you know how hard it is to cut and paste with my eyes unfocused? Don’t try it, Marcel, or you might go blind. Signed, Jerry

P.S. How uncouth of you to mention money. ;-) That’s all I read. Promise. :D

And He’s Good Looking Too

James Blunt is who I mean
On Twitter with quips so keen
To those watching he leaves no doubt
In exquisite style he puts his detractors to rout
But never so low as to demean (Thank you, James)

Just a few comebacks from the “most hated man in pop”:

More here.

James Blunt


I knew you were talented when I listened to Give Me Some Love. Phew. What a song. There are others I love as well, but that’s not the point of this letter.

There is nothing sexier than a guy who is smart. Just don’t ever spoil it by revealing you don’t man your account alone. No, I’m not implying you have help, but if you do, I don’t want to hear about it!

Keep it up, and I’ll see you on the Twitter timeline.

A crazy fan of some guy named Richard Armitage and you of course.

P.S. Certainly I meant it when I said you’re good looking, but then you don’t need someone like me to tell you that. :D

For the Armitage fans, one of the best fan videos around, and if James Blunt (or his people; thinking of Warner Bros. mostly) were to come over here and look at this post, which I doubt but I’m covering my ass anyway, we need to make it clear that we (yes, I’m speaking for all or most of you) incessantly buy the music of these videos we love. *and the crowd all nodded in unison*

James’ new album Moon Landing comes out Tuesday in the U.S

Getting Enough Thorin


thorin[click to enlarge for a sweet screencap :D]

With the advent of Thorin Oakenshield, there are some new Richard Armitage fans. Ohmygosh. I’ve had email and messages aplenty of people looking for his works. They are smitten, and of course I can empathize. After five years of being a fan and three years of blogging about the man, I am still smitten by something about him, and the Why Richard? question is continually near my lips when I encounter new fans. But lately I’ve been asking the question of those fans who have been around awhile, so recently, I asked Heather and love her response:

His face tells a story, and I respect that he applies artistry to achieve this. As someone who makes it a business to convey messages with pictures, I was immediately drawn to that, and it’s such a pleasure to highlight it and in some ways make it richer in a fan video.

If you have not seen Heather’s videos, you need to do yourself a favor and check them out. As for me, I am so glad she chose that medium for expressing her infatuation of Richard Armitage’s talent, since that’s how I even came to know anything about him, and many others have found him the same way. Her videos have become so notable that they have been mentioned a few times in articles about him, but ironically, her most notable fan video is one of her least favorite. It was done as a joke, but she never thought the joke would be on Richard Armitage, who has been teased about it on occasion, most recently in a Glamour UK article, which I had to razz her about. She was mortified too, and said, “Oh God! If I could, I would say to Richard Armitage, ‘I’m so sorry! I was just kidding, but I never meant to embarrass you!'” Oh yeah, right, I know you’re really on his payroll, Heather. ;-)

And I absolutely have to do this whether anyone ever sees it or not ’cause I’m still not going to write a real letter to Richard Armitage LOL!

Dear Richard:

When I read the Glamour article, I wanted to scream what I’m about to say, but I’ve subdued myself. It’s taken me all these months to do so, but I think I’m finally ready to say this to you in a normal tone. Ahem.

You said you weren’t sure what to call those people. They’re called PR people. :D Yep, and the best kind of PR people because they want nothing from you when they express their fan love, if you will.

And I hope you know that Heather has many more videos besides Sexy Back, which is not even close to her best. Maybe you’ll check them all out sometime. In the meantime, a treat:

And if you can’t see this where you are, go here.

One of your crazy fans who hopes you are glad for the opportunity to blush and be mortified. :D

Since the video is so big, please let the video load completely before playing, or you will probably have it stopping and starting. It also helps if your flash player is up-to-date, and for the one on my site, you should hav Quicktime up-to-date.

note: I’m counting this post as an April A to Z post even though I skipped B through F. So yeah, this is G as well as another post in the Why Richard? series. Man, I love killing two birds. :D

Screencap courtesy of my stash, and making screencaps has never been so sweet with blu ray.

They Don’t Have a Clue – Spoilers

Spoilers for North and South, but honestly, you can handle this if you haven’t seen it. The clip should make you want to watch the whole thing! Also spoilers for some other movies if you look at the link.

I was just looking at MTV’s new poll, and part of it is for best onscreen kiss. I watched the videos, and it was so unsatisfying. MTV doesn’t get it, and I mean no offense to any of the actors involved, but after you’ve seen this below, you’re ruined for other onscreen kisses. No one does it better than Richard Armitage. Don’t believe me? Watch if you dare:

This was the first clip I ever saw which had Richard Armitage speaking. It was a spoiler that spoiled in the best way possible. Proving I’m not totally down on spoilers.

