To Someone Going to The Crucible on September 2nd…

One of you sent me a private message or an email or some form of online communication where you said you were going to the play the same day as the “In Conversation” event, but you did not have a ticket to the talk. I’ve looked in vain for your communication but don’t remember who you are. Please get in touch with me as I might have a ticket for you. I’ll tell you whom it’s from if it works out.

If you send me a note or message, I will cross check against my others, so no fakers here. :D

That is all.

For Those Fans Who Want a Refund on The Crucible Tickets…

I have a solution — for some of you. I will be happy to buy some of those tickets for what you paid for them. Not kidding.

So let me know. :D


And if any other Armitage Fans want to join me in this effort, feel free.

Something About Meg

imageSome of you may remember Meg whom I mentioned will be attending The Crucible this evening. I’m tickled for her, and it couldn’t happen to a cooler kid. Yes, I said kid. She’s the same age as one of my kids, or about to be. It’s her birthday this weekend, and she will turn 23. She’s currently in school training for a career in tv production.

When I read that on her bio, I wondered what she really had. I was not disappointed. She has countless photos that elevate the mundane to something which can make you stop and really look and find it thought provoking as well as pleasing. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but she’s definitely got a great eye and feel for what the viewer will ultimately perceive. I think it’s a gift, and one that may well be wrought in part by her being set apart with something which most people often think of as disability. Meg has dyslexia. For the last several years, I’ve been coming to think of this condition as just another way of learning and possibly a way that supersedes the norm. There is speculation and some studies floating around that support the idea people with dyslexia see a much richer view of the world. If Meg is any indication, I believe it. More on this later!

All the best tonight, Meg, and how cool that your father is going with you!

Carry on.

Oh, wait! Don’t forget a website has been created to share The Crucible experience. I will definitely be pinging the site with Meg’s review. :D

Old Vic Logistics

I’ve had some questions from readers about the seat placement for The Old Vic’s theatre in the round? Even if I hadn’t received those questions, I was questioning it as I was planning to purchase tickets.

Theatre Monkey has a pretty good rendering (some may need to scroll down) of the setup for The Old Vic Theatre’s in-the-round arrangement. Please note there are two seating plans. One from June 24th to July 8th and one from July 9th on.

And here’s a video below which shows how the transformation from the traditional seating arrangement to the round arrangement occurred. I think it gives a more realistic depth perception than the photos have done due to the wide angle lense necessary to photograph the theatre.

My only question is what is the seating arrangement pre-June 24th? If anyone knows, please tell me!

Thank you to ArmitageBesotted for her ferreting skills. :D

There May Still Be a Chance to Go to The Crucible

If you are really wanting to go to The Crucible, there may still be a way. A well-wisher who wants to remain anonymous has approached me about doing another giveaway. I will come with details after the June 21st performance has come and gone. Just hang onto your sanity in the meantime, which means you probably shouldn’t look at this below. :D

Richard Armitage Crucible Rehearsal

I know…

I know…

Look away if you have to; otherwise, you may run yourself crazy.

*Frenz talking to herself again*

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of The Old Vic Theatre

The Winner of the Crucible Tickets

Thank you again to those of you who submitted entries for the Crucible tickets. I had a hard time deciding on a winner, but I have made a decision.

As to the reasons that were given for wanting the tickets, most of them were highly personal and not really conducive to sharing on this blog. Just know that everyone had a good reason, and I wish I could have given tickets to all of you!

The winner is Meg.

I sent Meg a note right before publishing this piece, so she may not even know yet.

Whenever you see this, Meg, congratulations!

Richard Armitage Crucible

Thank You to All Who Entered the Crucible Giveaway

Richard Armitage CrucibleThat title just about says it all.

The other thing I need to say is the entry window is now closed.

I will be posting the ticket winner’s first name at about 7am BST tomorrow.

A follow-up note with information on how to claim the tickets will also be sent to the winner.

Thank you again for entering!

Edit: I have also sent confirmation emails to all who entered. If you did not get one, it means I did not receive your email.