I’m Not Sure How I’m Typing This, But I Am, Thank God

Got some bad news today, and now I am really wondering what’s going to happen next. I hate to involve all of you in a crisis. I never have before, and believe me I’ve had legions of them since I started this blog. Too many to even remember. That was another thing that’s happened in the last few years to wear down my immune system — stress. I’m not good at showing stress. I take it as a personal failure when I do. Grace under pressure is the aspiration. But sometimes my definition of that is dumb, because people who don’t release the stress, internalize it and usually die younger than most. I don’t want to die hence this post. LOL! Okay, that was a lousy joke, but at least I can still joke.

The news I got today is that the virus I have and SO has and now I understand his elderly parents also have is called EV-D68. Let me put this in perspective. It’s an airborne disease, and the medical community in my country is way more worried about it than Ebola. Good reason why is that it can paralyze limbs in children. It’s already happened in my state and others, and if someone is someone is impaired or elderly, it can kill them. SO and his parents fit those respectively. As for me, I’m recovering and more likely to die from internalizing the stress. But with the publication of this piece, I’m letting it go. I’m sending it into the wind. I’m also releasing it to the Lord. He’ll hear the cry.

I covet your prayers.

Life is Quite a Ride

For those who may not know it, a few years ago I started driving a school bus so I could easily go to my kids’ sports activities which happened to be scattered across the state and in some cases contiguous states. Despite the fact my children are no longer in high school, somehow I’m still driving. Actually, it’s quite easy to explain. I became very attached to the kids who ride my bus route. I live in a rural area, and most of the kids live “out of town” and have to ride a long time to get to and from school. Some of them up to two hours each way. Many of these students have been riding with me for years and have now spent much more time with me than they have any of their teachers. For the most part, we have had a wonderful time, and I have some fond memories of my time as a bus driver.

Of course there is the occasional misbehavior by some of the kids, but I usually deal with it and move on pretty quickly. Not so for the last day or so when I had an incident on my bus that could have been disastrous. A kid brought a shotgun shell on the bus. Then he and another boy were messing with it, and they managed to make it go off. Miraculously, no one was hurt. The boys are both in elementary school, and one of them is in serious need of some discipline. He’s the one who brought the shell. He’s also become quite the liar. Let me be plain. He’s become a bold faced liar, and it is painful for me to even process that since he’s so young and yet already heading down such a dangerous path. I’ve been patient with him because I consider he has a very bad home situation. But the incident with the shell has me livid at what he could have done to himself and others.

Since two boys are involved in this, that means two sets of parents to deal with. One set is great. I’ve spoken to them, the principal has spoken to them, and they accept that their son messed up. I’m confident they will make a believer out of him, as it were. The other set of parents I have not spoken to yet but the principal has. I’m about to get the call to tell me what’s happening. Here’s what I know about this second set of parents. Everything is someone else’s fault no matter the situation. Their kid is never wrong. Guess which boy has these parents.

Is there any wonder why some kids are little shits? Parents like this boy certainly facilitate it, and they make me ill at times. They posture as if they care, but really, they don’t. They don’t care enough to discipline their kid for his own good. They are the parents who want to be their kid’s friend, and that means the kid’s well being will be sacrificed to how these parents feel about themselves, which means they would never dream of giving this kid consequences.

Of course I’m probably a throwback in how I see discipline because quite frankly, if a kid needs an ass busting, he ought to have one. This kid will get little or nothing done to get his attention. The parents will feel sorry for him that he’s in trouble with the school. Are you ill yet at this scenario I’m describing? I could go on about the willful and selfish blindness of these parents, but I’ll stop. For the record, my kids did get their asses busted when it was warranted, but that didn’t happen often because they were taught early to take responsibility for something they had done, and they realized they didn’t want the negative consequences of their actions.

That’s the end of my rant. I’m not sure when I will be done being pissed off about this. What does help mitigate my anger is my gratitude that no one was hurt.

Here’s a picture of a bus like mine:


First Time Movember

Reblogged from Matt on Not-WordPress

I had never heard of this fundraiser, but I really like the idea. Men need a great campaign like the pink ribbon done for breast cancer.

Maybe it’s not too late for Richard Armitage to participate. HINT. Or maybe he can do it next year. Whatever happens, I’m tucking this away for future use, or someone’s future use. Yeah, I’m going to shave the date. ;p


Automattic is participating in Movember for the first time this year, and so to join I shaved for the first time in the better part of a decade. (Before and after pictured above.) For those not familiar with it, you shave clean on November first and grow and groom a mostache (no beard, goatee, etc) through the course of the month, and when people comment on how ridiculous you look you encourage them to donate to Movember which is a non-profit which has raise over $500 million and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries. (Wow!)

the rest here

In the meantime:

Matt, you look cute no matter if you have a beard or not.

