Sometimes I Still Stop

And ask myself what am I doing?! I’ve now written almost 300 posts and published over 170. And most of that is about someone I don’t know and never will. Yes, I feel like a fool sometimes, but what alleviates my conscience is that I’m having such a good time writing. Oh, I know this blog is more than half bullshit, but it’s kept my hand in the writing, and I really do spend time writing other things, which has me asking another question even more frequently: why, why, why was I not writing sooner? Some of the answer is in my diary entries, but I’m not going to tell you everything because I do have to protect the guilty, and, I’m afraid the other stuff would bore the socks off of you.

Or maybe that’s me projecting on you how I feel. I can get bored very quickly, and it’s shocking that I’m still with this blog. I figured this was going to be a one note song — this talking about Richard Armitage all the time, but I never knew something seemingly one-dimensional could be this much fun. NO! I don’t mean Richard Armitage. Apparently he’s not one-dimensional or he wouldn’t have attracted so many interesting fans. Did I just compliment myself as well as all of you? Yeah, I think I did. Whatever, this is fun and you all are fun, and I thank you for giving me so much pleasure. Oh, and thanks to RA too. :D

I need a picture badly.

I honestly don’t know where this picture came from, but it’s too good not to use. I realize it came from the Children in Need clips; just not sure who made it. Whatever, looking at that makes it clear why I keep blogging. Of course, it’s not just how he looks, but that doesn’t hurt. Phew, that stance definitely demands a cold bucket of water on our collective heads. And if People Magazine doesn’t get with it in the next year or two, I may never read that rag again.

At least others get it.

Picture courtesy of Karima. Thank you, Karima! :D


  1. Oh, honey, so with you on People. This is the Sexiest Man Alive, folks (sorry, Ryan Reynolds. You’re cute and fit and seem like a really nice bloke, but–no contest for me).

    Maybe in the next year or two . . . *sigh*

    I love that shot from Children in Need. I can hear his voice in my head . . .”Marian.”

    Oh, he was so beautiful and smouldering and PHWOAR as Sir Guy.

    Richard Armitage is such a fascinating fellow he begs to be written about and discussed and, on occasion, drooled over. I just posted my 100th item to Dreamer Fiction this weekend–100 chapters, stories, poems–all based around his characters. If you had told me a few years ago I’d be faithfully following some British actor, visiting and commenting on blogs regularly and churning out all that fan fic, I would have laughed.

    Yet, here I am. The Richard Armitage Effect is alive and well (and so are Lucas and Guy, by the way. SND).

    Keep up the good work, Frenz, and your fellow addicts will be along for the ride.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about People Magazine not getting it – they may never do. I’ve seen their lists occasionally and they are probably even more mystifying for non-US readers because above half the entries will have no profile outside the US.

    I like that picture – something about the eyes I think.

  3. Actually – what is People magazine anyway??

    PS I like the stance in that pic too, the hands behind the back and the legs..oh the legs…!!!

  4. @mren,

    Thanks for the link. I read that yesterday or the day before. It’s a good list and not just because of Richard Armitage although he’s the reason I even read it. LOL!

  5. Added that link to the post. Should have done that originally.

  6. @angie, We are so on the same page — as usual. :D

    @kaprekar, people has been crap for years now. I just know a lot of people read it.

  7. I am guilty of reading the mag. I’ll justify it that they I LOVE their column on regular people doing extraordinary things. I became hooked for awhile through hairsalon’s visit and base my rating of a salon whether they’d have it or not. LOL These days I read fanfic at the hairdresser and swapped it for reading blogs such as these.
    But By Golly if he ends up in People they’d better use a current picture!!

  8. He is too distinctive to be voted “sexiest man…” etc. And he will just look more distinguished as he ages.

    Keep blogging, please, RAF. The Armitage, as another blogger has tagged him, simply leads us into all sorts of interesting discussions. Your site is FUN and funny and interesting!

  9. I felt an urgent need to post something like this right after that ridiculous people edition came out but you’ve taken the weight off my shoulders, thanks!
    Still, I do hope that “The Hobbit” is going to change priorities after it releases and tons of people get to know RA. On the other hand, I’m a tad frightened of it. So far, RA has been a virtual sole property of us, an exclusive group of extraordinary, witty and very appreciative fans who know what a jewel we’ve been keeping in our collective mind and heart for all these years… but then, as soon as RA is exposed to movie-goers all over the world we might lose our ‘exclusiveness’… am I being paranoic?

