Are you fairly intelligent?  Thoughtful? Circumspect about your interests?  Usually sane?  But lately you’ve found yourself obsessing over, of all things, an actor?  One in particular?  If you answered yes to all, then welcome to the addiction known as Richard Armitage.

This blog is an attempt to do two things:  understand the madness and revel in it!

The place to start is admitting addiction:

I can finally admit I am an RA Addict, and I have created this place for me and my fellow “sufferers.”

If you are reading this, I suspect you are thinking I am a nut or you totally get it because you are a nut too!

If you are not like I am, you might want to move on to spare yourself the head shaking and misplaced pity.

If you are like I am, you have never been afflicted with anything remotely like being a fan of the actor Richard Armitage (not to ever be confused with this guy). You have never been a fangirl of anyone and barely knew there was the word “fangirl.” But lately you are becoming self-conscious about this obsession and cannot stop wondering if you really have gone nuts. If you are also like me, you say to yourself, “If I have, can I become more insane, please?”

Am I serious? I hope not, but then I’m not sure. This exercise may prove I really am insane.

Stay tuned for when I take rationalizing to new heights.

Update as of May 16, 2011: I’ve been at this for over a year, and candidly, I thought this would last several weeks, and then I would get bored, and this blog would go to the graveyard with several thousand others. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of this obsession letting up, but then, I’ve now become obsessed with blogging. Oh, and I’m still not serious most of the time. I do throw in a few thought provoking comments. At least I hope they’re thought provoking or maybe I need to go back to my corner. Oh, no. I’m out of the corner and staying in the middle of the room. :D

Update as of April 16, 2012: I’m more shocked than anyone that I’m still at this. But when I step out of this fray and think about it, the answer is easy. It’s fun. Yeah, it’s fun to blog about Richard Armitage (poor guy) but in particular about the other stuff in my head and especially when I’ve cast myself as crazy. Oh, you think I really am crazy? Maybe you’re right. :D

Update as of December 29, 2012 What a fun ride this has been. The best part has been the people I’ve met whom I would have never encountered if not for this blog and of course Richard Armitage. I’m so glad I made the choice to jump in, and if you’re someone who is thinking about it, you should at least give it a try. :D

Update as of May 13, 2013 I really ought to have my head examined, but there would only be some need for zaniness and laughter found. I just can’t find anything wrong with that, so I’m going to keep at this — for now, while I’m still laughing and smiling. :D

Update as of April 8, 2014 Oh my God! Have I really been doing this for four years? Guilty. But people don’t keep up with their addictions, unless they are pleasurable. This is still pleasurable. I have had some uncomfortable experiences, and some flat out weird experiences as a result of this place, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m glad I did it, and we’ll see how much longer I can go. Whatever I do, I hope you find this place fun and maybe thought provoking at times. Nothing too tiresome, but I can’t be fluffy all the time.

Update as of June 7, 2015 (Should I mention again how I’m shocked I’ve been at this so long? Okay, I’ll skip it.) I haven’t blogged much this last year but that is not for lack of desire. Oh, sure, I’ve gotten tired of this place at times, but not completely or I would be out of here by now. It still meets some sort of weird need, so here I remain. See you next year on this same page — maybe.

Update as of December 9, 2016 Yes, it’s late.  I’ve messed about all year and just now getting around to this.  And you may be asking, “Why bother, Frenz, since you haven’t written but maybe four posts all year?”  I love this place. It’s that simple. It represents a wellspring of something that needed to be released in me. Something that had been tamped down for a couple of decades, and I think would have killed me if it hadn’t been set free. So the good news is I’m not acting as if I’m dead any longer. I’m aware of life and living it in a way that I’m not sure I ever did before I started writing this crazy blog.  And no, it’s not so much about Richard Armitage, but he has been a great catalyst.  Thank you, Richard.  And whether it’s comfortable for some to read this next statement, I give thanks to the Lord.  He does work in mysterious ways.  No one could have said to me, “Write an anonymous blog with some obscure English actor as the topic and you will find something about yourself that was there all along and is tremendous.” People don’t naturally think that way, but God thinks way outside the box, and I’m learning to as well.

Update as of November 17, 2019 I guess it’s pretty obvious I haven’t posted in quite sometime, but I think of this place often and with great fondness. Still have a great fondness for Richard Armitage as well not the least of which is due to his prompting me to write this crazy blog.

