The Adventures of Twitter Listing

Don’t say that title several times quickly. Phew!


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a public service post about the art of Richard Armitage watching and in particular navigating RA Universe on Twitter. This one is because some of you have been wondering how you can follow a Twitter account and your follow is invisible. Oh, you’re not wondering that? I guess this post is for those who are. :D And, I also realize there are many of you who already know how to do this. Obviously, this post is not for you either, but if you have something to add, please do.

On my RAFrenzy account I have a list called RAProjects, and on that list I have people and entities who are involved with Richard Armitage or are potentially involved with him. It’s a fascinating list but private ’cause well, I’m not sure if it’s fun to reveal or say everything you know as soon as you know it.

But enough about that.

Before I begin, please note that all screencaps can be enlarged by clicking them.

Listing someone in native Twitter on desktop (as opposed to using a Twitter client such as Hootsuite):

twitter listing 1
Click on the cog next to the follow button, and then you’ll see that drop down menu where you select ‘Add or remove from lists.’

Next you will see a screen something like this:

twitter listing 2

Next you will see a screen like this:

twitter listing 3

Be sure to click on ‘Private’ before you save it.

Here it is in the iOS app:


Once you click on ‘Add/remove from lists,’ you will see this screen where you merely click on the list you want and hit ‘Done’:


If you don’t have a list made, then you can do so this way:


When you select ‘Lists’, you will see this screen where you click on the plus to add a list:


Be sure to turn on ‘Private’ before you click ‘Save’:


For android users, it’s similar, but here are some instructions if you’re not comfortable.

FYI: my most fascinating list is one that is not even related to Richard Armitage. It’s prosaically named ‘Interesting,’ and I have had more fun and pleasure from that list than anything I’ve done on Twitter. Made some friends from it as well, and they eventually became
mutual follows. I think almost none of them knew who Richard Armitage was. But they do now. LOL!

Yes, you can bet your sweet ass that Richard Armitage has some accounts privately listed, and if he doesn’t:


If you aren’t using private lists, you should be.

That is all.

A crazy fan

Screencaps courtesy of my 14 year old who can wield a mean photo editor. :D

Know Surprises

Richard Armitage with bedroom eyesNow that we’re reasonably sure Richard Armitage will be starring in The Old Vic’s version of The Crucible, this probably means no RA at Comic-Con in San Diego. Yep, I’m thinking that may be what it means. Unless he got two days off to make a jaunt across the pond. If he does come to the Con, he probably won’t be there on Saturday but rather Thursday, since Saturdays are big days in the theater. Or am I wrong about this?

Yeah, I think the group in London will try to accommodate a trip to Cali — at least mid-week so he can promote Into the Storm. Unless his last minute appearance at Cinema-Con in Las Vegas was a trade-off for not appearing in San Diego.

Then again, I could be so out in left field, because last time I checked, Peter Jackson is no pushover, and he’s not going to have a skeleton crew at Comic-Con and certainly not doing his thing on Thursday. It will be Saturday for PJ and company, and not to mention that Richard Armitage seems to be the point man for pushing The Hobbit. But maybe that was also a trade-off, so that Richard is getting it out of the way and will be free all summer. I kind of doubt that.

Or maybe it’s either/or. He gets to be there on Thursday or Saturday but not both. Or maybe both PJ and Todd have their promotions running on Saturday. I’m so confused.

My gut: if he made an agreement with Peter Jackson to be there for The Hobbit, he will be. How can I say that? Hmm, Peter Jackson, the West End, Peter Jackson, the West End. Uh yeah, it’s Peter Jackson. Whether fair or not, that’s probably reality.

Whatever happens, it’s probably not a good idea for fans to buy tickets to The Crucible from July 23-28.* Can you imagine how pissed off you would be if you did and he was an ocean away? Yeah, consider this post a public service.

