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Richard Armitage with bedroom eyesNow that we’re reasonably sure Richard Armitage will be starring in The Old Vic’s version of The Crucible, this probably means no RA at Comic-Con in San Diego. Yep, I’m thinking that may be what it means. Unless he got two days off to make a jaunt across the pond. If he does come to the Con, he probably won’t be there on Saturday but rather Thursday, since Saturdays are big days in the theater. Or am I wrong about this?

Yeah, I think the group in London will try to accommodate a trip to Cali — at least mid-week so he can promote Into the Storm. Unless his last minute appearance at Cinema-Con in Las Vegas was a trade-off for not appearing in San Diego.

Then again, I could be so out in left field, because last time I checked, Peter Jackson is no pushover, and he’s not going to have a skeleton crew at Comic-Con and certainly not doing his thing on Thursday. It will be Saturday for PJ and company, and not to mention that Richard Armitage seems to be the point man for pushing The Hobbit. But maybe that was also a trade-off, so that Richard is getting it out of the way and will be free all summer. I kind of doubt that.

Or maybe it’s either/or. He gets to be there on Thursday or Saturday but not both. Or maybe both PJ and Todd have their promotions running on Saturday. I’m so confused.

My gut: if he made an agreement with Peter Jackson to be there for The Hobbit, he will be. How can I say that? Hmm, Peter Jackson, the West End, Peter Jackson, the West End. Uh yeah, it’s Peter Jackson. Whether fair or not, that’s probably reality.

Whatever happens, it’s probably not a good idea for fans to buy tickets to The Crucible from July 23-28.* Can you imagine how pissed off you would be if you did and he was an ocean away? Yeah, consider this post a public service.

Other than that, the photo above is an interesting pick for The Mail. Is he a deer caught in the glare of the paparazzi or are those the bedroom eyes that get John Proctor and the rest of Salem in trouble? ;-)

And a thank you to Baz Bamigboye for the latest ripple effect. Now if he could just put his ear to the ground and answer my musing…

edit: it just occurred to me I may have made an error in this piece because The Old Vic is not technically in the West End. It’s not even in the area known as Theatreland. I’m doing this entirely from memory, so if anyone knows, educate me please. I don’t have time to look it up! :)

* those blackout dates are subject to change based on the confirmed news we hear; however, it’s good to keep in mind that the Into the Storm premiere will be coming up not long after Comic-con. The world premiere will be less than two weeks after Comic-Con ends.

Dateline: New York Comic-Con

NYCC_2010_LogoI was not going to post this, but I can’t help myself. Since Peter Jackson announced the Hobbit cast would not be at San Diego Comic-Con, I’ve been thinking one or some of them would show up at the event in New York. I think it’s now a given that there will be some cast members there, but I’ve been telling TheQueen since July that I thought our guy or maybe even Peter Jackson would show up for this shindig. As it draws closer, my gut is screaming at me that something unexpected will happen. Maybe my gut needs to go back to sleep, but right now, I’ve got to do something to relieve its internal rumblings — hence this post.

For those who live in the tri-state area, you can get the skinny on New York Comic-Con over at TheOneRingnet. Unfortunately, the tickets are all sold out, but at least you’ll know which building it’s in so you can camp outside wait discreetly at a coffee shop nearby in hopes of seeing Richard or Sir Peter strolling down the street. Hey, it’s New York; it could happen. :D

Or you could just join the Ringer party. I think there are still tickets available. Even if the cast doesn’t show, this is a fun bunch.

And if Orlando Bloom doesn’t show up at some point, I’ll eat my hat. Yeah, so I don’t own a hat; you get the idea.

note: almost every time I’ve had this kind of feeling, it’s been correct. Now that I’ve published this, it will not happen. LOL! Maybe I should have just kept this to myself, but I needed some relief.

If nothing else so I can stop thinking about the dream I had the other night which featured this. Thanks, Jigga.

No Hobbit at Comic-Con 2013

Just announced on Peter Jackson’s latest vlog here that the cast will not be at Comic-Con 2013.

One of the main reasons, they’re busy getting ready for the Battle of the Five Armies:


A big bummer. However, if you are already going to Comic-Con, and it’s your first time, there is so much more there to see than Peter Jackson and The Hobbit cast.


The new video log in HD:

A Preface to My Comic-Con Experience

Before I tell you what happened at Comic-Con, I just want it clear that I was not planning on going. It was never a thought in my head. And when I’ve said I had no desire or plan to meet Richard Armitage, I have been serious. I love to make jokes about it certainly, and some of the pieces I’ve written, candidly, I’ve gone back to and laughed. Is it okay to admit I’ve laughed at some of my own stuff? I must sound arrogant, but oh well, I’m sure no matter what I do, someone is going to think poorly of me. The truth is that this blog started as a lark about an obscure English actor whom I never really thought would make it big, and therefore none but a very small number of fans would read it. (Sorry, Richard, I figured you were over the hill by Hollywood’s standards, but I was wrong, and I’m glad.)