Actually, Darcywil’s clip was the first one I saw, but it’s edited, and I kind of like Henry’s mug in there :D

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — A Review with Spoilers

Some of you have been wondering about my absence. It’s a two-fold issue. There is a lot going on with my family and my business. It’s all good, but it’s time consuming. I also had to step away from The Hobbit full court press machine in order to preserve enjoyment of the movie. That’s not a knock on the PR. I understand they had to do it for the general public who hasn’t been following along. But with over two years of immersing myself in information about it and then going to New York and being bombarded by its presence, I knew the movie would be ruined for me if I didn’t step out of the fray.

Okay, enough of my excuses for not being here, I’m ready to review this puppy. Unfortunately, I suck at analysis of movies and books, so I will be deferring to SO for most of this.

We saw the 48fps 3D version. Honestly, I loved this version. It was very clear but not in a buffoonish way as was suggested about 48fps 2D. Most noticeable to me is I came away without the slight headache and nausea I usually get from 3D. With the negative space severely restricted in the higher frame rate, my eyes were not continually straining to focus, and it made for a very pleasant experience. So I think 48fps as the basis for 3D is a big win and here to stay for those who will take the time to try it.

Our 12 year old and one of her buddies went with us, and thankfully, they sat at the very back so we could perhaps escape being subjected to their muffled giggles and their incessant need to go to the restroom. Such is the life of middle school girls. Oy. Despite my sometimes distraction by the two girls, I enjoyed the movie. Mostly, I wanted to know what SO thought since he’s the writer, he’s the movie connoisseur,and he hadn’t been biased by an avalanche of information about The Hobbit!

We had not even reached the exit door after the movie was over when SO announced with a surprised grin, “I really liked that!”

I cut my eyes at him and wanted an explanation, “Really? What did you like about it?”

“It was fun!”

After all of the time talking on and off about The Hobbit, I was hoping for a bit more from him. He continued, “Yeah, it was fun. I was 12 again, and I loved the adventure.”

“So nothing beyond it being an adventure?” I asked still hoping for an examination from him. C’mon give me something I was thinking.

He said, “Well, it was too long, but then that’s Peter Jackson, and I’m sure he has an eye toward people watching this at one sitting when the series is out on DVD. Something to be savored over and over. Isn’t that what Ringers do?”

Yeah, it is. “But why do you think it was too long?” I persisted.

“The whole Frodo part was extraneous. The time in Bilbo’s house with the dwarves was also too long and too much singing. They should have kept it to one song and then sung the one about the mountains later. But then that may just be me.”

I had felt the song was out of place as well, but I was curious about his thinking. “Why do you think the singing was a problem?”

“It did little to develop the characters or the story. I knew it was supposed to move me, but it did not. When I read the book about a hundred years ago, I didn’t care for the singing then either. It seemed disjointed from the rest of the story. A bit lame. At least that’s how I remember it. As I think of the movie now, part of the problem was that your guy was not developed enough for me to really get the significance of the Misty Mountain song. I did notice the other dwarves were in awe of him when he came to Bilbo’s door, but that wasn’t really enough to show me why they were in awe. Yes, he was the leader, but all I knew of him was he was a deposed prince and angry at the Elves for not helping his people. What in all of that should generate awe? What made the audience really care to know about him? It wasn’t until Balin told more of Thorin’s past and the maiming of the Pale Orc that I understood he was a badass who deserved the reverence from the others. This should have been near the beginning.

The Badass Dwarf

The Badass Dwarf

“And of course none of this is Richard Armitage’s fault. I think he did a good job, but the writing failed there.”

I was stunned. Not by his breaking down the story but at the use of Richard Armitage’s real name. LOL!

He continued, “Then again, Peter Jackson was slow to develop Aragorn, and your guy [yeah, I noticed Richard no longer had a name. :D] is very much like that character in the sense that he is really the Man as it became evident that Aragorn was the Man.”

“But what about Bilbo?” I asked.

“Sure, he’s the physical conscience whereas Gandalf is the spiritual conscience, but the story is about Thorin. He is ultimately the center of this piece. And I did not realize how much Armitage was going to be the central character in this movie. This is Thorin’s story! I guess I kept thinking about the last thing I saw with him — a five minute bit in Captain America and didn’t realize he was essentially going to have the starring role in The Hobbit.”

“Oh, but he’s not the star!” I corrected.

SO laughed, “Yeah, right. Although he didn’t have many lines in this segment, he’s going to be Aragorn at the end. Hide and watch.”

“But the story isn’t the same as the Lord of the Rings,” I said still trying to set him straight.

“No, it’s not, but Thorin is an Aragorn in the sense of the pivotal character.”

I agreed with everything he said and was compelled to keep asking questions, “What did you like best about the movie?”

“Too much to narrow it down, but the ending was fantastic. I’m ready for the next installment.”

“Wow. You really did like it.”

“Yes, I did.”

I have more thoughts about it, but I’ve added it to another post. For now, just know that the movie was worth $12.50 a person, and more important the almost three hours investment of time.

And the biggest plus to me personally is SO now wants to watch other pieces with Richard Armitage. Thank you, Peter Jackson. :D