  10. I made this picture.

  11. Don’t worry, fitz, I’m not going to quit. As if I could. LOL! And yes, pi is right, he leads us into very interesting discussions.

    @karima, I think I sent you a friend request on Facebook. Thanks for letting me know about the picture. I hope you don’t mind me using it. It’s one of the best!! To give you credit, should I put karima or another username?

    @iz4blue, Oh, I still read People magazine. Not nearly as much as I did a few years ago, but I realize its power.

    @cresmix, I understand. It just means we’ll have to make more of an effort to stay connected, or maybe not. Maybe it won’t be anymore difficult to have good conversation. As for Richard Armitage’s part in this, he has to distance himself from fans to stay sane, and for that, I don’t blame him one whit.

  12. Frenz, and ladies,

    You just said what I was thinking–RA has to put some distance between himself and the fans to keep his sanity, and I totally respect that.

    I thought of an old 60s movie title–yes, I am dating myself–titled “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?”

    Will this growing success and fame somehow spoil, or change Richard? It may change him in some ways as he adapts and adjusts to the craziness that can come with being in the limelight.

    But I think the essential qualities we admire in him will remain, in part because this isn’t happening to him in his 20s, but as a mature man, and in part because he has been through so much trying to establish himself in his career and has certainly proved his mettle.

    I really, honestly don’t want to keep him all to myself and my friends. He’s too good for the world not to discover him. I was thrilled when a co-worker at a sister newspaper made reference to the fact “my” Richard Armitage was going to appear in The Hobbit. He’s on the radar here in the US at long last. Hooray! It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    I hope by moving into movies he will find some ultimately more satisfying roles (well-written and directed with his character not undergoing some bizarre morphing mid-stream) and be able to do some high-profile projects along with smaller stuff that really piques his interest. He may very well want to still do some television, too.
    Who knows? I think there are so many options available to someone as gifted as he is.

    If some of the new fans aren’t as intelligence, witty, creative or as nice as the current lot generally are (and sadly, I have run across a few-very few-bad apples along the way), well, we will have to learn to deal with that, too. Change is inevitable in life. We’ll be OK!

    I like Richard Armitage, what I know of him; I like him as a person, as a fellow human being, and I think he’s an amazing actor. As Servetus pointed out to me, he was the catalyst that ignited that creative part of me that unleashed the fiction writer inside the journalist. And for that, I will forever be grateful. When I write that novel, I just might have to dedicate it, at least in part, to him.

    And hey, re People and their Sexiest Man Alive choices? They chose the distinguished Sir Sean at age 59. Sometimes they DO get it right. *grin*

  13. Surely, gentleman that he is, Richard will always treat us with grace and respect no matter what. Actually, II don’t think he will be overlwhelmed with the magnitude of famousness that his Hobbit role will bring up. I feel we’ve kind of taken him through his “freshman year” of popularity thanks to N&S, RH and Spooks, so now he’s quite well-equipped to meet the brave new world-wide glory. Amen.

  14. That’s it, cresmix, he is truly a gentleman, a gracious individual, and I have seen how more and more adept he’s become at dealing with the press as the years have passed. He’s made some little mistakes, and learned a lot along the way. He’s overcome a great deal of that initial shyness and learned how to “work the crowd.” It’s been a pleasure to watch him evolve.

    I have no doubt the American press will be utterly charmed by RA as they get to know him better. Some will try to intrude into his private life, but there are celebs who are able to maintain their privacy, and I believe he will be one of them. He is, as you say, well-equipped to meet the brave new world-wide glory.

    And I will be thrilled to bits for him. ( :

  15. Yep, we all will be. Being a fan, in its true and proper sense, gives us, beyond all else, understanding of how immensely joyous it is to be empathic – cheering for someone else’s success and happiness as if they were our own.

  16. Yes, I have to say when the announcement was made about The Hobbit, I was just as excited about it as if a family member or close friend had been involved, not an actor whom, as Frenz says, I have never met nor likely ever will. But then, I have come to the conclusion after following him for a couple of years, this isn’t “just any actor.” Which is why I am still following him after a couple of years.

    As I have said before, no actor has ever made the impact on me emotionally, mentally, physically or creatively that Richard has.

    I discovered this whole new world of the fandom because of him (something I had never been involved with before, an online fandom, that is). I certainly hope we don’t lose contact with each other, even though RL does sometimes intervene to keep us away. Me, I am in for the long haul.

