Has Netflix Renewed Their Contract with BBC?

North and South NetflixAccording to a commenter, JustLuthen, it’s a done deal:

“I just spoke with Netflix. It has renewed its contract with the BBC and RA’s not going anywhere.”

Thanks, Luthen. It’s a great message on a Monday morning, and my optimist is clinging onto it. Not because I need to watch the Netflix version of North and South, or MI-5 (Spooks) or Robin Hood, but because it’s such an easy way to turn potential fans onto Richard Armitage.

Maybe some of the rest of you can also call to ensure that Netflix means what they say! :D

edit: Spooks is not staying. Bummer.

What Variety should have said about the shows not staying:

Fans should ‘plain that “Fawlty Towers,” “Blackadder,” “MI-5″ and “Red Dwarf” will no longer be available on Feb. 1.


Through the Eyes of the Artist

Whatever else anyone sees, an artist sees something worthy; otherwise, why spend the time to convey something to the rest of us.

This captures some of the essence of my banner picture, an essence which can still rivet me, and I guess some of you as well:

richard_armitage_portrait_by_dmkozicka-d63de8e[Click to see the original]

If you have never watched Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne, do yourself a favor and give it try. The show was not the greatest, but he makes up for it.

#4 Richard Armitage and His Hair

This is part of my series of posts counting down to and through the Thanksgiving holidays and expressing my thankfulness for something I’ve received, experienced or participated in.

Richard and His Hair.

Richard Armitage has excellent hair. I’ve thought that ever since I saw this:


It was a vast improvement over the extensions:


But back to the luscious locks:


Is that seriously awesome looking hair or what? Women would kill to have hair like this. And if those are extensions around his neck, I don’t want to hear about it! That looks real.

And I’m going to stay off the topic of his sideburns as I absolutely despised long sideburns until I saw them on Richard. I’m not kidding when I say that. I cannot stand long sideburns. They look awful to me, but Richard can wear them, and I’m thinking about a wolf whistle.

About the time I got used to the magnificent mullet, I was hit with this:


That’s the mother of all razor cuts. I mean all razor cuts are or should be defined by it, and when their barbers are suggesting razor cuts, men should aspire to this cut. Not 6’2″, don’t have beautiful blue eyes and a great jaw? No problem. There’s a cut that fixes all of that. I can hear the thinking now.

And then there was this which created a backlash in RA Universe. A significant number were saying ewwwww to Guy’s new do. Me? I loved it. Even when it was unwashed the first few weeks, but man, he cleaned up well:


Then it was back to the sleek look:


Where he stayed until this came around:

press_conference_screencapI’m a beard person, so this was fantastic to me.

And since then, I’ve been treated to all types of styles to please any appraising eye.

A little bit of a pompadour going on in this one:

Not much hair shown; this was the brutally short look:

Okay, so it’s not all of his hair, but Thorin’s mane is fantastic. I had to show it, and you get some chest hair thrown in:
Richard Armitage Thorin bloody

Back to the tailored look, and I’m talking the hair:
'the hobbit - an unexpected journey' world film premiere, wellington, new zealand - 28 nov 2012, ,

This one is the I don’t give a rat’s ass how I look ’cause I’m considering that prisoner of war role:


And finally the pompadour is perfected:

6 - sV9tzf8
That particular photo still packs a punch.

Heck, it’s just been more or less a thrill ride to see what he would come with next, and it occurred to me that there is no need to get antsy about his next project and every reason to be thankful for being entertained by his hair. To wit:

Richard Armitage curly locksIs there enough going on here to make a ponytail for Poldark?

And if I get bored with this, I can go back to some old photos.

Here’s a favorite:


See what I mean about the sideburns?

The Many Modes of Richard Armitage Fans

I lied — again. I’m getting to the phantom Diary entry after this post.

I understand Servetus has now coined Armitage Objectification Mode (AOM). Why didn’t we think of this before?! It should have been coined years ago, but I’m glad we have it now. :D I mean c’mon, we’ve all objectified Richard Armitage in one form or another. And even though I’ve said I haven’t fantasized about him, I never said I didn’t want to. LOL! I just said I chose not to do it. I’d be a big fat liar if I said I never had the yen. But as to AOM, I’m sure we’re all going to have a field day defining its various levels.

