Am I Going to Skip Over Francis?

Yep, for now that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I did watch the first episode, but man, it was tough to get through it, and I have never thought of myself as having a weak stomach. Let’s just say that episode brought out the wimp in me. After that, I lost the thread of the character, and when I tried to pick it up the other day, I got advice like this below. LOL!

There is an episode in particular that you will want to avoid. A scene that you cannot “unsee.” Wish I had not watched it.

You want to avoid 23 minutes in … up to 30 minutes in — specifically minute #27. Really. DO NOT WATCH IT. You can’t “unsee” it.

I’m not kidding when I say that night, after I saw that, I had nightmares. I don’t ever want to have nightmares about RCA again.

Don’t watch that scene unless you want to hear Richard Armitage in your dreams saying, “Look back at me so I can bite your face.”

maybe you can read the book first cause it’s all there. Tho it shocked me all the same.

while I was reading the book I was definitely more aware of my surroundings bc Francis watches the families he kills

For Ep. 3.12, here is where you can stop – after “make you understand”, then furniture crawl, then turn it off.

Furniture crawl is very CATS. You really don’t want to miss. Turn off sound before to be sure. Horror w/ capital H.

End of Ep. 3.12 is a must before 3.13. But then…there is another…well it’s a bit of a horror minefield, I’m afraid. Sorry. :(

and also this:

You might fear D a lot more if he hides in your back garden… Hope you survive to the end! :)
creepy Francis Dolarhyde

I also had some encouragement, but I need to ponder that for awhile.

Thanks to all of you who tried to word me up on this. I may still watch it. Just not up for it at the moment.


  1. I took your fears into serious consideration in my tweets & my true intent was an effort be helpful & hell navigate through the worst of the gore. Midway, I knew that might be fruitless. If horror in any form disturbs or affects you, or anyone, to the point of pain or serious emotional distress, I support avoiding seeing it altogether. I enjoyed it, and many others did as well, but I think you are very wise in knowing and recognizing your limits and boundaries.

  2. Horror in any more doesn’t necessarily bother me. I just gotta be in the mood for it. I will probably end up watching it at some point.

  3. I watched part of the first episode and had to turn it off. I’m so glad to know I wasn’t the only one. I must admit I felt very disloyal to RA, but I just couldn’t do it.

  4. I watched all the episodes and skipped that one minute part and I definitely do NOT like gore. I’ve read the book (twice) so I pretty much knew what to expect and I managed to deal.

    It is NOT a series I will rewatch, unlike Robin Hood and The hobbit.

  5. Never saw the show. But, I did see the first trailer with RA and it was far too creepy for my taste. I’m not into the horror genre. So I most definitely steered clear of the show. I would rather watch something like North and South, or The Hobbit trilogy, Spooks (MI5).

  6. Frenz – If you’re not already a fan of the show, it would help to watch the first two seasons to get a ‘feel’ for it. It really is incredible, I was hooked from day one. But it’s not a genre for everyone. I will say this – if you give FD a chance, you will not see Richard, you’ll see the character. Yes, he’s heartbreakingly damaged and terrifying. He’s also so masterfully portrayed that he barely needs to speak a word of dialogue to make you both fear and pity him. As always, Richard swings for the fences with this role, and hit another glorious grand slam. It.. just might make you lose your appetite! ;)

  7. I’ve only watched the first episode as well. I’m particularly averse to putting anything in my head that I don’t want there. So this role doesn’t appeal.
    I’m only terrifically curious as to all the kudos he’s getting for this. Which makes me want to peek at moments.
    Maybe someone will make a vid of safe highlights of this acting role for those of us fans who want only a taste of Francis and not the entire meal. ;)

  8. Oh you sissies, jump in with both feet. It’s ONLY A TV SHOW!

  9. I forced myself to watch the episodes RA was in. I did not read the book and I hate Hannibal. The first 4 episodes he was in he was brilliant. The last 2 he was in were almost ridiculous. They were horror for horror’s sake. This is why I don’t watch this genre. However, I’m glad I saw RA. We already know how versatile he is and this performance really proved it.

  10. I’ve enjoyed Richard’s roles on and off for many years. The subject matter that interests me I watch with great interest, the subject matter that is bound to offend my sensibilities I stay well clear of. In just the way RA is free to choose the roles he acts in, I am sure he believes his fans have the right to pick and choose to watch those roles. I don’t feel disloyal at all and neither should you, Frenz. Life is too short. I will always admire his technique, his intelligence and his social responsibility regardless…

  11. Tsk, tsk, tsk! What happened to all the tough girls?! :-D

    Seriously, you didn’t sign a contract saying you have to watch everything with Richard in it, did you?

