And He’s Good Looking Too

James Blunt is who I mean
On Twitter with quips so keen
To those watching he leaves no doubt
In exquisite style he puts his detractors to rout
But never so low as to demean (Thank you, James)

Just a few comebacks from the “most hated man in pop”:

More here.

James Blunt


I knew you were talented when I listened to Give Me Some Love. Phew. What a song. There are others I love as well, but that’s not the point of this letter.

There is nothing sexier than a guy who is smart. Just don’t ever spoil it by revealing you don’t man your account alone. No, I’m not implying you have help, but if you do, I don’t want to hear about it!

Keep it up, and I’ll see you on the Twitter timeline.

A crazy fan of some guy named Richard Armitage and you of course.

P.S. Certainly I meant it when I said you’re good looking, but then you don’t need someone like me to tell you that. :D

For the Armitage fans, one of the best fan videos around, and if James Blunt (or his people; thinking of Warner Bros. mostly) were to come over here and look at this post, which I doubt but I’m covering my ass anyway, we need to make it clear that we (yes, I’m speaking for all or most of you) incessantly buy the music of these videos we love. *and the crowd all nodded in unison*

James’ new album Moon Landing comes out Tuesday in the U.S

Getting Enough Thorin


thorin[click to enlarge for a sweet screencap :D]

With the advent of Thorin Oakenshield, there are some new Richard Armitage fans. Ohmygosh. I’ve had email and messages aplenty of people looking for his works. They are smitten, and of course I can empathize. After five years of being a fan and three years of blogging about the man, I am still smitten by something about him, and the Why Richard? question is continually near my lips when I encounter new fans. But lately I’ve been asking the question of those fans who have been around awhile, so recently, I asked Heather and love her response:

His face tells a story, and I respect that he applies artistry to achieve this. As someone who makes it a business to convey messages with pictures, I was immediately drawn to that, and it’s such a pleasure to highlight it and in some ways make it richer in a fan video.

If you have not seen Heather’s videos, you need to do yourself a favor and check them out. As for me, I am so glad she chose that medium for expressing her infatuation of Richard Armitage’s talent, since that’s how I even came to know anything about him, and many others have found him the same way. Her videos have become so notable that they have been mentioned a few times in articles about him, but ironically, her most notable fan video is one of her least favorite. It was done as a joke, but she never thought the joke would be on Richard Armitage, who has been teased about it on occasion, most recently in a Glamour UK article, which I had to razz her about. She was mortified too, and said, “Oh God! If I could, I would say to Richard Armitage, ‘I’m so sorry! I was just kidding, but I never meant to embarrass you!'” Oh yeah, right, I know you’re really on his payroll, Heather. ;-)

And I absolutely have to do this whether anyone ever sees it or not ’cause I’m still not going to write a real letter to Richard Armitage LOL!

Dear Richard:

When I read the Glamour article, I wanted to scream what I’m about to say, but I’ve subdued myself. It’s taken me all these months to do so, but I think I’m finally ready to say this to you in a normal tone. Ahem.

You said you weren’t sure what to call those people. They’re called PR people. :D Yep, and the best kind of PR people because they want nothing from you when they express their fan love, if you will.

And I hope you know that Heather has many more videos besides Sexy Back, which is not even close to her best. Maybe you’ll check them all out sometime. In the meantime, a treat:

And if you can’t see this where you are, go here.

One of your crazy fans who hopes you are glad for the opportunity to blush and be mortified. :D

Since the video is so big, please let the video load completely before playing, or you will probably have it stopping and starting. It also helps if your flash player is up-to-date, and for the one on my site, you should hav Quicktime up-to-date.

note: I’m counting this post as an April A to Z post even though I skipped B through F. So yeah, this is G as well as another post in the Why Richard? series. Man, I love killing two birds. :D

Screencap courtesy of my stash, and making screencaps has never been so sweet with blu ray.

Love Ya, Richard

Has Richard Armitage arrived now that he’s been parodied on Saturday Night Live? Could be, but whatever the case, this skit is brilliant. Yeah, I said brilliant. I’m using it the way the Brits use it — referring to something cool or wonderful. You Brits, feel free to school me on its connotations.

But watch this first:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already seen it. Watch it again. It gets funnier unless you’re a Peter Jackson fan who takes himself/herself too seriously. There are a few of those around, but thankfully, they’re in the minority.

And yes, I really do love Richard Armitage even though I am a conflicted fangirl. In case you don’t know that, I have a few posts lying around to prove it. Got one coming up soon that’s a doozy. :D

The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey — The Modern Trailer

Maybe you’ve seen this unique take, but I hadn’t until today.

I can dig it. Especially Porter cum Thorin.

I’m having a flashback of Porter concealing a weapon and wondering how Thorin could do that. LOL!!

Please, please, please someone knock me silly. See how my mind works — sometimes. That’s why I try to exercise all sorts of discretion. I have not been successful today. :D

Please no crude comments. Please.

Here We Go!

Into year three of this blog. Will I make it to the end? Who knows?! I surely don’t, but wherever I’m going, I hope you come along.

And I’m still having fun even when I look like a complete fool. Be sure to listen to this one to the end. :D

Are you grinning?

No statistics this year. Let’s just say that despite my near hiatus in the fall, I wrote some more posts, a lot more of you were kind enough to give me some love by reading, and I’m more addicted to the experience. Hope you are too. Let’s have some more fun!

At Last — Etta at Peace

One of my favorite performers died today. Etta James. Her tunes got under my skin when I was in second grade, and they’re still there. Even at that tender age, listening to her made me want to dig down inside myself and pull out whatever was in there and have it pour all over the piano. It was one of her songs that made me want to write music and somehow express all the hope in my seven year old heart, and that was what I loved so much about her tunes. They were hopeful. They were a celebration of what life could be despite the bluesy words and sound, despite Etta’s difficult life.

When I thought of her earlier today, I finally saw her as the kid she must have been when she became a singing sensation and being completely overwhelmed by it. I saw her as a kind of Lindsay Lohan and was sad at the thought of people using her and of her using herself. But she’s at peace now, and all we’ll remember are these:

I have to include this. How perfect — Etta James and Richard Armitage:

Vidders to Watch

Richard Armitage is now a channel on YouTube and boasting a few thousand videos. I was scanning the ones at the top, and there are a lot of great ones in the popular category; however, there are some you may not see unless you go through all 3,000+. I’m here to help. :D With this post I’m beginning a series called “Vidders to Watch”. It will be a periodic feature of videographers who often stand out either with their vision of a video, pushing the envelope with a technique, clean and sharp editing, or all of these. The series was born out of fans’ requests for lists of the best vidders. I’ve emailed lists numerous times and love doing it, but these posts will be for those who wonder yet never ask.

When I was deciding to run this series, one of the first vidders who came to mind was JulietD001. Her videos are usually clean and highly stylized. She also takes chances and is not afraid to provoke and possibly offend. One of her videos is on my Top 10. It’s in color, but I’ve become partial to her black and white pieces. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out her Robin Hood videos and all the others as well, and for more information about her, see Maria Grazia’s blog, Fly High.

I have more of these posts planned, but feel free to make suggestions.