Poor Richard

It seems there is an epidemic which was first noticed on Facebook:

Area Facebook User Incredibly Stupid

Michael Huffman the Dumbass

DOYLESTOWN, PA—Describing him as frequently frustrated and overwhelmed, sources confirmed Monday that local Facebook user Michael Huffman is incredibly stupid. “I need stuff easy,” said the absolute dipshit, adding that he finds many things confusing, and that those things must be changed so that they make sense to him.

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This article was the Onion’s response to Facebook’s plan to put the hashtags #satire and possibly #comedy on the Onion’s FB posts. It’s all because of the condition known as Drawing Unwarranted Misinterpretations from Bullshit, and this propensity now seems to be on Twitter and infecting Richard Armitage and some of those around him.

Oh shit!

Dear Richard,

I want to apologize for the fake fan letter to Elliott Lester and how it may have negatively affected him and you! I’ve had my tongue in my cheek so long I didn’t realize you and some others would actually take me seriously. This fear of being taken seriously is one reason I started using so damn many emoticons a few years ago. Before I did that, oh man, it was hell. I’m not a great writer you see, so I had to do something to make it clear I was teasing. But I guess the emoticons weren’t enough huh? Yes, I KNOW you read my fake fan letter to Elliott or somehow got wind of it and felt so put upon you had to actually provide a photo. No, don’t bother denying. I KNOW you did.

I just wish I had known you are both stupid. If I had, I would have put the ‘bullshit’ tag on that post, so you would not have suffered any mental anguish. And I NEVER would have said this when you were so kind to provide a beautiful photo:

Glasses Tweet

Oh man, I am so sorry. It was a sacrilege. I know that now, and please, no worries about acquiring glasses. I’ll just take the photo as it is, and every time I look at it, I will feel duly ashamed of myself for being so bold.

A crazy fan who really, really, really didn’t mean to ruin your day and would love to know how I could make it up to you.

P.S. I guess I need to face the fact you’re an action fan who needs the dots connected. Yes, this is bullshit.

Watch someone think I really believe Richard Armitage is stupid. Oy.

Whatever, it seems Armitage Protection Mode is alive and well. (I wonder if it ever hits those infected that they’re trying to protect a 43 year old man LOL!)

And I have always wanted to title a post with that phrase. I’ve also been dying to use that Onion story. :D

edit: dropping the snark for a moment but just a moment. For those who are confused, just know that it seems some fans thought Richard Armitage was badgered into providing us a picture. To wit:

I Am Taking Back the Word Thug


The recent brouhaha about Richard Sherman is not important to me. I don’t care what he said after the NFC Championship. I really don’t care. But I do care that he was called a thug. Actually, I don’t care much about that either, but I do understand from SO that some people have made way too much out of Sherman’s statements and erroneously called him a thug.

What I care about is how Sherman is characterizing the use of that word. He’s certainly entitled to fight back when he’s been unfairly ostracized for what he said. But he’s overreacting as well, and trying to change the meaning of a word to something racist, and I’m calling a vigorous bullshit on that. Thug does not mean the n-word. Maybe to some select group out there it might, but I don’t think thug means the n-word to most people. To most it still means someone who is up to no good and often found to be a bully — period.

I resent like hell that I feel pressure to qualify future use of that word. And I’m tired of people in the news co-opting words so they become inflammatory and to use them may immediately brand someone a racist. Who wants to keep up with that? To keep up with what you can and cannot say on every little bitty word so that you do not offend anyone, anywhere at anytime?

To the readers of this blog and anyone who knows me in real life interactions, I am going to use the word thug when I want to use it, and it will not mean the n-word!

And for the record, the autograph thugs were all white guys. Just sayin’.

note: I also understand from SO that Richard Sherman is brilliant intellectually as well as athletically and feel certain he can handle himself through this situation.

While I’m Being So Blunt, Some Further Thoughts or Oh the Places You’ll Go II

Are you in need of some mirth? No, make that belly laughs to the point of almost being sick (yes, I’m being serious about this — when I’m not laughing so hard I literally — yes, I mean actually — can’t type), then visit a certain gay gossip site.

Over the course of this blog’s life and especially in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had people send me notes in regard to that site, and they go something like this, “Unreal what they say over there,” or “I can’t believe what I read,” or “They’re nuts.” And aren’t we glad? I know I am.

Whenever I’ve gone to that site, I’ve laughed my ass off. Actually, I wish it could make me laugh my ass off and then I would happily pay them a fortune. All I know is I’m laughing so hard that it ought to do something earth shaking. But usually it just makes my family wonder what drug I’ve taken. The other night I was laughing hysterically, and SO, who was on the other side of the house, finally yelled, “What’s so funny?!” I was literally (damn there’s that word again) almost busting a gut, and there were tears in my eyes, and I was just rolling around with every nerve ending on my body being tickled. When I heard that question, I began to compose myself, and it did feel like coming off of a high. Once I was calmed down enough to think straight, I thought, “I need to go to that site more often ’cause it’s way better than any nitrous oxide.”

