Some Blue Eyes With That Snow?

B6ODrplCQAAWL_Z.jpg large

Yeah, this was a winner. I’ve gotten a bit of email and messages with lots of swooning over the gorgeous blue eyes and the stubble.

Frankly, if you saw that coming at you on the slopes, you would probably wind up in the hospital. But would you care? :D

note: click the photo for Richard’s New Year’s message on Twitter.

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Sarah’s done it again

The pun aside, these two photos are fantastic, and I have seen a lot of photos of Richard Armitage. Not saying how many. Actually, I have no clue how many. It is a lot.

The originals are found here, and I’m not entirely sure these can be embedded.

One more time and this time with the copyright symbol:

Richard Armitage by Sarah Dunn

note: I will remove if Ms. Dunn wants me to do so. No problem at all.

Do You Really Want to See Richard Armitage Playing James Bond?

Apparently, there is still some interest in Richard Armitage playing James Bond if this is any indication: New James Bond

I’ll grant this is fantastic looking and makes for great posing. Definitely has James Bond all over it (literally in this case), but is that the role you really want to see him playing? I ask because it is so confining. It’s a two dimensional character at best, and the actors who have played him seem to get stuck there. Is that what we want to see Richard Armitage, the chameleon and romantic, doing? Being stuck inside a roue’ whose lines are as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow?

As for what Richard Armitage wants, it should go without saying (but invariably someone says it *yawn* so I’m getting it out of the way with this statement) that he should choose to do what makes him happy. Certainly. But we’re consumers of what he does as an actor and are entitled to have a view of it.

Obviously I’m not keen on him doing this, and a few years ago, I stated the reasons why. Further, I’m mystified that so many fans are interested in this role which does not seem to fit the trajectory of Richard Armitage, and he has even said he would rather play a Bond baddie.

With all the rabid interest I see, and from people whose opinions I respect, I’m curious what is so appealing apart from the potential for great screencaps or gifs or other clips that are swoon worthy.

Ohcheemama II!

Yeah, this deserves it:

Esquire UK interview
[click to enlarge]

This is from an interview with Esquire Magazine UK. Go here to read and see all the pics.

Individual copies of the Esquire Magazine issue can be obtained here.

edit: I got so rattled I didn’t spell Ohceemama correctly. As if that’s really a word. Oy.

Richard, International

Ali sent me a note and mentioned a swoon worthy new picture of Richard Armitage. “Aren’t they all?” I thought.

I was wrong. I’ve not seen many like this where he looks like such a guy. I mean just a guy. Did I say just a guy? Someone slap me.

We haven’t really seen a pic like this since Strike Back:

This is from an interview in Spanish magazine Accion, which Ali has up at RichardArmitageNet.Com. My only complaint: we need a bigger copy stat!

Also, don’t miss Richard’s FOUR PAGE interview in French magazine L’Ecran Fantastique. April has a copy here.

If you don’t speak French, no worries, Ali will have up a translation soon!

I’m sure we’re all going to learn a few words in other languages before this is over. :D

And I have a new tag for these kinds of pictures, “arrow worthy”. No, I won’t be drawing any arrows. I leave that to others who are more adept. But the tag is perhaps a suggestion?

edit: I put up a larger format picture. Thanks, Ali!

second edit: Servetus now has a translation of the Accion piece.

UK Release Date for ‘The Hobbit’

TheOneRingNet (TORn) has confirmed the Brits don’t have to wait until the day after Christmas to see ‘The Hobbit.’ It had been erroneously reported by a news site and a blog in the UK that the release would not occur until Boxing Day, which was of course upsetting, and how patently unfair it would have been since most of the cast is British.

Some of you know that I have thrown in with the TORn staff to help report and write stories. I thank you for your support of me and hope you give support to TORn as well if you’re not already doing it. I also want to take this opportunity to confirm they are an extremely nice bunch with a great sense of humor and hard working as well. They are working feverishly on this Comic-Con event and will keep you posted in great detail as they will with all the news that’s coming in regard to ‘The Hobbit,’ and yes, Richard Armitage. :D

[click to enlarge]

Okay, so I published that picture again. Do you mind?

Scan courtesy of

Um Yeah, It’s Thorin

What was I saying about getting bored staring at the same picture? I lied. Richard Armitage is Thorin so deliciously in this picture, and you know I’m strongly affected when I use language like that. When have I ever used words like deliciously? Yep, I thought so. Never. And this might be the only time. ;-)

[click to enlarge]

But then I guess this isn’t exactly the same picture is it. Daria has done some magic on it! And for more of her magic, check out her DeviantArt profile or her tumblr.

The highlights on his face and hair make me think I could find him on a beach somewhere but obviously without all the leather. :D

Original scan provided from Ali’s wonderful iPad. :D And can be seen in a larger format at RichardArmitageNet.Com