Kool-Aid Anyone?

I finally posted my diary entry on ‘Between the Sheets’ (BTS) and granted, it was mostly a rant. I have many more thoughts about a lot of things including more on BTS. Heck, I have so many thoughts about so many things I probably couldn’t help but start a blog. I just wish I had the guts to publish more, and thankfully, all of my thoughts are not of Richard Armitage. Fascinating as he is, that would be dull indeed. But I must admit that I went through a period in my viewing of RA’s acting where I wondered more about him as a person and what motivated him. I am a human being who is intensely curious about many things not the least of which are people, so I couldn’t help but go there, and I still go there from time to time. Some of my diary entries tend to explore that a little more than others, and those entries are probably too candid for publication. I will attempt to edit them so they’re respectful but not so respectful they’re boring.

However I edit them, I do not want to lose my honest voice, but I would be lying if I said it’s not a temptation to do just that out of fear my thoughts might generate ill will. This is probably based on the experience that people do not like you if you disagree with them or say something even a little bit critical. I, on the other hand, almost love it when people disagree with me or criticize. It can make things very interesting, and it’s certainly when I learn the most. Perhaps this is a pitfall of being reared in a very antagonistic household where I could never make a statement without being compelled to defend it. The usual reaction to a declaration was, “I understand you think that, but why?” It was always why and a tendency to try to poke holes in what I was saying, so now I’m cursed to continue asking questions, but hopefully I don’t descend into ad hominem. Whatever the case, when someone questions my stance or flat out disagrees, I feel more at home. LOL!

And I have long since realized Richard Armitage was not conditioned to be a fighter as I’ve been. He’s more of a “lover,” or at least gives that appearance, and many of his fans appear to be like him, which puts me at odds with quite a few of them, and yep, I knew that when I started the blog. Apparently, I wasn’t daunted, and even though I tend toward antagonistic and snarky, I hope I have some courtesy.

I need a picture after that long-winded preface to coming entries:


If you want to see this picture in all its glory, click on it, and then zoom in. I feel like a little more objectification than usual. Maybe reviewing BTS brought that on. I encourage you to zoom in on this picture just to look at his mouth. I’ve made a big deal out of his jawline, but I’m not sure I could really tell you what I think of his mouth. Not ready to be quite that candid. LOL!

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com, and I can’t thank them enough for doing all that they do.


  1. Ech, people need to lighten up a bit and equip themselves with a sense of humour. I’m looking forward to what you have to say on the subject! Regardless of if I’m going to agree with it or not. :) After all, we’re all adults, surely? Or at least the majority of us are. So yeah, bring it on, girl!

  2. On disagreement: I not only support your right to disagree, I also think that people can disagree in ways that are non-damaging to each other. I think Armitageworld could stand more disagreement. So count on absolute and explicit support from me if we ever disagree about anything. Since we agree on this most important thing.

    On the mouth. Oh Yeah.

  3. I stumbled on this post again as I was looking for another, and I appreciate that you and I can indeed disagree. Unfortunately, most people do not share that view with us. What a shame. It seems life would be so dull if we can never disagree.

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