There’s a New Addict in Town

A new Richard Armitage blogger describes the addiction as “Armitageitis,” and the description is so apt for many of us who are RAbid fans:

“Armitageitis” – (pronounced “Ar-me-tij-eye-tis”) – is an addiction to the actor Richard Armitage . Symptoms include – smileyness, excessive giggling and sighing, insomnia, and a noticeably increased usage of Twitter … oh, and the need to create your own Richard Armitage based Blog!

Would Richard Armitage do all of that to us?

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 21.12.12

Oh yeah.

And if you’re wondering how much you are affected, ask yourself: since I discovered Richard Armitage, do I feel compelled to talk about the experience? Do I feel the pull to blog? Or write a guest post? Or hell, maybe I have a book in me? Or do anything something to express his effect on me?!!

Come on in the water is fine, and in the meantime, you can assure yourself of being right where you should be by reading Antigone’s blog.

You can also catch up with Antigone on Twitter.

Having a Moment Over Here (or I’ll Have What She’s Having)

Richard Armitage has engendered all sorts of feelings, and many fans have spilled a lot of ink, as it were, over the phenomenon of these visceral reactions he provokes in us. May I say sincerely that the eloquence of some of you has moved me to the point of tears at times. I’m not kidding when I say that. Some of you have captured the feelings so well! But I love how this word sums it up.

Certainly, there are nostrilgasms and femurgasms and lots of other gasms going on, but they all lead to the Big One. :D

Some of you are thinking I’m nuts right now. You have read the “About” page of this blog haven’t you? Then you shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Back to business. I’ve been planning this post for almost two years and was going to sit on it a little longer, but I witnessed another Armigasm today, and I had to say something. Oh, you still don’t know what that is? Well, it’s when a fan is so overcome by thoughts of Richard, that they gush. I mean they gush and gush and gush and they can’t stop and don’t care who is nearby and they feel good when they’re done but also a little vulnerable. Totally natural.

I witnessed a few more of these later in the day, but hey, that’s all part and parcel of being a Richard Armitage fan. :D

And I hope everyone is lightened up about this and gets a chuckle out of the word that’s now in the lexicon.

My friend Pam at’s forum which is known as A Happy Assembly (or Aha. Indeed :D), gets the honors for coining Armigasm. And to get in on the hotbed of activity with all those Austen fans and maybe join the Order of the Cotton Drawers, you have to register over there.

note: I would link to the blogger whose writing prompted this post, but I’m not entirely sure she’s ready for that. She may need a day or two to recover. LOL!

Fandwarfing, A Reality

Fandwarfing* hasn’t made sense to me until today. The photos of Richard Armitage as a dwarf, frankly, didn’t look like a dwarf. He has always looked like himself in stature — rather large. But ‘Entertainment Weekly’ has a new raft of photos from ‘The Hobbit,’ and one of RA actually gives the appearance of a dwarf. And I find, I quite like it. I guess “dwarves” really can be sexy:

[click to enlarge]

You can see the rest of the photos including couple of more with RA on the EW site here.

* a term coined by Calexora to express the hysteria which goes on when seeing the little people and more especially one little people. :D

Photoshop excellence by Heather

Now That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

No Ringo Starr here:

Phew, those shades are growing on me, and I even like the tie now. :D

Obviously, this shot came from Heather’s stash. Her encounter and DiL’s will be up on RichardArmitageNet.Com with more pictures! LOL!

And I’ve learned a new word from Iz4blue — “squeegasm” Oh, yeah, that’s going in the lexicon.

Who is the TDHCMO?

Many of us in the RA universe have become so accustomed to using certain terms that we have developed our own language. Of course it’s understandable when it makes referencing things so much easier. That’s how all acronyms came into existence. But at some point, it has the power to disenfranchise. In the interest of making our fandom more welcoming, I’m revving up the RA Lexicon again, and there is no better way to jump start this than with the Tall Dark Handsome Cotton Mill Owner (TDHCMO) who began all of this for most of us.

Yep, that’s the first image most of us had of him. Some liked him immediately and some didn’t. Some who liked him immediately turned to dislike very quickly, but thankfully, he redeemed himself by the end of ‘North and South’. Oh, how he redeemed himself! He proved to be someone of great depth and sensitivity.

What would you do if this were standing at your front door?

That sweet smile again that says volumes. Not a full on grin but it seems he can’t help smiling in anticipation of being at the Hale’s again.

Pensively looking at Margaret on the street below, and I found myself really wondering what he was thinking. Many times in movies there have been shots of men looking pensively at a love interest, and truthfully, most of the time I didn’t care to know what was in their heads because I already did or the shots were lame. But with John Thornton, I was intrigued and it helped compel me to the ending.

