Armitage Protection Mode

December 26, 2011

A few words about the affliction of Armitage Protection Mode (APM), which I first talked about here.

Symptoms may include:

  • Continual scouring of the web for talk of Richard Armitage
  • Self-importance
  • Impaired humor
  • Maniacal need to pontificate about behaviors of others toward Richard Armitage with the goal of correcting them
  • Possible delusions of actually protecting Richard Armitage

Must manifest at least three of these to be afflicted. ;-)

There is also a tag ‘Armitage Protection Mode’ for the other times I could not refrain from talking about it.

And yes, I have been afflicted at times. The key is to get over myself.

If you know of any other symptoms, please make me aware so we may all be educated and avoid it — especially with the influx of new fans that will surely happen in the coming year.


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