Things I Sometimes Wonder About — still

Sometimes when life smiles at me or gives me a slap, I’m occasionally curious what Richard Armitage has experienced. There’s no question he’s had his share of ups and downs. We all do, but what were they for him and how did he deal with them?

I don’t wonder about these things as often as I did when I was in the euphoric state of my fan odyssey, but I still wonder about how he’s navigated the sometimes treacherous waters of the entertainment business. Have some others given him a break out of the kindness of their hearts even though he doesn’t fit into the usual frame Hollywood thrusts on us? Does kindness even exist in the entertainment culture? Yes, it’s an old question but still largely unanswered, or maybe that’s just me because I don’t read Hollywood exposes. Let me rephrase the question. Does kindness exist significantly enough to be on the radar of those in that business? My gut says if it does, it’s a blip, but I could be wrong. And not to beat a dead horse, but I really did like Todd Garner. Whether you think his movies are any good, I believe he’s a nice guy. Sure he’s part salesman. That’s how money is provided to make movies. Gotta have the salesman, or nothing will get done. I found out in the course of dealing with him and not too long afterward, that he has had the same core group working for him for quite some time. Doesn’t that say something about him? I know it does when others have long term employees or associates. It usually means someone’s a good guy.

But back to Richard Armitage. Have some in the business just fallen all over themselves at his talents? (yeah, I’m still trying to rationalize this addiction.) Or are they just preening for the camera because baby, it’s all about selling the dream. :D

CZ1-rqyVAAEBaWL.jpg large

Actually, I tend to believe Michelle Forbes. Probably because she seems to be pretty blunt, and she’s 50 something, and could well think, “What the hell! I’m gonna tell it like it is, and dammit, I like Richard Armitage.” Yeah, that’s what I infer from her, ’cause baby, that’s what I want to infer. I’m 50 something too, so yeah, that’s how I see it.

But back to Richard. What is in that head? After all these years of being a fan and hating the word fan and generally being at odds with the whole fan thang, I still wonder what is in that head! Oh, I’ve speculated about what’s in there — much more than I’ve written on this blog (yeah, can you believe that) — and on many occasions thought I knew. Sometimes I still think I know. I’m arrogant that way. :D But if I’m being honest, I don’t have much more than a clue, because niggling at the back of my mind is always the thought, “How good an actor is he really? Is he so good that he’s got me completely buffaloed about what kind of person he really is? Then I second guess myself and think, “Nah, he’s a great guy.” And that my friends, is almost always where I land in my thinking. He’s a great guy. A human being who can get upset like the rest of us, but a great guy in the sense that he is kind and polite and still doesn’t have the demeanor of someone who deserves adulation.

I have more things I wonder, but I make no promises on when I’ll type them out. It seems every time I try to make a commitment to communicate here, something happens, and it’s usually major. I won’t bore you with the details, but trust me, it’s usually YUGE. :D So glad I can grin at the trauma. I guess I can because life is crazy, but somehow, somehow, it turns out. Yeah, I know why, but I’m not going to preach on this blog.

Thanks for letting me snaffle your photo, Ms. Forbes. :D


  1. Your para that starts “Back to Richard”…you’ve clearly been inside my head 😂 My thoughts almost exactly! I think Michelle is a straight shooter too.

  2. I think your assessment is right on. I don’t think anyone can get that many endorsements from co-workers that are just blowing smoke.
    Based on the things he says himself, I imagine RA is quite human: disliking conflict yet bad-tempered sometimes, insecure about his looks but still a little vain, competitive and not liking to lose or be second best, enjoying attention and applause but not quite believing it’s sincere. Trying to be ‘good’, kind, polite and do the right thing but struggling with frustration and even righteous anger.

  3. Well said, Cill.

  4. @SheRA, yep, she’s at the age where she doesn’t care what others think, or only as much as she absolutely has to. Wish I had reached that age in my 20s. I did in some regards, but not enough. Not nearly enough.

  5. You, dear Frenz, have read my mind. I too often wonder about his past experiences and what kind of person he really is. I have drawn the same conclusions. He is a good actor and is genuinely a nice, down to earth, guy.

  6. Just looked at Michelle’s Twitter. She definitely speaks her mind! What a great photo and a great compliment for RA. Well deserved, I have no doubt. And speaking as only a quasi-fan (my true fandom being reserved for another), YES he is a very good actor!

  7. It;’s a strange thing… not ONE person that Richard has worked with has said – oh he was a douche. There are no negative whispers, no… well there as this ONE time.. none of that. And I think if he were blowing smoke, those whispers would exist.

    They just don’t.

    And you can’t keep up the mask 24/7.

    So I think we can state clearly that a) he is a wonderful person and b) he HAS an incredible talent and c) he’s a down to earth and as human as the rest of us plebeians.

  8. I think we’re seeing a bit of the slow-burning temper he says he has at the moment. After some stupidity about some of his recent funny tweets (people getting offended, unfollowing him) he’s deleted every sort of personal or joking tweet he’s made, even including spotify and a post about supporting refugees.
    Imo he’s entitled to be mad as hell after being picked apart for every single thing he does. Let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Stephen Fry.

  9. I honestly think after five minutes in a room he and I could not stand each other. I think recent behavior is indicative of some sort of pain, and she’s helping him put the ra ra face on. I don’t know. I can be cynical. If truth be told, and I probably will get the smackdown on this, I think she’s a cover for something else..

  10. Smackdowns don’t happen here too often especially since I’m in charge. LOL

    Having said that, you have me curious, so feel free to elaborate. :D

  11. I think it has to do with speculations about his private life and is about creating an appearance of something his fans will want to see.

  12. You mean because she’s female?

  13. By the way, I honestly don’t know what I think about all of his moved, but in my piece I think I make it clear that there are things that go on for public consumption and I tend to think that’s one of them. LOL

  14. Well, yes, because she’s female. I am not trying to be a goober. My own personal reasoning aside, it reminds me of how when you break up with someone or vice versa, and you post all these happy pics to make someone jealous. This is all rather spontaneous lately and it reminds me of my last bad break up when I went on a selfie rage. Mind you that was a LONG time ago.

  15. And I agree it was probably for public consumption *LOL*

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