A fan who knows two intelligent and beautiful young women who either one would make a great wife, and you would have a fabulous mother-in-law ;-)

And for those who care to know…

095[a shot of the Cloisters, which I have wanted to see for years and finally got to visit]

Yes, I’ve been gone, and while I was, I turned off my phone and email and social media. It was a nice little break from the frenetic pace I usually keep, so I could have a holiday in NYC with my two concerns:

This was taken at Morningside Park not too far from their apartment — a lovely three bedroom of almost 2,000 sq feet. It’s freaking huge! (for NYC anyway). They also managed to sign a really good lease which they may be able to hang onto for years.

Here’s another pic, since I’m shameless in my pride about them:

and that’s a Hobbit between the two beautiful Elves.

scottishgandalf That’s how they referred to me when I was standing anywhere near 6’5″ Gandalf (aka one of the elves’ boyfriends who just happens to favor a certain celebrity or is it just me who thinks that?)

And just so you know, I may kill this post later today ’cause the Elves and Gandalf may have a fit that their pictures are on this blog. LOL!

Where does he get it?

Love this.

RAndom thoughts

(for anonymity we will refer to the woman in question as N.)

So August 23 N. went to the Crucible. As you all may know, Richard’s parents were there. N. had enough courage to go over and talk to Mr. and Mrs. Armitage. (She was first in line and they were standing nearby) Here’s what she had to say about meeting our favorite Margaret and John (besides the N&S ones ;) )

“she was(predictably) lovely and gracious. She didn’t act like she was in a hurry and patiently listened, making eye contact, and generously introduced her husband, who was waiting, also patiently. She smiled kindly as I explained I would value her signature on the ticket because it was from his birthday, and I reckoned she was involved. She took the ticket and then said “You know, we will be seeing him. Shall I have him sign it” and further asked…

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Richard Armitage Into the Storm — Spoilers


Oh you thought I was still talking about his swirling around in the Twitterverse? No, a few tweets hardly qualify as a storm. A nice summer rain? Yeah. However, his followers have certainly created a vortex. What exactly that means I’m sure we’ll eventually know. :D

In the meantime, I have a little something to say about Richard’s performance in his latest movie (I already said something about everyone else here). A few minutes after watching the movie, I was bursting with thoughts to express. A veritable flood, and then the turbulence in my mind subsided, and I knew what I wanted to talk about. Not the accent, not the everyman hero, not the vice principal who looked like no vice principal I had ever seen, not the near miss with the meteorologist. No, none of that. I wanted to address a very pivotal point in the movie — the escape from the school.

I happen to know a little something about driving a school bus in adverse conditions (don’t ask me what ’cause I might explain), so when I saw Richard driving (okay, maybe he wasn’t driving. He just looked like he was, or maybe he really was. I would love to know.), my mind came alive, and I couldn’t help but think a little something extra could have been done to aid in frustrating the twister. But what?! Then the answer came to me. It’s the answer to everything. And it can totally be done in a school bus. Go here, and take your time. I’ll wait.

What did I tell you?! Can you see it? The beauty of it is indescribable, so I’ll spare you. Oh hell, watch it again, and this time “be the bus.”

Dear Richard,

If you ever find yourself in a school bus scene again, please call me. I know all sorts of maneuvers. I can drive a school bus in and out of anything except maybe a flock of sheep. Not the stuff dreams are made of. ;p

Sheep are tough especially if they’re going the same direction as the bus. But if they’re going the opposite direction, it is fun to observe.

Call me. ;-)


One of your crazy fans who really can drive in some hairy stuff; think whiteout at 10,000 ft.

P.S. I’ll be buying the DVD for further study. :D

P.P.S. Beverly Farr has some thoughts on the movie as well.

I cannot believe it’s time for school to start again! I ask myself every year why I’m still driving, but I love it. The kids really are so much fun to observe. Of course I have to get my bluff in on them during the first few weeks of school. After that, everything is great. One of my favorite experiences with my kids, and this happens a few times a year:

note: I am going to write a serious post about my impressions of Richard in this movie but not yet.

edit: more from Beverly

Just So You Know

Any fun that happens today will probably pass me by. I’m off to a political meeting where somehow I got elected as a state delegate. I wish someone would slap me for this.

No, seriously, an old friend of mine is running for state office, and so I’m doing my part to help get him elected. I even had to register with a party again. As soon as this is done, I’ll change that back to independent. Phew.

In the meantime, I have to drive four hours to this thing, and on the way, I have to prepare a two minute nomination speech. Do you know how long two minutes can be?! And my friend told me to get ready for a long day of speeches. Sheesh. Yeah, feel some sympathy for me. Too bad I don’t have some Jameson’s. :D

I’m so glad I’m anonymous ’cause I really wouldn’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings about my hatred of political meetings. Then again, he understands it himself. He is not really a political guy, and that’s one reason I hope he makes it.

And I think that may be J for the April Challenge thingy. Not sure yet, but if I don’t come up with something better, yeah, this will have to do.

Catch all of you later.