Just When I Thought I Had Broken Free

I’ve had a relapse on my addiction, which could only be achieved by a powerful trigger — an episode of Berlin Station. I’m in the middle of it, but I had to say that it is such a pleasure to see Richard on the screen again in something I can actually watch without ducking my head under some covers.


I’m blaming this on Armitage Besotted. Yeah, I’m looking at you, AB, you are cruel! There is so much work I need to get done. There is no time to watch this. Blast! But I’m watching anyway. I’m watching anyway.

Dear Richard:

You hear that?! I’m watching this blasted thing anyway. And why? It should be easy to guess. I’m still addicted to watching you perform. And my curiosity about your “new and improved” accent also got the best of me. By the way, so far, so good.

Gone to droolcritique your performance,
Your crazy fan


  1. I know, right?? I’m sick as a dog today, but Berlin Station rang, I answered & here I am at 12:15 am :D

  2. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. You’re complaining. Riiiiiight. It’s under two hours, and he throws us stalwarts some wonderful Easter eggs: pulling a glove off with his teeth (Go, Guy!), petting a cat and smiling (ha ha ha, we know what you think of cats, RA!), some Dolarhyde-ish crazy-eyes-of-fear, and a totally fabulous, totally gratuitous almost-nude scene. Plus, he’s on screen nearly every second. YEAH. Or as his character Daniel himself invokes in a brilliant, Yiddish-influenced New Yorkism at one point: What’s not to like?

  3. Pulling a glove off with his teeth? Petting a cat? Ooooooooh myyyy.

  4. How are you watching a show that doesn’t air for over a month?

  5. I second forthebabyblog! How? Where? *runs off to search the internets*

  6. I’m watching here.

  7. I’ll get to you later, Armitage Besotted. ;-)

  8. That was great, thanks for the link. Wasn’t expecting 2 episodes!

  9. These things never work for me, but I’m going to give it a shot.

  10. Yes, the man has done it again! Berlin Station was a terrific choice for Richard. The two episodes online are well-produced, intriguing and most certainly have a stellar cast. I was paying full attention to the story, even when Daniel Miller was not on screen. Will wonders ever cease? ;p The only complaint I have is that the opening credits flash the images WAY too fast. The theme song is on point, though. I’ll have to find out the title so I can buy it and sing-along. I laughed when I realized his tight shorts are navy – not black like Francis. I want to watch both episodes again. I’m glad Berlin Station exists because I read Love, Love, Love and hated it so much I threw the book in the trash after I finished. Yeah, it is that bad!!! (…and yes, I know that most of those who have tickets for the play just want to see Richard). Get well soon, Shera!

  11. Thank you, @Violet! I’m trying :) The streaming site went down today, though, so we’ll have to wait for resolution… Ali had a cute tweet about it: https://twitter.com/RAnetdotcom/status/774312601266380800

  12. Ep.1 ~25 minutes in. Jaw drop. Fanning face and looking around to make sure I’m alone before I replay.

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