Other than that, the photo above is an interesting pick for The Mail. Is he a deer caught in the glare of the paparazzi or are those the bedroom eyes that get John Proctor and the rest of Salem in trouble? ;-)

And a thank you to Baz Bamigboye for the latest ripple effect. Now if he could just put his ear to the ground and answer my musing…

edit: it just occurred to me I may have made an error in this piece because The Old Vic is not technically in the West End. It’s not even in the area known as Theatreland. I’m doing this entirely from memory, so if anyone knows, educate me please. I don’t have time to look it up! :)

* those blackout dates are subject to change based on the confirmed news we hear; however, it’s good to keep in mind that the Into the Storm premiere will be coming up not long after Comic-con. The world premiere will be less than two weeks after Comic-Con ends.

A Sweet Clip for Capping from The Desolation of Smaug Premiere

A raw clip of Richard Armitage’s interview at the premiere:

Dear Richard,

I do not know why I’m still doing this. I guess it’s still fun. LOL! Yes, I’m really laughing — at myself most of all.

A crazy fan

A tip: put the video in full-screen mode and then select HD, or better yet, select Share and then download it. Please note the Share option is not visible until the video is in play.

edit: I’ll be back with a better clip shortly.

A little better video without glitching:

There’s a Line

I was just on Twitter and saw this:

and I wanted to shout: yes! but there’s a line. :D

For those who are new to Richard Armitage, I’m going to be disappointed if you don’t have a crush because it means something is wrong with you!

If you don’t know where to go to find more about him, there is some info here.

Who Wants to Go to Comic Con 2012?

Are you a Richard Armitage fan who didn’t buy tickets to this year’s event? And you also missed the deadline for the professional passes? Never fear. There might be a way to get in. If you have any reporting background or even a writing background, you might be able to work for these guys.

If I were applying, I would make sure they knew of all the town council meetings where I questioned a panel and then reported on it later. :D I would also make sure they knew I LOVE comic books. *Looks up at heaven to make sure there is no bolt of lightening.* Okay, okay, I’ve bought some comic books — in the last 40 years.

Speaking of which, I’d still like to see RA in a get up like this.


It’s been brought to my attention the positions are now filled at CBR. If you got in, good for you. If you didn’t, there’s always next year.

A Date with John Thornton

If you call yourself a Richard Armitage fan but haven’t seen ‘North and South,’ you don’t really get the euphoria. Do yourself a favor and come on the group date tonight — a ‘North and South’ watch along with a tweetfest. ‘Cause anything this good just has to be talked about. :D

For those who haven’t seen anything with Richard Armitage, this is the show to watch.

You can thank Stacie and Fanny for this effort, and Heidi for her cheerleading. And there will be more “dates” like this with other Armitage characters.

As for the rest of us who have seen ‘North and South,’ maybe you need a new fix like I do! I’m so in need of a fix.

After it’s over, I intend to publish the second half of my piece about the TDHCMO, which will make it obvious why it took me so long.

Until then, see you tonight and don’t forget the cake!

GIF by magwi68

Finally, Something Good about Internet Explorer

With the recent campaign for IE 9 on YouTube and elsewhere, I found myself continually hitting “skip ad” until my twelve year old said, “Mom, have you heard the Internet Explorer song?” I said, “No, and I don’t really want to.” She said, “Oh, you’re wrong. You’re gonna love it. Listen!”

As it played, I looked at her and she started laughing, “Yeah, it’s good,” and before I could load up Soundhound to find out who it was, she added, “Here’s the whole song!”

A great live version if you’re so inclined.

My first thought on watching that was how much he reminded me of Adele (even down to the style of the video which was reminiscent of “Rolling in the Deep”), and of course how they both sounded like Amy Winehouse. My second thought was why had I never heard of Alex Clare? Then I read this, and it made total sense.


A great Etta James cover:

You can hear all of Alex Clare’s current tracks on his SoundCloud account.

As for IE9, it’s still a no. I checked it out last year, and it was not a good fit for my system running 64-bit. If you’re curious about it, this is a good write-up.

Oh yeah, this gets the Richard Armitage tag. :D

And I put the public service tag on this one because some of you have never heard of Soundhound nor Soundcloud. Both are great resources for music lovers.