I Feel Good!

But are you feeling funny like me? ‘Cause you actually want to dance with the announcement that Richard Armitage is going to have a sizable role in a big budget movie? Wait. What?!! RA is going to have more than a bit part in a major, major motion picture!!!

You’re among friends. Go for it!

If James Brown can’t loosen you up, maybe Richard can:

Avatar courtesy of I have no clue!! (see below) I normally am so anal about tagging everything, and I don’t know where I got this, but I really want to give credit. Please let me know who this belongs to so I can!

Update: The avatar is by Bluecabochon on C19.


  1. I feel good, I knew that I would now . . . I feel nice, sugar and spice . . .

    So good, so good . . . RA’s so good and we knew that he would now
    break through . . . break through . . .

    So I feel good!!! (Who needs Spooks? Come on, you sexy dwarf, you!!)

  2. It is indeed worth celebrating!! I will be so happy to sit in a theatre and oogle him – even if he is only pint sized!!
    BTW the creator of the dancing Richard avatar is Bluecabochon.
    I first saw it on Charleybrown’s blog:
    Even my husband said: “I would like to see that movie!”
    So exciting!!!

  3. All I can say, is Holy Cow! I am so happy for him, yay! Not just that he gets to do a big budget production, but it sounds like there will be some big names in this flick, that’s got to be a good thing for him!

  4. reposting here, don’t know what happened to my other post…anyhow, I’m thrilled for RA! He gets to work on a big budget production and other well known actors. That’s got to be a reallly big deal and joy for him. Can’t wait to see him on the big screen, even if I won’t recognize him as a short, hairy, dwarf, LOL!

  5. Thanks, Phylly! I only had lj (livejournal) on its description, and that could have been anyone. So thank you again!

  6. Great news! A much needed antidote to the news that Ari Up passed away on Weds. It seems like the perfect character for a big screen debut in major role, too!

  7. Okay, fess up! Who’s going to buy the Thorin action figure? ;)

  8. This will warrant multiple theatre viewings me reckon!!

  9. Yep – still feeling good!!

    the Tolkien boards seem to be OK with the choice too – some are a bit perplexed by PJ’s choice but many have never heard or seen him before. This is such a big deal! I wonder what he did when he found out??

  10. This is huge – and remember, he’s said previously that he grew up reading LotR and really likes it, so to be cast in the precursor of that saga, it must feel absolutely awesome! I’m happy for him! :)

  11. This is just the perfect first major film role for him. Tons of exposure in a film that is guaranteed to be a success, lots of great cinematography to show him off visually, and good direction to show his acting to advantage, too. Oh, oh, oh!!!!

  12. It doesn’t get any better than this. I am over the moon and I know he is, too.

    I visited EW’s site (I also subscribe to the mag–oh,oh–I bet they will have stories on this major movie project and –be still my heart!–interviews with color photos of him I can hold in my hot little hands right here in my own country! SQUEEEEEEEE!

    Not that I am excited or anything. *cough*

    But I loved that people were curious to know more about him in their comments and others were saying what a fantastic actor he was and praising his work as Lucas, Guy and JT . . . oh, oh, oh, indeed!!!

  13. Thanks for the crazy jubilant laugh… I was watching RA dance below the stick guy and it was wonderul! My neighbours must be wondering what was going on next door I was laughing so hard and so loud. ‘I feel good’ is exactly how I felt yesterday morning when I heard the news. And now I am glad to say I will be able to enjoy whatever happens to Lucas because such wonderful things await our RA. Thanks again! His family must be so proud and he must be overjoyed! He loved LOTR as a kid and now he gets to play it for real with PJ at the helm no less. Youpi!!!! (French for yippee :))

  14. @Mulubinba – what did he do when awarded the role? Started practising walking on his knees, of course! :D

    Good role; disguised as a dwarf in an oversized beard. Plenty of room for characterisation….and a pretty prestigious film series, with prestigious colleagues. Very good!

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