Sarah’s done it again

The pun aside, these two photos are fantastic, and I have seen a lot of photos of Richard Armitage. Not saying how many. Actually, I have no clue how many. It is a lot.

The originals are found here, and I’m not entirely sure these can be embedded.

One more time and this time with the copyright symbol:

Richard Armitage by Sarah Dunn

note: I will remove if Ms. Dunn wants me to do so. No problem at all.

Richard’s Wish

I was watching this the other day, and I literally (yes, I mean literally in that I really) laughed out loud. :D

I understand Richard would like for the Army to get drunk. If he happens to be researching, I have some news about this desire. A cocktail won’t do it, but I have just the thing to make us get completely blitzed, and I started to second guess this idea until I saw this:

Richard Armitage Yowza

No second guessing now. I know there’s a way to make us all get drunk.

Dear Rich,

If you want to ensure we get blasted, I have a tip. Merely shave your head. You do that, and I guarantee you will drive most of the fans to drink.

I’m trying to imagine this picture with you sans hair. Phew. Even the thought of that makes me want to reach for some alcohol.

A crazy fan, who adores your hair! :D

P.S. It would be a total hoot if you really did shave your head. I expect it one day if you’re a serious actor and especially if you want to make good on going ugly and damaged. ;-)

P.P.S. Leaving the snark for a moment. As much as I love your hair, I would love to see you in the ugly and damaged roles. Something real. Bring it on.

#4 Richard Armitage and His Hair

This is part of my series of posts counting down to and through the Thanksgiving holidays and expressing my thankfulness for something I’ve received, experienced or participated in.

Richard and His Hair.

Richard Armitage has excellent hair. I’ve thought that ever since I saw this:


It was a vast improvement over the extensions:


But back to the luscious locks:


Is that seriously awesome looking hair or what? Women would kill to have hair like this. And if those are extensions around his neck, I don’t want to hear about it! That looks real.

And I’m going to stay off the topic of his sideburns as I absolutely despised long sideburns until I saw them on Richard. I’m not kidding when I say that. I cannot stand long sideburns. They look awful to me, but Richard can wear them, and I’m thinking about a wolf whistle.

About the time I got used to the magnificent mullet, I was hit with this:


That’s the mother of all razor cuts. I mean all razor cuts are or should be defined by it, and when their barbers are suggesting razor cuts, men should aspire to this cut. Not 6’2″, don’t have beautiful blue eyes and a great jaw? No problem. There’s a cut that fixes all of that. I can hear the thinking now.

And then there was this which created a backlash in RA Universe. A significant number were saying ewwwww to Guy’s new do. Me? I loved it. Even when it was unwashed the first few weeks, but man, he cleaned up well:


Then it was back to the sleek look:


Where he stayed until this came around:

press_conference_screencapI’m a beard person, so this was fantastic to me.

And since then, I’ve been treated to all types of styles to please any appraising eye.

A little bit of a pompadour going on in this one:

Not much hair shown; this was the brutally short look:

Okay, so it’s not all of his hair, but Thorin’s mane is fantastic. I had to show it, and you get some chest hair thrown in:
Richard Armitage Thorin bloody

Back to the tailored look, and I’m talking the hair:
'the hobbit - an unexpected journey' world film premiere, wellington, new zealand - 28 nov 2012, ,

This one is the I don’t give a rat’s ass how I look ’cause I’m considering that prisoner of war role:


And finally the pompadour is perfected:

6 - sV9tzf8
That particular photo still packs a punch.

Heck, it’s just been more or less a thrill ride to see what he would come with next, and it occurred to me that there is no need to get antsy about his next project and every reason to be thankful for being entertained by his hair. To wit:

Richard Armitage curly locksIs there enough going on here to make a ponytail for Poldark?

And if I get bored with this, I can go back to some old photos.

Here’s a favorite:


See what I mean about the sideburns?

Oh Damn.

And we just thought our fangirling bout was done for a bit. So wrong.

Richard Armitage
[click to enlarge]

Sheesh, this one about took my head off when it brought on Armitage Objectification Mode.

To get your own copy, you can go here.

Ohcheemama II!

Yeah, this deserves it:

Esquire UK interview
[click to enlarge]

This is from an interview with Esquire Magazine UK. Go here to read and see all the pics.

Individual copies of the Esquire Magazine issue can be obtained here.

edit: I got so rattled I didn’t spell Ohceemama correctly. As if that’s really a word. Oy.

Jump Start

For those of us who like long hair, this picture is a must, and if that’s not something that would wake you up, then I don’t know what will:

[Click to enlarge, and if you don’t do that, what is wrong with you?!!]

For those of you who don’t like longer hair, surely this has made inroads into that thinking! Okay, so it’s the eyes. I admit it. But the hair makes a wonderful frame, along with the shoulders and the chest. :D

You want your own copy of this? Go to RichardArmitageNet and check out the Wallpaper page. Carry on.

Note: originally from a photoshoot at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2006.

And I’m putting this in housekeeping, since I stumbled on it as I was doing some maintenance work. Thank you, mybeckett for the lovely wallpaper, and to Ali for running such a great site.

note: I’ll be getting to Ascroft.

Conflicted Fangirl

Yes, it’s my quarterly bout of circumspection. It started last week when I posted something sane for a change. But I cannot be completely sane if pictures like this are still floating around:


Before I submerge my sanity again, I want to make it clear that my wish to take Richard out of his box is also a wish for myself. I do not want to be in continual fangirl mode. Sometimes it bores me. There I said it. No, it’s not the first time I’ve said, and it won’t be the last. And I don’t want to get into a debate about desire nor diagram this photo although it begs for diagramming. I acknowledge that readily, and that the man is walking desire. But I also see something far beyond that. Much beyond that, and the sane part of me doesn’t want to lose sight of it.

However, today when I was sifting photos, this one knocked me silly again. LOL! That might be a maniacal laugh. I’m not sure yet.

And actually, this is a public service post for the new fans. Yes, indeed that’s what it is! They’re still dazed by Thorin Oakenshield, but when they’re done, they now have something else to drool over. :D

I’ve had this picture for so long that I have no clue if it’s one of my screencaps or someone else’s.