    So, watch it if it feels right, don’t watch it if it doesn’t feel right.

    It’s really simpla: Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is that YOU are okay with it. :-)

  12. Watch it with someone else who can tell you when to look away. That’s my solution :)

  13. I really appreciate all of your comments. I feel certain Richard Armitage did a fantastic job with the material. There’s no question about that in my mind. I have lots of thoughts about what I did see, and which I’ve been thinking about off and on for a couple of months, so maybe I’ll write about it in a post instead of having a hellaciously long-winded comment.

    Other than that, I guess I am a sissy. :D

  14. You probably should see Francis. If you don’t see any other episode, at least see the one where Francis takes Reba to touch the tiger. And I can’t tell you which episode it is but It is probably the third one that he appears in. But RA did his usual spectacular work showcasing a man being pulled in two different directions.

  15. Excuse me ladies! There is a fair amount of stuff on there that you DO want to see. The parts of him where you can see his gorgeous body! I’m willing to brave the minefield!

  16. I have to say, there were some scenes where I just had to look away as well. Not a show for me either but nonetheless, as you have already heard and pointed out, Richard really was marvelous in it. He really stretched his acting legs and I do love that, so for that I will probably re watch some things. But not all, definitely not all. And I agree with a commenter here above that the episode when Richard takes Reba to the tiger was beautiful, if nothing else, watch that.:)

  17. Listen to Martha, ladies. It’s objectification time. This performance is the BEST display of his body we’ve ever gotten.

  18. Thought I replied, but I guess it didn’t take.

    Maybe you can watch Dolarhyde after he makes a movie or series where his character actually lives through it. ;)

  19. I agree with both Crystal and Gretchen- respect your own limits of course! but watch 1st 2 seasons if you can (Mason Verger eps are my very least fave :P)
    I would have to agree with Marsha too :) Francis is So. Cut ;) and I really think the dynamic between Francis & Reba is too special to miss. But we all have our own time…. I have things from the standard Armitage rep I just haven’t had time to see or listen to yet…. So to each his own! <3

  20. Hannibal is just not for me – in fact I hated it. I watched RA’s episodes – although I had to FF some of it. I still haven’t watched the final episode. However – I have to admit that it is some of Richards most impressive work, and some of his scenes with Reba were simply beautiful.
    But I just hope he never does anything like this again.

  21. I agree, Chrissy…. very polarizing experience within the individual fan, as well as between fans. In a certain sense, you can’t help hating to love Francis…. On the other hand, once seen, I think it will be easier to re-watch occasionally & skip the icky parts :) He did one interview that sounded as if he himself doubted he would return to this type of material again…. of course, life’s a funny thing. And I do think he has really good instincts :)

  22. Yup, I couldn’t take it either. I’ll catch up with him when he does something a little less dark. I heard he handled the role beautifully, but it’s just not my thing. I’m looking forward to future roles!

  23. DON’T watch the first two seasons unless you like the genre. I stopped watching at some point because of the scene everybody references and will never watch another episode. I haven’t read the books (and will never do so) or seen the movies, except for a brief bit of Silence of the Lambs.
    The show was well done, I suppose, but I never liked or enjoyed any second of it, I could see that the performances were mostly good to great (especially RA’s) but I will never watch them again because I won’t watch a show where I’m hoping that most of the characters will be killed off.

  24. Don’t be a wuss, Frenz. Put on your big girl panties and watch all 3 seasons.

    I’m totally kidding!

    I happened to enjoy “Hannibal” (even though the first episode of S1 freaked me out enough to avoid it for a month or 2 before giving it another try) because the acting is some of the best I’ve ever seen on television. Season 3 happened to be my least favorite season, but RA’s crazy acting skills were amazing.

  25. If his character scared you that much , then RA is a damned great actor. Although I did not like him playing such a role, he played it just the same as any part, with all his heart and ability. Hope he never plays that type of part again!

  26. Frenz, we can never say again with a straight face, “Did you see RCA giving tongue?” … because … well, you know …. he didn’t really *give* it in that scene. He ATE it.

    Did you ever finish watching it?

    The nightmares … I did have them for about a week after that one episode. I prefer his Jesus impression when he played Thorin over this Francis guy. But I will say that he did an amazing “cat” pose in those opening shots when they had him doing yoga. So that was the redeeming moment for me.


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