My presence here was to have some laughs about this fangirl thing by casting myself as a nut, and to get out some thoughts about creativity and life. That more than a handful of people have read it was completely shocking to me, and my longtime readers know this is far from the first time I’ve said that. As for SO, he has given me good-natured hell about this place, and at first thought I was wasting my time when I “really should be writing! and not losing your story!” I understood that, but he didn’t understand that I had to get out of my comfort zone to reignite my creative thinking. And it’s been a blast. But never was it a real thought to communicate with Richard Armitage (the fake fan letters are a gag if some of you still don’t quite get it), send him gifts (never have) and certainly never to track him down (more on that later :D). Never going to stand at the stage door. Not happening, not part of who I am.

But I got invited to Comic-Con, and I really did want to go to help TORn and had no real expectation of meeting Richard Armitage at that madhouse let alone speaking to him. However, I am a person who likes to be prepared, so I figured if I went, I needed to be ready to talk to him or whomever if I got the chance. My friend, Heidi, who was a longtime AP reporter and now a freelance writer, explained how the process works with getting stories and asking interview questions. I loved listening to her, and thankfully, employed the techniques on the floor of the exhibit hall at Comic-Con with great success. The result of that will be coming up on TORn. And this was a labor of love. If I could do this sort of thing for a living, I would jump at the chance!

The only thing I will tell you today about my experience is I’ve learned a thing or two about being a Richard Armitage fangirl in public. I’m not sure when I’m going to post the experience, but it won’t be today as I’m traveling, and I doubt it’s going to be tomorrow since I’m whipped and need to do nothing for at least a day when I get back home. That won’t happen since I have a lot I normally do back home, but I’m going to try. Maybe I’ll get something up by Wednesday; just know I’ll try to get something up this week.

edit: I totally wimped out on this account. Not sure I’m ever going to tell it. Maybe a few years from now when it will be funnier to me.

I Finally Had a Richard Armitage Dream

Yep, I finally had a dream about Richard Armitage. Oh yeah, of course I did. ;-)

Last night I was dreaming I went to Comic-Con with hopes of seeing Richard there. In the dream, I envisioned myself interviewing people with an eye toward maybe seeing our guy. Heather, laden with camera equipment, was also with me and we were there trying to do our job — bringing reports and pictures to the fans. Then I woke up a couple of hours ago, and I really was there. :D

Seriously, awhile back I was invited by TheOneRingnet to come to Comic-Con, and thankfully, really was able to bring Heather with me. I want to take this opportunity to thank Larry Curtis for the invitation, and we will do our best to report as much as possible. Heather and I are also doing work for some other sites, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to do something you love as a job!

For those who read this blog, I will be over at TORn, so check there for reporting, and I may get over here some when I can. We’ll see. Right now the whole experience is surreal, and I’m trying to process exactly what is happening! But I adore a challenge, so stay tuned! :D

Note: I ask that you all understand I am not RAFrenzy this week, or should I say RAFrenzied. LOL! Tolkien and the creativity he inspires has put my imagination in overdrive. I told you all awhile back that I was going to do something else in the future, and I am. Creativity is a big part of that. But no worries. I will get pictures of Richard Armitage if I can get into Hall H and anything I get will be posted as part of TORn’s coverage.

Richard Armitage Confirmed at Comic-Con

TheOneRingnet came through again! They have confirmed ‘The Hobbit’ cast, including Richard Armitage, will indeed be at Comic-Con.

I hope this settles it for some of you. :D

This is a great photo, but someone needs to talk to TORn about a more recent one.

Promo still courtesy of

Testing, Testing

TheOneRingnet is trying for 60,000 likes on their Facebook page before Comic-Con begins on July 11. I give you that date in case you have been under a rock somewhere in RA universe.

This is my good faith effort to hopefully encourage you to “like” the page and get your friends and family to do the same. As of this post, there are 56,892 “likes.” So 3,108 more. Just making the number clear for the action fans. ;-)

Okay, the good faith effort:

[click to enlarge]

and a commitment to more and better shots if we get that FB page to 60K and soon.

Some of you may think this is cruel, since you’re so starved for new Richard Armitage photos. Trust me; it’s going to be worth it. :D

And this is the least we can do for TORn, who is going to bring us such good coverage of Comic-Con – including RA’s appearance.

Now go forth and conquer the “like” button.