  17. Yes, we might lose our self-proclaimed “exclusivity”. Doesn’t matter. What matters is a rather exceptional actor going on being offered roles, which he transcends, and hopefully, opportunities in producing and directing.

    Giggling- Sir Sean being proclaimed at 59! And that paragon of Scottish nationalism, accepting an English knighthood! Too funny! (Being a Sean Connery fan since I was about 15, I’m sure his Scottish tongue was firmly in his cheek).

    It might be heresy, but I think Mr. Armitage is the better actor? They both share a screen magnetism. (And I still love you, Sir Sean). But….

  18. I love Sean Connery too, but he’s never been as sexy as that picture above. No way. And yes, RA is the better actor, and I don’t think that’s heresy to say at all. In fact, I think Sean Connery would agree. Love that about him. :D

  19. Richard is a better actor because many times all he has to do is give a certain “look” and he gets the point across…:) I liked him Robin Hood…Very Very attractive…:) Love the long hair…

  20. Oh, yeah, he can barely move and say volumes. I’m also partial to the long hair.

  21. Yes, The Armitage (curtsies to pi) is a world-class actor, transcending the screen magnetism. It appears that he has achieved the recognition in England. And there is such strong support from Canada, Australia, the U.S. and Europe, that we just hope he will continue to be offered better and better roles, and production/directing opportunities. He’s rather too good to ignore, do you think?

  22. He is way too good to ignore..but not all casting directors are smart…

    .I like his Lucas North/John Porter short hair..It’s a nice look…But you have to admit there is something extra sensual with the long hair..He could pull it back in a ponytail and be an “artist” in his next film…Or a biker with long hair…Wait, I’d better stop before I get overheated…

  23. I adore Sir Sean, but I have to agree that Richard is the better actor and the sexier one.

    And I think you are right, Frenz, pretty sure Sir Sean would agree RA is the more talented.

    Still remember watching SC in The Wind and the Lion when I was in high school; he played an Arab sheik who kidnapped an American widow and her children back during the Teddy Roosevelt era. Looked the part but sounded v.v. Scottish. Seems he had been educated there LOL

  24. If you look at that third series of RH, there are eps where he has little screen time or dialogue, and yet he makes such an impression. Flicking back those long locks (which I loved and thought he absolutely rocked and made a part of that character’s story arc), the flare of nostrils, tightening of the mouth, the flicker of his eyes, a smirk. He’s amazing.

  25. I dearly hope many, many good roles and opportunities come to him over the next few years. If there is any justice in this world, things will continue to evolve in his career.
    While he has the magnetism and glamour of the movie stars of the past, he has the advantage of not having to deal with being part of the studio system, where talented actors were often stymied in their efforts to get meatier, more satisfying roles.

    Tyrone Power, who was a beautiful (almost too pretty) and charismatic fellow, graceful and very athletic, ended up largely playing romantic heroes and swashbucklers and doing it very well. But he was largely unhappy with many of his films, because they didn’t bring him the satisfaction as an actor he longed for. But his studio only wanted him to play certain types . . . and when he grew too old to play the daring, dashing heroes, they ended up dropping him,.

    Thank goodness RA has more freedom in his career choices.

    (As y’all might have guessed, I am an old movie buff)

  26. While I also liked his JP/LN hair, I would have no objections whatsoever if RA rocked the extensions again in a future role. I know he wasn’t particularly keen on them, but I loved S3 Guy with the long tresses. Very sensual, as you said, Violet, and Guy was already a most sensual character.

    I remember that dark mane spread out on the pillow when he was having the nightmare . . . oh, my, my. A nightmare for Guy, a dream come true for Moi! *grin*

  27. He was also so funny in RH3!

    As for SC, I liked him best in The Man Who Would Be King (he and Michael just played off each other). And Robin and Marian, with the incandescent Madame Hepburn…

  28. Yes, he was funny. And not just in that tavern scene with Robin.

    I also loved it in the banquet for Prince John where Guy and Vasey are side by side, each trying to make sure the other isn’t poisoning him . . . and then when John keeps needling the physician to tell him what Robin said about him, and the doc finally admits the truth–the way the two men both freeze–that “oh sh*t look that comes over them as if they can’t believe what he has just said–and then once Doc is hauled of, that sense of relief,” better you than me, mate”. And of course, trying to knock off Vasey at the fire. And that little wave at the still-alive sheriff followed by the glare.

    Oh, Guy, I dearly love you. I do.

    Yes, MWWBK was very good, as was Robin and Marian with love Audrey. Remember Good King Richie not coming off smelling like a rose in that one, too.

