And the Doodle Goes to Kellie, the KleverNut

I thought this drawing was going to France? Okay, maybe it did go to France, but I’m also laughing my ass off that this was bought by someone from Texas. That’s about right. In Texas they tend to do things big. Make of that what you will. ;-)

Yes, I’m a Texan although I haven’t lived there in almost 20 years. Once a Texan, always a Texan — even when someone isn’t born there, like Lee Pace who was born in Oklahoma. The dude’s a Texan even if he did go to Julliard. In fact, I know quite a few Texans who have gone to Julliard and Harvard and Yale and Princeton and I could go on, but there’s no need. I think it’s obvious that I have an affinity for Texans. More on this later. Yes, I can’t help talking about it.

(I’ve often wondered how many of you are from Texas — whether you still live there or not.)

Thanks, Kellie, it was money well spent for a lot of reasons not the least of which is that NF is a heinous disease.

*wonder if Kellie knows Lee; maybe not since it’s a big state. ;-) *

Thanks for the heads up, Perry. :)

The Winner of the Crucible Tickets

Thank you again to those of you who submitted entries for the Crucible tickets. I had a hard time deciding on a winner, but I have made a decision.

As to the reasons that were given for wanting the tickets, most of them were highly personal and not really conducive to sharing on this blog. Just know that everyone had a good reason, and I wish I could have given tickets to all of you!

The winner is Meg.

I sent Meg a note right before publishing this piece, so she may not even know yet.

Whenever you see this, Meg, congratulations!

Richard Armitage Crucible

It Coulda Been Me…

Don’t let June 21st come and go with that thought. Enter the giveaway for two tickets to see The Crucible.

Thankfully I have already gotten some entries this morning. Thank you for those! But a reminder that the rest of you still have over seven hours to send an entry.

So that there is no confusion about whether I received entries, I will send a confirmation to each of you who enter.

And for those thinking about it, you are going to feel like this if you could have entered and chose not to:

Richard Armitage Urban
Richard Armitage and Fraser Kelly on the set of Urban and the Shed Crew

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of Amanda Kelly on Twitter, and is she Fraser’s mother? That what it says on her Twitter profile, but I don’t know ’cause I’ve been out of the loop. Someone educate me quickly! :D

You’ll Be Able to Go to The Crucible When Pigs Fly?


pig flying

And she landed on her feet. A very good sign. :D

I’m not making this up. Read about it here.

And after you get done reading, and if you’re reasonably close to London (read that: you don’t have to do strange and unnatural acts to get there next Saturday night), you should enter the contest to win some tickets. Details here.

Would You Like to Go to The Crucible?

That’s the question.

And if the answer is, “yes, but I don’t have the money,” then you may be in luck. I bought two tickets for opening night (actually, it’s a preview night*), June 21st.

I know what it feels like to want to attend something and the funds simply aren’t there, or feeling guilty about indulging in something that’s not a necessity. Well…if you have a way to get to the Old Vic Theatre, you may end up with some tickets.

This is a one day contest. No, make that a contest for about a day and half, because I’ll announce who gets the tickets on Sunday morning BST.

Here’s what you need to do:

Send me the reason you want the tickets in 200 words or less. No, you do not have to write 200 words. That’s just the limit for the wordy among you. Images or graphics or anything that is not necessarily text may also be included. Any of it can be funny, sad, absurd, heart wrenching. I don’t care. Just make it good. And if you win the tickets, share your experience in a guest post on RAFrenzy.

Entries need to be in by Midnight (BST) tomorrow night, June 14th. Send them here.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Richard Armitage Crucible


I know you were dying for me to come to your performance in The Crucible. ;-) But I simply can’t make it. My business is going great guns, and I would be a fool to go anywhere right now. I hope you understand that.

But I did buy two tickets today so someone who really wants to go, but couldn’t otherwise, can attend. I hope you will be there on preview night, my friend, so that my purchase is not in vain.

Your Crazy Fan :D

P.S. Stay healthy!

*Preview night is tantamount to a dress rehearsal. It’s been my experience that performers are much more accessible after these performances than the regular performances. I think it’s because things are much more relaxed and performers also appreciate people being willing to sit through something which may not be completely polished. Again, that’s been my experience (mostly with the Metropolitan Opera in the U.S. but some with theater productions), so take that for what it’s worth to you.

edit: It has not escaped my attention today is Friday the 13th. I’m not superstitious and hope you’re not either. :D

Have You Signed Up for The Hobbit Visual Companion?

I just did it, and honestly, I’m hoping I win this for my 13 year old. She is the kind of child who will treat a book like this gently, and yes, she’s a Richard Armitage fan. She’s just bummed Lee Pace didn’t sign it. :D

Hobbit Companion Signed by Cast Contest

For details, check out TheOneRing’s piece.

They Don’t Have a Clue – Spoilers

Spoilers for North and South, but honestly, you can handle this if you haven’t seen it. The clip should make you want to watch the whole thing! Also spoilers for some other movies if you look at the link.

I was just looking at MTV’s new poll, and part of it is for best onscreen kiss. I watched the videos, and it was so unsatisfying. MTV doesn’t get it, and I mean no offense to any of the actors involved, but after you’ve seen this below, you’re ruined for other onscreen kisses. No one does it better than Richard Armitage. Don’t believe me? Watch if you dare:

This was the first clip I ever saw which had Richard Armitage speaking. It was a spoiler that spoiled in the best way possible. Proving I’m not totally down on spoilers.

Actually, Darcywil’s clip was the first one I saw, but it’s edited, and I kind of like Henry’s mug in there :D