To Someone Going to The Crucible on September 2nd…

One of you sent me a private message or an email or some form of online communication where you said you were going to the play the same day as the “In Conversation” event, but you did not have a ticket to the talk. I’ve looked in vain for your communication but don’t remember who you are. Please get in touch with me as I might have a ticket for you. I’ll tell you whom it’s from if it works out.

If you send me a note or message, I will cross check against my others, so no fakers here. :D

That is all.


  1. I hope whoever it was, does get in touch with you! You are very kind.

  2. If nobody wants the ticket, will you give it to me. And fly me over and get me a seat at the Old Vic. Don’t worry about the hotel tho.I have a cousin whose brother-in-law’s mom’s step-daughter has a flat close by that I can crash in. Maybe. And thank you.

    PS ditto what mujer said…you ARE kind!

  3. It was me!

    Just kidding. *sniff*

  4. I wish it was me……I look every day to see if there are returns on tickets, but no joy yet.

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