Time Out

I’m doing laundry today. Usually I don’t do laundry on Saturday. I’d have to be a masochist to willingly do laundry on Saturday. But I’ve been so busy lately, that I’m behind. Good thing the little SOs do their own laundry, or I would be in worse shape. I hate laundry and would rather muck a bunch of stalls. For those of you who have never mucked a stall, trust me, that’s saying something.

I finally had to take a break, and of course check my email, and what should come up? My YouTube subscription update! and on the list was something that has me grinning, and saying, “yes! yes! yes!” and “Thank you, bccmee, for a great video!

Uh, yeah, or something like that. LOL! Love that song! It really captures the frenzy.

Isn’t Dawn adorable? And of course RA is adorable.

Be sure to watch this to the end. I mean the last second.

I really need to get back to the laundry, but you’re making this tough, bccmee. :P


  1. Yep! she likes to leave a little surprise at the very end so that it’s very easy to miss. Especcially for someone as impatient as me to move on to the next one. I want her other one of SB with the cowboy song! But it’s not posted yet on RAfanvids. Laundry is my fave in the other department (key is a little everyday: rather than a lot in one go) and wauw to prefer doing the stalls? So can you relate to sleeping next to an elephant then???:):):)

  2. Did you watch the one with the x factor? LOL! I think I put that one up a while back.

    Oh, yeah, I can relate to sleeping next to an elephant. I grew up with horses, so yeah, I think it all smells the same except elephants may smell a little worse. Not sure. :D

  3. Thanks RAFrenzy for bringing this to my attention. I don’t watch too many vids or keep an active look out for them. And especially thank you for insisting that we watch the entire vid, including the final second :) I think I never wait to the final second for anything, like Iz4spunk I move onto something else.

    And of course, thanks to bccmee for making a vid that brought a smile to my face.

  4. Thanks Bccmee and RAFrenzy. I absolutely adore Dawn French and Vicar of Dibley. For me the role of Harry is my sentimental favourite. What a thrill to be cast with Dawn!

  5. Yes, I refered to that picture as the X-factor in a Porter picture post at Servetus! Skype back is LOL too but you’d have to have listened to that great interview that was posted by the interviewer/blogger to get it. Horses are not as bad as cows or pigs I think. I like to watch a Dutch version of Farmer wants a wife. Citygirls getting on a farm is always a highlight. I am a citygirl too but have had a little farm exposure.

  6. Dawn is delightful! So is the vid. As for laundry, I’ve postponed the washing-machine use for this past week (sufficient clothes for the duration), as we have been part of North American heat wave. Humidex temps of 43F. Don’t wish to a tempt a Toronto power failure (in the middle of the Queen’s visit) – in THIS town…

  7. Yes, adorable.

  8. Wow, you really do hate laundry. :)

  9. […] innocent? Is Geraldine stalking Harry? Love, love, love this video and the questions it raises. H/t RAFrenzy. Go to youtube and give bccmee some […]

  10. Hi! Found you through Nat’s blog.

    This vid had me grinning like a fool. I’m actually in the middle of rewatching those eps. VoD was my first encounter with RA, so sweet and charming, and oh man, that smile! I had to find out who this long, cool drink of handsome was! So then I discovered N&S and the rest is history!

    I swear, I should be taking lessons in flirting from Geraldine. They are just so good together. I’m not a huge vid fan, but I really enjoyed this one. If I ever need a lift, I know where to go.

  11. Welcome, pi!

    Not sure how I missed your comment until now, but I seem to be missing a few things these days. :D

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying this, and glad to see you at C19.

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