Of course I have to cover Armitage Protection Mode (APM). Posts about it are found here and here if you’re not familiar. It’s to be avoided unless you want to be a killjoy, and there are certainly various levels of APM which deserve their own modes. Armitage Correction Mode, or what I think of as APM Light. This is when someone continually feels the need to correct other fans about Armitage lore, e.g., making sure everyone knows that Guy’s horse is Richie and not Ritchie when no one else (or few; wish I could say no one else) gives a rat’s ass how the name is spelled. Did the show’s creators ever specify? Or APM Exreme which I fondly think of as Armitage Sanctimonious Syndrome (ASS). That’s when someone not only wants to protect Richard Armitage but is utterly self-righteous about it. Utterly here means the person may end up calling the authorities in an attempt to ensure dear Richard’s safety and most important that they (the person and not the authorities) can never be wrong! LOL! Yes, I laughed. I used to pity these people but have come to find them a great source of humor.

Oh, yeah, they’re funny, Rich. As if you need protecting. LOL!


There is also Armitage Denial Mode (ADM), and its various levels go something like the following. Armitage Denial Mode Extreme — when you’re so far in the closet you won’t even breathe Richard Armitage’s name to another human being and certainly never comment on him in cyber world, yet you may be the first to look at anything posted about our guy. ;-) Armitage Denial Mode (no frills; it just is) — you think Richard Armitage is great and sometimes you deign to express it to another human being with an occasional comment in cyber world. But then you step back and wonder what has come over you?!! Armitage Denial Mode Light — you are very chatty about Richard Armitage and frequently give and take on his abilities and are recognized as a commenter but swear up and down you’re just a casual fan. Of course the remedy to all of these is called Freedom from Armitage Denial Mode — that’s when you finally say to hell with it and get yourself a blog!

note: all of this is predicated on the idea that almost everyone reading this blog is an addict. D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com

Conflicted Fangirl

Yes, it’s my quarterly bout of circumspection. It started last week when I posted something sane for a change. But I cannot be completely sane if pictures like this are still floating around:


Before I submerge my sanity again, I want to make it clear that my wish to take Richard out of his box is also a wish for myself. I do not want to be in continual fangirl mode. Sometimes it bores me. There I said it. No, it’s not the first time I’ve said, and it won’t be the last. And I don’t want to get into a debate about desire nor diagram this photo although it begs for diagramming. I acknowledge that readily, and that the man is walking desire. But I also see something far beyond that. Much beyond that, and the sane part of me doesn’t want to lose sight of it.

However, today when I was sifting photos, this one knocked me silly again. LOL! That might be a maniacal laugh. I’m not sure yet.

And actually, this is a public service post for the new fans. Yes, indeed that’s what it is! They’re still dazed by Thorin Oakenshield, but when they’re done, they now have something else to drool over. :D

I’ve had this picture for so long that I have no clue if it’s one of my screencaps or someone else’s.

Surveying the Landscape

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks thinking about whether or not I should continue this blog. Yeah, I know I’ve said this before. Part of it is my circumspect gene pestering me. Always pestering me. Always putting me in check, and then years go by, and I regret I got in the box, that my creativity was so squelched it’s a miracle it survived. But why do I listen? Very simple answer. I don’t want to be a fool. I do not want to be a fool. Yes, I said that twice. And the reality is I’m not a fool. I have been sensible almost from the time I exited the hatch. Sensible is my frigging middle name. At least according to my family and all who have known me with more than a passing acquaintance. But back there in childhood I was able to be sensible and creative.

The other part I’ve been mulling is my longing to do something else in cyber world, and I am going to do something else. Not now, but it’s coming, and sometimes I have a hard time not talking about it. I get excited while I’m working on it and want to start gabbing, but it’s not time. Some of you know, but keep it to yourself please since I’m not ready yet.

For now I’m continuing this blog for too many reasons to explain. Suffice to say Richard Armitage is just a small part of it. No offense, Rich.

And thanks to all of you for listening to my stuff or at least some of it.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com

Telling Stories

This is actually my day 6 post!

As with the other days, please remember this is part of a much larger conversation about Richard Armitage, and again, you would be pleased by checking out the rest of it here.