Thank you again, Richard

From the bottom of my heart,
One of your crazy fans


  1. Yes. Please let me know when you figure it out! I am completely mesmerized by everything to do with this man, and besides his great acting talent, his voice, his eyes, his intelligence, his sense of humour, his kindness, and politeness and charitable works…. I don’t know what I see in him!
    Please help!

  2. Yeah. I am seriously disturbed by Mr. Armitage. I’ve never been addicted in this way to an actor and his performances before.

  3. I think I have discovered what the attraction to Richard Armitage is……it is the voice! I have always enjoyed films and some television but had the nasty thought that most actors were over paid, over rated pains with huge egos…..(now picture my joy when my daughter informed me that she is going to be an actress). Then one wet afternoon I was introduced to North and South and the voice had me thinking some interesting and extremely lusty thoughts.

  4. I too am a follower of Mr RA. Just love all the stuff he’s done so far. Such a fine Actor and proud that he’s British too ! I love your page and will come back.
    The first time I saw Mr RA was by mistake..I was sitting down to watch some tv on a sunday afternoon and ‘caught’ N & S on one of the sky channels..And as they say the rest is history. I just had to buy the DVD as I wanted to see the end..Couldn’t wait for the other episodes.
    Such a handsome man too and he appears to be oblivious to this and his screen presence. I wish he’d played Mr Rochester in the new film version..He would have been great,,But then I could understand if he didn’t want to turn down doing the Hobbit. Hopefully from that he’ll get more prestigious roles, which he deserves. So If I am a nut too, I love the company I’m in on your page..go girl !

  5. Where have I been that I didn’t see these latest comments?!


    His voice is indeed the best part of his appeal!

    When the bloggers did FantstRAvaganza this year, I chose the voice as my subject. I had been itching to talk about it, but I’m still not satisfied with what I posted. I need to post more. :D

    Anonymous, Glad you could joins us. My apologies for not responding sooner. I’ve been a bit out of the flow for a few weeks. Hoping to come back full force soon. I am still stunned at my reaction to Richard Armitage, but I’m working on my fourth year of this obsession with no signs of letting up. LOL!

  6. I thought, “Richard Armitage? Who was HE in The Vicar of Dibley?” So then I sallied forth to YouTube and found the scene of the proposal, street sprint, bells ringing, etc. It’s taken me about an hour to recover from my laughing fit. What a classic RA/Dawn French scene.

  7. I hope you check out ‘North and South’. It’s on Netflix, and someone also loaded it to YouTube here:

  8. Hi, thank you for stopping by and following my blog! I’ve enjoyed reading through what I’ve seen of your blog so far and looking forward to reading more – you may have convinced me to move away from Mr B Cumberbatch to Mr R Armitage ;)
    All the best, Liz

  9. I adore great actors. When I stumble on them, I obsess. I freely admit it. Now, some of those obsessions are for a season. Others become a deep admiration and respect for the person, their craft, and gratitude that they choose to share their gift with us.

    I do believe this obsession with RA is already developing into the latter. I can’t wait to see what wonders are in store for him post-Hobbit… and, of course, what wonders we’ll be treated to in his future roles!

    And may that wonderfully hypnotic voice never change!

  10. I am not quite sure how I stumbled upon this website, but I am a fellow R.A. lover. Thought the word ‘fangirl’ pretty much describes my life ever since I picked up the Hobbit and read “In a hole, in the ground, there lived, a Hobbit.

  11. I’m glad you joined us. Have you watched any of his other tv shows or films?

  12. […] About […]

  13. Have you ever thought about, I dunno, talking to the guy? :P (Seriously though, a fan interview with RA would be fun for your readers and isn’t completely beyond the realm of possibility)

  14. I have thought about it. I’m just not too well versed in how to do it. I got invited one time to a place where he was going to be. They even paid my way. I did run into him, but I never got the chance to interview him.

  15. I saw for the first time N&S yesterday and can’t get RA out of my head. Have been starring at his pictures and reading about him all day. And then found your site. Feels so good to know I am not the only one who got enchanted by his talent and looks. I really feel better knowing there is army of victims just like me.Great blog !

  16. Thank you, jennet. I’ve been on a little hiatus, but I will return because the addiction just won’t go away.

    Glad you could join the rest of us. : D

    And feel free to send me an email if you want. It’s rafrenzyATgmailDOTcom

  17. James, I would love to have an interview with Richard Armitage. If it never happens, I can live with it. I’ve had a blast just being able to write something here. But heck yeah I would interview the man if I could. I have no clue how to go about that. If you have any advice, send me an email. LOL!

    I did just chuckle at how I would want to interview him, which may or may not be good for his image.

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