The following diary entries are a chronicle of how I became such a rabid RA fan. The timeline actually starts a few years back and is reflected at the top of each entry.

Part 1 Winter of My Discontent

Part 2 I am Determined to Prove a Villain

Part 3 Glorious Summer!

Part 4 Hide in Plain Sight

Part 5 Toe in the Water

Part 6 Talking of Michelangelo

Part 7 Fear of Punctuating

Part 8 I Sense Trouble

Part 9 In Thunder, Lightning or Rain

Part 10 Huh?

Part 11 Guy’s Mojo

Part 12 Oh, My Poor Guy, and yes, Marian — SPOILERS

Part 13 Now What?

Part 14 Mr. Embouchure and the Black Hole

Part 15 Not by Strength, But by Guile

Part 16 The Third One

Part 17 Spear Carrying, An Education

Part 18 Oh, That’s Nothing

Part 19 “the important thing is that you play truly.”

Part 20 My Kingdom for a Plastic Horse

Part 21 Now I’ve Done It

Part 22 Objects May Appear Larger Than They Are — SPOILERS

Kool-Aid Anyone? (some notes about the Diary)

Part 23 Fading From View — SPOILERS

Part 24 Good-Bye My Fancy — SPOILERS

Part 25 It’s Between the Ears

Part 26 This is Stupid

Part 27 The Unbroken Line

Part 28 Battling the Free Fall

Part 697 Dragged Back From the Edge

Part 808 The Wayward Lover


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