Yesterday, I was away from home and had several hours of uninterrupted time while I waited for the high school track team to finish their meet. This time was to be used for finally getting a video completed which was to go with this post. The thing had me in its grip all week, and my hard head was determined to conquer, so the first few hours yesterday were spent in my hotel room continuing to wrestle with it. Check out time came, and I had to move my tussle to a reliable wifi spot — the local McDonald’s. I did eat something while I was there; free food is always an enticement (such is the “perk” of a school bus driver), and as I was wiping my hands of the last bits of my Filet-o-fish sandwich, so I wouldn’t smudge my laptop’s keyboard, a rough looking couple sat down near me. They had a laptop too and were aware that my seat was next to the only electrical outlet in the dining area. The man asked if he could plug in, and then he started quizzing me about my computer. Knowing I had to get that damn video done, but being a people person and being someone who can be easily distracted, it was beyond my power to ignore these people who were continually trying to talk to me. Oh, I mentally berated myself for choosing McDonald’s as a place to work, berated myself for committing to post every day, and berated myself for not wanting to listen to these people.

So I finally closed the WordPress session and turned to take a full look at these two. The man had on dirty clothes, was unshaven, and some of his front teeth were missing, but it did nothing to keep the twinkle in his eye from drawing me. The woman, who was a tall, painfully thin, dark eyed beauty with almost a regal presence, looked a bit wistful for something. This is where I cut to the chase to ensure this post doesn’t run to near 3,000 words. These people were homeless, and the man is probably a genius and the woman supposedly a former wife and mother with four children, which ended when she became a meth addict. Now, this is far from my first in-depth encounter with someone who is homeless, and it’s not going to be my last, but it is the most fascinating. I spent the rest of the day with them, and I won’t bore you with all the details as they’re considerable, but I did end up taping them with their consent, and I’ve already verified some of their information as accurate and will continue to try to verify some more. From what I know so far, these two need their story told. What a privilege it would be to tell it!

This morning when the story just wouldn’t leave me alone, I thought of ‘West of Memphis,’ which I plan to see, and I wondered at the considerable power Peter Jackson has to get a story told. And now Richard Armitage is in his camp, and if he is as quick a study as he appears, he will leave that place much different with almost none of it the result of new found fame. Richard is a storyteller. He has continually revealed in his interviews that he insinuates himself into the storytelling process. Sometimes the writers have talked about it:

One of our great casting coups is Richard Armitage (who plays Sir Guy of Gisborne, the Sheriff’s right-hand man), modest man of sharp intellect…Today, he knocks on my door with a pencil and pad. Can he ask me some questions about his character? I tell him, truthfully, that I can’t believe he is here – an actor of his talent, sitting on my sofa, talking to me about playing this part. I feel so lucky. Suddenly I stop myself – do I destroy what little (gamma-male) authority I have by being so candid? I glance at him. My concerns are unfounded. He is blushing. A man of his talent. I remind myself that the only folk more insecure than writers are actors. — Dominic Minghella on the set of Robin Hood, 2006

Article here

And Richard is aware that he may sometimes be a pain with his need, but he can’t help it:

I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere near the high point. It may not even be in front of the camera. The older you get, the more critical you become. Whoever writes the stuff I’m in must think I’m a complete pain in the backside, because I will question them about every word the character utters.

And I’m excited about where that might lead:

I suppose I’m a bit too curious, but I think I probably will have a crack at directing at some point.

The rest of the article here

He must be in heaven right about now, and all because someone saw more than his ability to look adoringly at a female. What a shame it would be if he were consigned to nothing but that, nothing but our drooling and gushing over his sexual appeal. Oh, I’ve done my share, but that is not what brings me back again and again to see what he’s doing. Since the Vulpes Libris interview, I have been firm in my belief that he wants to tell a story. Richard III? He has talked about it a lot. So obviously, it’s a story he wants to tell, but is it his passion? Some of his fans think so, and eventually, we’ll find out.

Before I finish this post, I must say a hearty thanks to people and places on the web that make this blog possible. Yes, I’m saying that if they didn’t exist, I would not be able to run this place. LibraryGirl and the ladies who maintain the lovely database at Richard Armitage Central, Ali and her cohort Wendy at RichardArmitagenet.Com, Annette at RichardArmitageOnline, and all of the ladies at C19. If it weren’t for all of these people and their propensity to discuss and archive, I know I would never have started this blog nor have delved this deeply into what I believe is the most fascinating part of Richard Armitage. Thank you all for the great pleasure of doing that!

Edit: updated the Conversations page, so no more cheating. :D And I did not forget about Bertold Brecht. More on him after FanstRA.

second edit: I eventually talked about Brecht here.