So I’ll Get My Fix Sooner??

According to Ali at RichardArmitageNet.Com, we might not have to wait SO LONG until we see Lucas in action.

4. It is looking more likely that Spooks could air in September this year (last year episode 1 aired on 4 November 2009). As reported on 12 August, Amazon and have brought the series 8 DVD release date forward to 20 September. Today, thanks to KK, we’ve discovered that the September print edition of the Virgin Media magazine lists Spooks series 9 as one of the programmes starting in September, but there’s no official airdate yet.

I’m not sure if this is more torturous than having to wait until November. Until then, I’ll have to be satisfied with this Ohcheemama picture:


You have to see this picture in all its glory. It’s here in RichardArmitageNet’s Gallery. I would link directly to the picture, but for the uninitiated, that’s called ‘hotlinking’ and is a no no. So click on the picture and then down below the lower right corner is “original picture.” Click on that then click on the picture that’s loaded to zoom in on it. Wow! It’s something else. You’re missing out if you don’t do this. Do it now! LOL!

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Blimey that was quick, I only just wrote that news item. No flies on you missus LOL

  2. That’s one of my favorite photos from S8, RAF–thank you for that!! I have to admit I an actually envious of that stone wall . . . being touched by that elegant, broad hand of his.

    The thought of getting to see our Lucas back in action next month instead of waiting until November—hooray!!! *does a happy dance while seated at desk*

  3. @ali, I’m just having a good day. I doubt that’s going to happen again. LOL!

    Thanks for all of your work!

    @angie, Oh, one of mine too, and I just edited the post with instructions how to really see it as it should be seen.

  4. Funny I was just looking at that same picture last night (well early morning really) when I should have been sleeping. It really is spectacular!

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  6. That picture is so amazing – and I’m jealous of the wall too, anyone fancy identifying the location and making a little visit just to drool on the spot where he stood?

    Great news about Spooks!

  7. Great news! Love that jacket for the pockets but more importantly for the buttons. I see this pic ~ i think snap!

  8. Frenzy… what are you try to spread the “frenzy”? This is one of my favorite pictures!

    It sure would be nice to have Spooks arrive a bit early… it felt like November would NEVER come last year!

  9. I hope you all had a chance to see that picture as it should be seen. :D

    Yes, LoriBear, I’m trying to create a frenzy, and that’s just the picture to do it. LOL!

    If I ever change my header picture, that will be the replacement.

  10. “Do it now! ”

    *Doing as commanded* 5 secs later *THUD*

    OML :)

  11. Hmm. Not sure whether it would be better to be cramming it in September (challenging with Jewish holidays) or November (challenging with Thanksgiving and crash toward end of term), but I don’t care. Will be eagerly watching the second I can get my paws on it!

  12. We haven’t seen S8 out here yet so I’m going to have to avoid S9 spoilers :(.

    I’m just a bit confused by the hotlinking comment. I thought a link to the actual picture in the gallery is fine but if you use an address like this; and the image appears directly on your blog, you are then stealing bandwidth from the original host site. A link like this to a pic on one of my albums wouldn’t be stealing my bandwidth though. It would just take a reader straight to the image in my own album. Have I got it wrong???

  13. MTA: It seems my example of a hotlink got eaten by your blog A hot link address has img src in it … I think…

    Here’s a link explaining

  14. No, you’re right img code is hotlinking. I didn’t explain very well. I have an img code to my photobucket above, but I cannot do that directly to RichardArmitageNet. I’m going to leave the link as it is because I just like linking to that album instead of the picture itself.

  15. Whew, I am not doing this. Good, because I had no idea what it was. LOL!

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