Another one that had me wondering exactly what he was thinking although it seems fairly evident he’s wondering what Margaret is about — taking a read on her. And what exactly did he surmise? I really wanted to know, so I kept watching.

Considering Margaret’s precious fingers and taking an accounting even of them. This scene about took my head off, and no one was about to have sex. Proving that you don’t have to get naked to be erotic. On that note, I think I’m going to make this a two part piece. Need to watch North and South. It’s been a while.:D

In the meantime, perhaps you will do the same. If you’ve never seen it, you need to watch it! For the rest of you who have seen it and don’t really want to watch it again today, you might check out the piece referenced here as I don’t assume all of you have seen it. I hadn’t until last year. LOL!

Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com and as usual, you can see a larger image by clicking on the photo.

edit: still haven’t done my second part; will get to it sometime.

Tangent — Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, What am I going to do with you?

I guess I should have made a Facebook page before this week. My hit count has gone up quite a bit from that link! So welcome to all of you who have come here from Facebook. I love you! It’s just Facebook that doesn’t thrill me. It’s a pain in the ass to get around on, and they (the guys who run that place) make the functions one way. There is no back out plan on some things unless you’re technical and have a crystal ball or you’re a bulldog. I’m technical but don’t have a crystal ball; however, I am a bulldog. Even though this is what you have to be if you’re going to run a “page” on FB, I hesitate to go into that mode. But for RA and all of you, it’s worth it. Hope you enjoy the blog. :D

Hmm. I almost hate to associate RA’s picture with Facebook, but I did post his picture over there several times now, and this is really in honor of all of you. So I’ll post one that some of you might not have seen. OH, and since snaffling seems to be the order of the week ;-), I snaffled this one from Mulubinba. Over here. Be sure to thank her! and frankly, she has a wonderful blog that’s thoughtful on several levels. Definitely one of my favorites.

I also need to say thanks to WordPress or whomever it was that wouldn’t allow me to embed that Strike Back Viral video on my first attempt. Yes, good can come out of bad. I’ve always known that, but Facebook had me doubting it.


I’ve added snaffle to the lexicon. I didn’t learn it from the RA fandom but would have never used it in a sentence if not for the British ladies I now interact with on a frequent basis. The context in this blog entry makes the meaning pretty plain, but hey, you need to read the lexicon if you haven’t already.


Diggin’ Dorktastic

So yesterday a bunch of us got excited about the supposed video of RA as a kid of 20 mimicking a music video. I don’t know for sure that it’s him, and I doubt that anyone reading my blog or Nat’s or servetus’ knows either. But it was fun to speculate.

I thought it was cute, and if it is RA, there is nothing embarrassing about it in my opinion, and it’s my opinion (for the most part) that will dictate what does or does not get posted on this blog. Hopefully, no one was offended by that video. If they were, then they probably won’t want to read this blog in the future. By saying that, I’m not implying at all that I would put something up that would compromise Richard Armitage. I respect him even though I’m wrestling with objectification (more on that later; not quite ready to talk about it yet. I still want to wallow in it a bit).

But today, I’m trying out a new word that I love. It’s already becoming entrenched in my vocabulary. At least in my head and on this blog. Not sure if I’m ready to utter the word, but I do LOVE dorktastic! and it’s now part of the RA Lexicon. Thank you, Nat for introducing me to that word in Busting a Groove!

Dorktastic gets at another facet of RA that I love. His dork factor. I love it when some guy is very sexy and masculine but has a bit of dork going on. It’s a type of vulnerability, and we women need vulnerability in the men we’re attracted to. No, I don’t want to psychoanalyze that just yet. It might reveal more about my control freak than I’m comfortable with. LOL!

I find it interesting that Guy of Gisborne, who is fatally sexy, has a bit of dork peek through now and again. I love that about Guy — showing that vulnerability. Showing the kid, the little boy inside the bad ass. Is it just me who finds this attractive?

Okay, hit me with the psychoanalysis. I’m ready. LOL!

Wait! I forgot my gratuitous pics.

Dork moment coming up:

He has no clue; just can’t hold back his dork:

There he goes:

Classically perplexed like a true dork, or huh?

My heart went out to Guy in that scene. I had to mentally slap myself to remember the heinous things he’d done. Such is the power of the dork when it’s in a sexy package.

For a less cursory treatment of dork as it applies to RA, check out Servetus’s post Dorktastic Past.

Screencaps courtesy of (update: which no longer exists) and RichardArmitageNet.Com