  29. Have either of you seen ‘Marnie’?

  30. Oh, yes. Huge Hitchcock fan. Hmmmmm. RA would be interesting in that role.

  31. Oooh, I can’t even think about him in that role or I’ll faint. :D

  32. He would –in a word–set the screen on fire with all that smouldering , I do believe. I loved Sir Sean in the role, but RA? Ohhhhhh.

  33. I want to see him in something like that! Is that really too much to ask? LOL!

  34. Well, we already know he’s a Hitchcock fan–he loves North by Northwest (another fav of mine). And he likes complex characters and interesting character interaction and you’ve definitely got that in this story. Now, if they could just cast a talented female lead who was miles away from the Evil Popsicle Bitch or Moody Mannequin Maya, who had actual, tangible chemistry with the Luscious One, and we’d be cooking with gas, Frenz!! (grins and gives a goofy John Standring double thumbs up)

  35. I wonder what is his favorite Hitchcock. Marine isn’t mine, but it’s one I really like. It’s getting at so many things that Hitchcock could not really explore further at the time, but then he was the master of saying a lot without saying a thing. Gee that sounds like someone we know. :D

  36. Excellent point. Could be one of the reasons RA has an appreciation of Hitchcock’s work. Hitch was definitely constrained by the times in which he worked.

    I also appreciated how he could instill terror without resorting to a lot of gore–of course, if he were making films today, they might be an actual splatterfest, but I love the feeling of the unseen danger lurking around the corner . . . or just across the street (thinking of “Rear Window”).
    See, I would just love to sit with him and talk movies and favorites and directors he really admires and why—I SO get into all that. *sigh*

  37. Can I be there with you? :D I love all of that too. I love stories and what makes them work given whatever media they’re in.

  38. BTW, I miss Servetus. Hope she’s okay.

  39. Sure, come along! *grin* I think he would just be a pleasure to sit with and talk turkey in a relaxed, non-promoting-an-absolutely-crap-series-of-Spooks situation (have you seen they have released a trailer promoting the DVD extras for S9? I think they’re worried. . . . muhahahahahaha .

    He’s such a thoughtful, articulate, intelligent and good-humored fellow, I think he would appreciate someone asking some intelligent and interesting questions that don’t mention circus elephants or a certain army . . . and I think it is something fans would enjoy reading.

    I hope Servetus is just busy spending time with her friends, or possibly taking in a flick or indulging in an RA marathon viewing. I have a friend over on my site that I haven’t heard from in ages and I am really beginning to worry about her . . . she has FMS like I do and a stressful job and I hope she’s not in the midst of bad flare-up . . . been there, done that.

    I was so busy with work for a few days there I wasn’t online much myself. This break is giving me a chance to catch up and get some much-needed rest. Three hours of sleep a night don’t work well for me at this stage of life.

  40. I never sleep more than about five hours a night. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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  42. I too can survive on five or six hours of sleep..Anything less than that and I am just too over tired…I think the older you get the less likely you can go without enough sleep…A lot of people are busy this time of year…It’s crazy until after New Year’s…Take some time to enjoy small pleasures like this blog or enjoy an RA movie…Or a mental vacation..Thinking about RA and you…:)

  43. Thanks, Violet! Actually, I’ve slept 5-6 hours a night my whole life, so I can’t imagine how much less it will get in my old age. Yeowy! LOL! Seriously, I have to wear myself out. But I read a lot late at night and early in the morning, so maybe it’s a good thing.

    Hope you have a great holiday too — assuming you’re in the part of the world where you will get a Holiday. Take one anyway. :D

  44. Hiya RAFrenzy…Yes, I am in the part of the world where we get a holiday. I am “thankful” for that. I too read a lot late at night and sometimes in the morning. Sometimes that is the only time you can do that….;) Peace and love to you. :)

  45. Just wanted to say I’m so glad you’re here and writing. I have a strong feeling of kinship to you as a writer (whether that’s fair or not) and should you stop I would feel bereft!

  46. Thanks, Servetus. I’ll definitely take that as a compliment. Obviously, I feel a kinship with you even though our styles are vastly different. I’m not even sure I have a style. Just trying to figure this stuff out. Until now all I was good for was technical /instructional writing. Descriptive or humorous writing or really any writing with some life to it has not been my forte at all. But I am having fun with this despite that. :D

  47. Okay so other comments are lengthy… but let me just say this… YOU TOTALLY READ MY MIND RIGHT NOW. There. Thanks. – Ga

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