Yes, I’m Going to Talk about Between the Sheets

But I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about it. It will be in all its stimulating detail. Well, maybe not all of its detail but enough.

And I haven’t forgotten about my review of Strike Back, which I mentioned to Servetus. But logically it has to come behind a couple of diary entries, so it will be this weekend before I post it. If I can do it sooner, I will.

Thanks for being patient. :D

A pic in the meantime:

I’m not sure how to categorize this post. Maybe housekeeping. Certainly not a tangent although the thought of ‘Between the Sheets’ makes me feel one coming on. I’ll spare you. Hopefully.


Oops! I was moving too fast and forgot the picture. I don’t remember where this picture is from. It’s one of the few that has no tags in my photo album. If someone knows where it came from, let me know. Until then, I adore this picture. It’s one I’ve never posted anywhere or commented on, yet it might truly be my favorite.

One more edit:

Just to be clear. I know where the picture was taken. I’m just not sure whom to credit with it.


  1. The pic is from the Children’s BAFTA awards Nov 2006 :)

  2. He has that necklace in several pictures.

  3. Deliciousness!

  4. I actually liked the necklace, he stopped wearing it (going by pics) after RH…

    OML :)

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