And the thread which put me over the top?

Stars no one thinks are gay but you

When I started reading, I was thinking, yeah, that person seems gay. Uh huh, yeah that person too. Oh yeah, definitely that person. But then I see this:

Vince Vaughn

Nah, I’m not feelin’ that one.

Then further down:

Jimmy Stewart

No, I don’t think so.

Then a gimme:

George Bush

Moving on from the wiseass, I read:

Harrison Ford

No way! UNLESS Harrison Ford really can act!

I start to giggle on that one.

I read on:

Jerry Seinfeld

Yeah, this I can see. Not because Jerry is gay but because he doesn’t seem like a guy who wants to be crossways with anyone, so he may even love being on the list. I can hear Jerry now, “When I’m gay, these are things I do……, but I’m not gay — at least not today. Catch me tomorrow.”


I started to have a deeper throated chuckle at this point, and then it started to get serious:

Jim Henson

The poster thought he really died of aids.

Another poster agreed.

Someone took exception:

It was pneumonia, bitches.

(No, I’m not making this up.)

Anyway, I’m trying not to belly laugh at this point — no offense to Jim Henson’s memory.

Then someone really got into the spirit of the topic and posted this:

Julie Andrews

Martha Stewart

Ronald Reagan

Carol Burnett

Troy Aikman

Christopher Reeves

That’s when I fell off the bed laughing. SO was concerned and wanted to see what I was reading. Then he started laughing too and we ended up comprising our own list of those who no one thinks are gay “but you.” So glad for the “but you.” There’s some sort of comfort in it.

Okay, so maybe there is a question mark about Christopher Reeves.

If you decide to make your own list, there is a proviso. It must include someone worth being on the list. Let me put a fine point on that, if a person is good looking or extremely charismatic or highly successful, they are gay. If someone is ugly or a loser, they are straight mother f*ckers. ;-) Yeah, I’m puttin’ that wink there for the people who have no humor.

I gotta go back to that site. May have to make another visit today. I need something to take away the bad taste of that hellaciously long meeting from yesterday (yes, it’s still with me and impacting my schedule today), and a bunch of mouthy queens might do the trick.

For those guys at the gossip site, love ya, and hope you don’t mind this “frau” having a chuckle or two at your expense. Hey, we’re all anonymous, so it shouldn’t matter. :D

note: new tag – Oh the places you’ll go. I should have done that tag a long time ago! Need to go back and tag some old posts with that one.

Tangent — Do We Really Have Time for This?

I promise I’m going to get back to Richard Armitage. I always do!

But for now, can I vent for a moment? Yeah, I’m going to do it anyway.

I despise meetings. Not because they aren’t necessary sometimes, but because most people don’t come prepared, and then they don’t know when to shut up after they get there.

And if there is no written agenda? Oy.

Write a frigging agenda and stick to it.

All of this is to say I’ve been in a meeting with a group since 8:30 this morning, and it’s 1:10 now, and I just got loose a few minutes ago. I was about to say, “You are serving lunch to us, right?”

To answer my own question from above, I don’t have the time. I’m meeting myself — coming and going — which is generally how I like it since I hate being bored. I despise that even more than meetings. Problem is that boredom and meetings often go hand in hand.

Thought for the day: a person who can run a meeting efficiently is worth their weight in gold and pretty scarce.

Okay, I’m done. For now. ‘Cause this damn meeting should not take up any more of my time.

A picture of Richard Armitage for me and for you, the poor soul who read this rant:


Yeah, Rich, that was the look on my face when I left the meeting, but I’m feeling better now that I’ve inflicted my frustration on cyber world.

Taking Notes

Last year around this time my bullshit detector was running on high due to all the press gushing over The Hobbit. I figured if I stayed away from most of the PR this year, the detector would keep quiet. No luck. Every time I get close, that thing makes an awful racket. None of this is to say I’m against the PR. Not at all. Sir Peter and Warners have to do what they have to do. Gotta make a living, and there’s no shame in that. But I’m not feeling the love for my part in it. Mainly because, well, I am bored with it. Okay, there I said it, and that was hard to say because I know so many are having fun with it. I envy you, but mostly I ain’t feelin’ it. If I can find some humor, I’m okay, but when I can’t, it’s hard to keep up the pretense I’m into it.

And if my gut is still working well, I would say Richard Armitage isn’t into it either. But again, gotta make a living, and I wish him all the best with what he has to do. Thankfully, I don’t have to do it with him. LOL!

