Places to Get a Fix

These sites are a source of some original content (videos, fan fiction, reviews, photos, artwork, icons, etc.) as well as archival information about Richard Armitage and his work. An asterisk denotes a clearinghouse site. Also, some sites are dormant, but you won’t care because what’s there can still help along your addiction. :D

RCArmitage on Twitter

Armitage Audio

Armitage Daily

C19 — explores 19th Century literature but also the home of the infamous Crinkle Zone

Fellowship of the Beard


Heathra’s YouTube

Hotbed of Addicts

JulietD001 Videos

Look Back at Me

North and South Forum on IMDb

Principessa55’s YouTube

R Armitage Net*

Richard Armitage YouTube Channel — as compiled by YouTube

Richard Armitage on IMDb

Richard Armitage Central*



Richard Armitage site — Dutch

Richard Armitage site — French

Richard Armitage site — German

Richard Armitage site — Italian

Richard Armitage Site — Netherlands

Richard Armitage site — Russian

Richard Armitage site — Spanish

Richard Armitage site — United States

Romana55’s YouTube

Tanni’s Graphic Arts

The Anglophile Channel

The Armitage Army Forum


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  5. I have your site recommended on mine. Slides shows and gallery

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