Heather’s Done It Again

If you are new to the RA Fandom, and you don’t know Heather, well, this is a great introduction:

Oh, and if you don’t watch this in 1080, you’re missing out. You can get a copy here. It’s awesome, and I don’t like words like awesome because they’re often used thoughtlessly. But I’ve found myself in awe several times at not only RA but some of his fans. Heather is definitely one of those.

Plus, I’ve been struggling with Strike Back. Yes, as much as I like RA, I have struggled with some of the aspects of Strike Back, but this video makes me want to watch again. Thank you, Heather.

For those who are just tuning into this blog, Heather is the one who introduced me to RA. No, she didn’t know me. I stumbled on her videos on YouTube, and the rest is history. If you haven’t clicked on that link yet, do it now for a treat.

By the way, Phylly3 and Servetus each wrote a piece about RA’s eyes. Heck, I may have to write one after this video. I hope they both check it out since it’s about the best shot of his eyes I think I’ve ever seen.


  1. Holy crap that was FAN-FREAKIN’-TASTIC!!!!
    Thanks for sharing – I am off to youtube to favourite that one!

  2. This was great!

  3. It’s even better when you download it and watch it in 1080. Wow! Seriously, I saw detail I’ve never seen before. I even slowed it down to watch and saw even more. That is some piece of editing!

  4. Amazing! Yes, Heather is fabulous! Is there some way for me to pass on my thanks to her? I don’t have a youtube account and I think I need one in order to comment on the vid itself. Does she have a blog/another site where I can compliment her work?

  5. She has a livejournal account, and her last entry of yesterday is a post of the video:


    I don’t think you need an lj account to post a comment there. I could be wrong about that since it’s up to the individual journal owner whether they allow non-lj users to post.

  6. Heather’s fanvids are always such a treat! She and Delicateblossom were my gateway into fanvids. I had never even seen one before I started my RA obsession.
    And yes, I am a sucker for Richard’s eyes…thank you for mentioning my blogpost!

  7. Yep, they were my gateway too. DelicateBlossom was the second “vidder” I watched, and I still consider her and Heather two of the best. One day soon I’ll do a piece on my top ten.

  8. Yes, awesome is the perfect word for this vid! Thanks for pointing it out.

    Agree HeathDances, DelicateBlossom and also Principessa55 are my ‘reference’ about RA musicvids, they have such talent!

    It’ll be great to read your take on ‘RA’s eyes’ theme. His eyes in HD….God bless the developers of HD. I don’t know if I like it or does it make me nervous that one time his eyes are light, sparkling blue and the next (especially in SB) are light green *sigh*

  9. So funny you should mention that because my piece talks about just that issue. Probably won’t post until late this afternoon though because real life is calling. LOL!

  10. @RA Frenzy, Thanks for letting me know about Heather’s Lj account, I actually created an account awhile back because i thought I needed to in order to comment.

    Yes, Heather’s vids are excellent. And Phyllyl3 thank you for saying that RA fanvids were your introduction to that whole world. Me too! I thought there must be something wrong with me to be in my 30s and have such a crush, as I’ve never really cared for any celebrity figure before, even as a teen. Glad to know I am in good company :)

    RAfrenzy, I think one of the first post of yours I read addressed this very issue. IDK what it is about this man, but there is definitely something :)

  11. Oh, I know. I’m still trying to figure it out. I think it’s craziness but mostly it’s been fun.

  12. Thanks for posting RAFrenzy and thanks HeathRA!! (I read that this vid took her well over a week to produce).

  13. Looking forward to your list of fave vids. I’m on LJ so I thanked Heather there for her vid. I consider ourselves very lucky we have such amazing vidders in the RA fandom. I have several playlists on YT (whomels on YT) where I’ve collected them all. Have downloaded quite a bunch to watch them with my kids on tv and even put some of the songs on my iPod BECAUSE of the vid. Typical teenage behaviour which I never displayed in my teens. Btw my fave RA vid is only available at RAfanvids “All The Above” from Jaimee, check it out. “Amazing” from DB is nxt and now it’s “Breaking Inside” I’ll have to get that song now just like I have to still get some of the Vast songs.
    Anyway I think most of the vids make his acting stand out even more even if you miss his voice. But I haven’t read all your posts from the beginning RAFrenzy so I didn’t realize that’s how you came to the fandom. I wonder after watching all the Gizzy vids whether you were dissappointed seeing the series having to make due with less than expected. Yep them vids get me in a frenzy it’s the perfect RA fix!!

  14. When I post my list, I plan to include the one that really put me over the top on Guy, and it’s no longer on YouTube. I’m just waiting on the author’s permission, but they haven’t logged onto their account in a while. I took a chance posting Delicateblossom’s before I had her permission, and I don’t want to make a habit of that. Plus, DB’s video was on RAFanvids, and this one isn’t even on that site. It’s nowhere else that I know of except on my hard drive, and that’s because the author gave it to me a long time ago.

  15. OMG! The suspense is killing me! I hope your dilemma will be over soon but it sounds this list is worth the wait!

  16. I’m working on it! The YouTube vidder is Joanamafalda87, and she has not been on YT for about a month, and that’s about the time I sent her the request. Hopefully, she’ll get on soon. There is a copy on another site, but I’m not sure she wants me to reference that one, and I cannot embed it anyway on WordPress.

  17. Very nice. My fav Heathra video is the Lucas North montage to Fix You.

    I just showed this to my son who is 6 and he asked, “Why is Guy not wearing his Batman suit?”

  18. It does look like a batman suit. LOL!

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