This is the Way to Sell Newspapers!

This is a public service announcement for some of you chocolate lovers out there. :D

I received a little treat in my inbox today, but alas I can’t claim it. In case any of you John Thornton fans and chocolate lovers in the UK missed this, I thought I would bring it to your attention. Here’s the deal:

“Free chocolates for every reader!” according to the Daily Mail:

We have teamed up with Thornton’s to offer all our readers a delicious chocolate treat from the nation’s favourite British chocolate company.

Buy the Daily Mail on Saturday November 6 to claim yours free!

Simply buy the Daily Mail on Saturday November 6 where you will find a Voucher printed. Then take the Voucher along to your nearest Thorntons store to redeem your free bag of Viennese Truffles.

Read the rest here.

Now if Thorntons Chocolate would just figure out they have a goldmine in Richard Armitage.

If I had time, I would make a mock up bag for them. Perhaps someone resourceful out there can do it!

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  1. OMG! Thornton’s chocolates are sooooo marvelous! You are so right about having a “gold mine” in Richard Armitage. If they could get him to do a commercial dressed up as John Thornton and use his chocolatey voice to persuade people to buy Thornton’s chocolates……well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be the sales clerk at a Thornton’s store on the day the commercial first airs!! @_@!

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