There May Still Be a Chance to Go to The Crucible

If you are really wanting to go to The Crucible, there may still be a way. A well-wisher who wants to remain anonymous has approached me about doing another giveaway. I will come with details after the June 21st performance has come and gone. Just hang onto your sanity in the meantime, which means you probably shouldn’t look at this below. :D

Richard Armitage Crucible Rehearsal

I know…

I know…

Look away if you have to; otherwise, you may run yourself crazy.

*Frenz talking to herself again*

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of The Old Vic Theatre


  1. thanks loads. And now, I’m supposed to go to sleep?! Have mercy…

  2. Another one following your example?

    You are just great!

  3. Psst. It’s the end of August.

  4. LOL

    No need to tease me, Frenz. I cannot go.

    But I’m happy for everyone who can, especially if they can go because someone else is so generous. :-)

  5. I feel the same way you do. I’m glad others can go. Of course I would love to go, but maybe another time.

  6. *shrugs* I simply don’t have the money at the moment to pay a trip to London, pay a hotel, pay a ticket for TC.

    If I was envious for others’ luck I still couldn’t afford it. It would change nothing except that I would feel bad. So I’m glad for those who can go and I will be happy to see whatever fans will post about TC and RA.

  7. I’m happy for anyone and everyone who gets a chance to see this. The Crucible is one of my favorite plays. I’m just hoping that SOMEONE films this thing so I can either buy a copy or watch it on Youtube.

    Surely the producers realize what a gold mine they are sitting on. If not, how do we go about telling them??

    Thematically, I’d enjoy this performance more than the Hobbit, and I’ve certainly spent money on that.

  8. Hedgehogess and Beverly, I’m sorry I never acknowledged these comments. I have been remiss for several months in just completely overlooking so many comments! It’s called being an airhead. Then again, maybe I got up so early this morning because my conscience was stricken. :D And on a lot of levels.

    I never followed up on this post because quite frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to give the tickets away that this person was wanting to donate. Originally, she was going to go and something happened that seemed to prevent, so she was magnanimous enough to consider giving away her front row seat!!!! I finally held off long enough that she decided to break down and find a way to go despite her obstacle. I’m glad! Yes, someone else lost out, but I’m glad this person is going, and we will get to hear all about it I’m sure. Can’t wait for that.

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