December 2011

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So Fine He Missed It

Yes, I Am On a Caffeine High

RA’s Diary — Fan Love Revisited Again and Again

The Vagaries of Google or A Sign?

Tintin Looks Interesting

Tangent — Wake up, People

Just When I Was Getting Bored

Diary of an RA Fan — Part 697 Dragged Back From the Edge

The Hum of Rippling

Diary of an RA Fan — Part 27 The Unbroken Line

Never Lets You Down

The First Love

The Art of the Tease: Waiting on The Hobbit Trailer

Finally, The Hobbit Trailer

And Something Else Finally Happened

Tangent — All is Right with the World!

Thank you, Sir Peter

The Misty Mountains Call

Something’s Happened

Christchurch — More Than Their Share of Trouble

I Know You’re All Waiting

What a Life!

RA’s Christmas Message

Where Were You?

Can’t Go to Sleep After This

Merry Christmas

Parsing Fest Continues or Richard Armitage Makes Grammar Fun

Tolkien Juxtaposition

Who Wants Some Candy? The Ethical Question

C’mon Give Jimmy a Fiver

What Do You Do When You’re 52?

What a Year for Richard Armitage

A Thought to Close the Year

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