Some Favorites

I am having a blast writing all these blatherings about Richard Armitage and a few other things. Some I hope you make a point to read:

I’ve Got It! and In Time for the Holidays

Are You a Fangirl?

Where’s the Bunny?

Mr. Armitage Goes to Los Angeles or RA on Politics Part III

An Onion and Two White Chicks Sittin’ Around Talkin’

The Question


Sometimes I Still Stop

I Keep Forgetting

The Voice

A Do Over

Guy With Us — Spoilers

MrCere, We Are Experiencing a Strange Emotion

The Next Day

CW Breaking Out All Over

Have You Been Drafted?

Lovely Facilitator

The Big Kahuna

Top Ten Fanvids

Richard Coming to America — Maybe

Crossing Over

Sassy Librarians

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