Now for the good part. Yeah, there’s a good part to this; it’s not just a mini-rant about the droning of the Hobbit press. So the good part is Richard is getting quite the education in how to promote a movie and all the shit that goes on with it. This is a wonderful thing for him for two reasons. One, I still believe he’s destined for a spot behind the camera, and it’s going to be good. No, I’m in no rush for him to stop acting, but hey, why does he have to leave acting to get behind the camera? Why are those mutually exclusive? Clint Eastwood didn’t leave acting to direct or produce. If he can do it, Richard Armitage can do it. Two (and maybe this should be One), is there any doubt Sir Peter is the master on how to mount and promote a project? Oh you doubt that? ROFLOL!! You need to do some homework.

The dude is a marketing genius, and his ability to leverage fandom is, in my opinion, unmatched by any other director. As a business person who’s had to put on the marketing hat, I really appreciate his ability in this area, because that is hard work. And for those purists who hate all marketing types, let me put it this way, you wouldn’t see most of the movies you love if not for the marketers. It’s a necessary evil like insurance and pap smears. Sorry to digress. The point is Richard is learning from one of the best. And if there’s one thing that seems to be evident, he’s teachable and has a keen bullshit detector himself.

I love photos like this one because he has that look in his eye that says, I know what’s going on, and I’m going along with it, but inside, I’m smirking a little:

richardarmitage calling bullshit

And this is one great perk to blogging — I can attach any meaning I want to a photo. :D

Other than all of this above, I am looking forward to seeing the next installment of The Hobbit.

Mr. Armitage Goes to Los Angeles, or RA on Politics Part III?

The conversation between Richard “I have no experience” Armitage and Little Jackie Paper was a scream. It seemed there was a private joke between them and any moment both of them would break out in giggles. Heck, I did break out in giggles when “Jackie” kept referring to Thorin “Orkenshield.” [edit: I have been duly chastened on the proper spelling of Orcenshield. :D]

Then it got even funnier when Richard gave a lesson on inhaling and blowing:
And Jackie Paper is thinking, “Oh yeah, man, that’s perfect.”


really big puff

bigger puff

Or at least it looked that way. But what do I know? Pass the brownies. :D

note: watch some people take this seriously.

#4 Richard Armitage and His Hair

This is part of my series of posts counting down to and through the Thanksgiving holidays and expressing my thankfulness for something I’ve received, experienced or participated in.

Richard and His Hair.

Richard Armitage has excellent hair. I’ve thought that ever since I saw this:


It was a vast improvement over the extensions:


But back to the luscious locks:


Is that seriously awesome looking hair or what? Women would kill to have hair like this. And if those are extensions around his neck, I don’t want to hear about it! That looks real.

And I’m going to stay off the topic of his sideburns as I absolutely despised long sideburns until I saw them on Richard. I’m not kidding when I say that. I cannot stand long sideburns. They look awful to me, but Richard can wear them, and I’m thinking about a wolf whistle.

About the time I got used to the magnificent mullet, I was hit with this:


That’s the mother of all razor cuts. I mean all razor cuts are or should be defined by it, and when their barbers are suggesting razor cuts, men should aspire to this cut. Not 6’2″, don’t have beautiful blue eyes and a great jaw? No problem. There’s a cut that fixes all of that. I can hear the thinking now.

And then there was this which created a backlash in RA Universe. A significant number were saying ewwwww to Guy’s new do. Me? I loved it. Even when it was unwashed the first few weeks, but man, he cleaned up well:


Then it was back to the sleek look:


Where he stayed until this came around:

press_conference_screencapI’m a beard person, so this was fantastic to me.

And since then, I’ve been treated to all types of styles to please any appraising eye.

A little bit of a pompadour going on in this one:

Not much hair shown; this was the brutally short look:

Okay, so it’s not all of his hair, but Thorin’s mane is fantastic. I had to show it, and you get some chest hair thrown in:
Richard Armitage Thorin bloody

Back to the tailored look, and I’m talking the hair:
'the hobbit - an unexpected journey' world film premiere, wellington, new zealand - 28 nov 2012, ,

This one is the I don’t give a rat’s ass how I look ’cause I’m considering that prisoner of war role:


And finally the pompadour is perfected:

6 - sV9tzf8
That particular photo still packs a punch.

Heck, it’s just been more or less a thrill ride to see what he would come with next, and it occurred to me that there is no need to get antsy about his next project and every reason to be thankful for being entertained by his hair. To wit:

Richard Armitage curly locksIs there enough going on here to make a ponytail for Poldark?

And if I get bored with this, I can go back to some old photos.

Here’s a favorite:


See what I mean about the sideburns?