Strike Back S2 Confirmed!

Yes, it’s finally been confirmed (if you don’t already know) that Strike Back will have a second run and this time with more episodes. So more John Porter! But there may be a catch.

Sky1 orders second series of Strike Back
Richard Armitage to return in 10-part run of drama about former SAS operative

Jason Deans, Monday 2 August 2010 11.23 BST

Richard Armitage is to return to Sky1 as former SAS operative John Porter in a second series of Strike Back.

Stuart Murphy, the Sky1 controller, has ordered a second 10-part series of the drama following this year’s first run.

Armitage stars as Porter, a former special forces soldier now working for British intelligence. Strike Back was adapted from the novel by Chris Ryan.

Read the rest here.

I’m hearing that it’s going to be awhile — possibly the end of next year instead of spring. Visions of the promotion for Robin Hood S3 swirl in my head. Why the heck does it take so long between series? Is it RA’s schedule? Or is this how it works on British TV? Or what? It would seem to me that this kind of lapse would lose a significant amount of viewers, or am I just used to the U.S. where everything is so fast that we get antsy when it’s not? Yes, I realize we may be spoiled, so I’m wondering if my expectation level needs to be reset.

Oh, and if this is a long time between series, then I guess they really like RA and this show and perhaps there really are plans to take this to an international market. If so, I might actually start liking ol’ Rupe again. In the meantime:

Dear Mr. Murdoch:

I would be willing to pay to see this show if you can swing international access to Sky1. If anyone can do this, it’s you!

Thanking you in advance for a wonderful television experience. :D

Someone who has decent disposable income and who would more than likely watch something else on your network, and may even subscribe to the whole damn thing.


Here’s the article that indicates an airing late in 2011.


  1. Thank you for letting us know so quickly! Oh, good news; now we can stop worrying for a while where his next meal is coming from! (As if :) )

  2. This is such excellent news! I L♥VE JOHN PORTER and Strike Back!!! Ten episodes mean we will have 7.5 hours of showtime. That should set up the fanvidders nicely. I’m all for recycling, but I don’t want to keep using the same footage over and over in my own fanvids. :D

    So, RAFrenzy: are you going to start a letter-writing campaign to get Strike Back 2 to air in the states? ;)

  3. Well in Oz we haven’t even had series 1, so series 2 will be soemthing else to look forward to.
    Re the time between series, I think in the UK the time taken is usually an advantage because series are often shot on location, not studio based, which takes time and money, there is also a huge pursuit of excellence (and I’m speaking from Australia here, with TV that is soaked with US and UK shows). From what I read online it seems RA’s schedule is jam-packed and good for him too.
    But my biggest complaint is that we are waiting for a catch-up in the Spooks series here. That’s the best series of all!

    Thanks for bringing us up to date on Strike Back. Hope you can break the news on the next RA costume drama too.

  4. Check it out. Here are articles about the renewal of Strike Back in Portuguese and French. They don’t call it the WORLD Wide Web for nothing!

  5. mesmered – yes!! Where is Spooks 8?? At least ABC TV has bought Strike Back and we will see it over here on our TV screens. SB has been aired in Canada and I thought I read that it has been sold to Japan so it is already being sold internationally by BBC Worldwide … just not the USA :)

  6. I have only this to say: Bring back Toby Stephens too…please!

  7. It’s great news – I was overjoyed to see that it seems to be reported as a done deed now, though still no actual Sky press release. BTW Rupert Murdoch currently owns less than 50% of BSkyB (I believe) though I believe he is trying to buy the rest. And 10 episodes – a
    surfeit of RA/JP. But I most intrigued by the Digital Spy report which states it will air late next year. Which means it might not film till early next year, in which case what will RA be doing till then? Cap? Something else?

  8. I’ve been reading quite a bit about Murdoch’s bid to take over Sky. I’m not his biggest fan (far from it), but I actually hope he’s successful with that. If I consider how he’s dealt with his other holdings, I can totally see him taking Sky to the next level which would possibly include making the Sky Player international. Plus, his son James has to go somewhere LOL! —

    Just don’t get me started on why I hate the Times’ paywalls.

  9. Dang! I hate it when I get sidetracked. I went back to read that article on James Murdoch and forgot to mention that although Rupert Murdoch does not own Sky, he is very much a force there, and I believe some of what’s going on is the result of his indirect influence.

  10. IMO the reason why it might be filmed early next year and aired in the autumn is that they need time for pre production. Location hunting (if it is true that they intend to use different locations around the world), writing scripts, casting guest actors etc.. They couldn’t start with that in earnest before they got the green light and wouldn’t get the green light before the first series had aired and they knew how ratings and DVD sales and international sales did. I think it is different from RH3, they just aired that that late because the BBC lost interest in the show and they already had a new iron in the fire with Merlin. Besides, autumn is actually a better date than May.

  11. You’re right that autumn is better than spring. I’m just impatient.

  12. @jane True that is a reason for not filming till next year, but it is also possible that they could have commissionned writers soon after it became clear that SB S1 was a success or even before that… but I do actually tend to agree with you that it might not start shooting till next year.

  13. Actually, SB 1 will be aired in Canada in November.

  14. I wonder if they will be filming all over the world. South-Africa was cost effective in that they were able to make it appear different countries due to the varied landscapes.
    If the US is his newest adversary, where else would be a better place to hide???
    And here is me hoping more Toby Stephens too.

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