So Now We Wait

I’ve always thought Twitter was aptly named, but today, it was palpable. A tweet popped up about Richard Armitage that literally has us fans atwitter. It really feels like we’re in a hen house and someone startled us. Here’s the tweet so you can be startled too:

Didn’t many of us think this might be a dead possibility? Well, I guess we were wrong unless this ETTtweet is having us on. I don’t think so. They look legit.

So now we know Richard Armitage is somehow preparing for The Rover. But I want to know when it will be?! Yes, I’m impatient and spoiled to getting information quickly. I can’t lie. I am indeed spoiled, and Twitter has something to do with it. It may be one of the most addictive tools I’ve used since my first IT job, and that’s going some. I’ve been privy to some pretty cool things over the last, uh, I’d rather not say. Suffice to say this tool is phenomenal for information. I’ve learned more from Twitter in a shorter period of time than I ever have from a newspaper or the radio or tv. Even my Google Reader is not as forthcoming, and it’s pretty good.

Back to Richard. I would so love to see him live on stage, and I’ve been wanting to go back to the UK. There are other things I need to do there that have nothing to do with RA, but it would be great to make it coincide with one of his performances. Wonder how many there will be. I was looking at the other productions from ETT and most seem to be about three months for touring. This has me wondering if RA is really going to be tied up so long on The Hobbit set. Surely, Peter Jackson doesn’t need him standing around in New Zealand for the duration of filming. What actor would submit to that? Even if it is a huge break? It seems risky to be off the radar that long. But then what do I know about the acting business. Then again, perhaps RA will be touring before February, or he is not required at the beginning of The Hobbit’s filming in February?

In the meantime, I’m sure you can check out RichardArmitageNet to keep up, or you can get a Twitter account. Yes, I hope to entice some of you to join Twitter, and I promise you that it does not make your IQ go down a few points just by doing so. :D Maybe I can even get some of you to use an app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck before I’m done. MUHAHAHAHA.

Yeah, Rich, that’s how I’m going to feel until I know something:

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

Aren’t you glad my tangents are over? For now? :D


  1. I am personally all agog over this. Really, really can’t afford to do this–fly to England to see a play– but I so want to see him on stage before the surely long drought whenever he really does start in hot and heavy with filming of TH. Still reluctant about Twitter, though, I have to confess LOL.

    Does this guy ever really rest?? Now that James Brown is dead, I think Richard Armitage may be the hardest-working guy in show business.

  2. This is very exciting news indeed. According to the ETT website, The Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain is touring currently until Christmas Eve. Then Great Expectations will be on the road from February to May 2011. Looking at their past productions, there has been at least one play which had a short run in London at Trafalgar Studios and I suspect that Richard Armitage will appear in The Rover before going overseas to film The Hobbit. That’s my prediction based on the evidence. Let’s see if I’m right since I’m posting this for posterity, LOL!

  3. @bccmee,

    I hope you’re right! It would be so much easier for me to go in the summer. Much more difficult during the school year although I might play hookie for Richard. :D


    C’mon, if it’s next summer maybe you can swing it. You know it would be a blast. When I know the date, I might be able to get some cheap travel arrangements worked out. I gots connections you see. :D

  4. I think the play will be before Richard Armitage goes to New Zealand. So it will be summer in the Southern Hemisphere, but not in the UK, LOL!

  5. Just now seeing this. Bummer. I would love to go. January is way too early. Drat. I hope you’re wrong. LOL!

  6. I was trying to say that The Rover will be between ‘The Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain’ and ‘Great Expectations.’ I’m just guessing here but I don’t see when else it can be done around The Hobbit.

  7. Forgot to mention that I have an extremely strong reaction to that particular John Porter image. ♥ ♥ ♥ Yer killin’ me here!

  8. If you come to England to see the play, I’ll buy you a drink, RAFrenzy! :)

    I still think it’d be wicked if there was a bunch of us meeting up to go and see the show together. It’d be a lot of fun meeting RA friends from “off of the internets” and, realistically, I think we’d be better off going with likeminded people rather than spouses. I mean, fancy the post-show discussion:

    Fangirl: OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Richard!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! *swoon*
    Spouse: *sulk* You never swoon when I’m around. What’s he got that I haven’t?


    Spouse: What’s with the big grin?
    Fangirl: *bursting to gush over handsome actor awesomeness* … Good show, wasn’t it?
    Spouse: Yeah, it was all right … I especially liked the bit where … Hey, are you even listening?
    Fangirl: *too busy planning blog posts and remembering those long legs, those blue eyes, That Voice, and so on*


  9. LOL @ Traxy!!!

    bccmee – so nice to “see” you!

    Angie, I’m with you – no way could I get to see this play, irrespective of when it is on :( :( :( tempting though it is to have a drink with RAF and Traxy as well as other people I have met in the RA fandom world.

  10. I’ve already started my “RA The Rover” travel savings account. The perfect excuse for met to visit London after my last visit over 10 years ago :)

    The Spanish newspaper “El Pais” had an interview recently with Martin Freeman (Bilbo) and he said he would have a summer break from filming The Hobbit to film Sherlock. Since he’s the star of the movie I assume he’s in most scenes, so the break may also include the other lead actors, Richard included. So if The Rover is not as bccmee predicts, before he goes to NZ to start filming (and that seems likely), then maybe it will be during the summer (the UK summer I assume) next year when Martin is filming Sherlock. Just a second theory of when he could do it.

  11. @mulubinba Nice to see you too!

    @Musa Thanks for the information. The whole Sherlock thing confuses me. Friends who follow Stephen Fry say he tweeted that he had just finished doing a guest appearance on Sherlock. This leads me to believe they are currently filming or have just wrapped the second series of of that show. So either they’re going to finish filming Sherlock 2 in summer or they’re going to do Sherlock 3. As I said, I’m confused! However, it does look like Richard Armitage may be off Dwarf Duty over the summer and will be working on something else. For selfish reasons I want to see more of John Porter, but I am *thrilled* RA is doing theater and film now.

  12. If I come, I’m countin’ on it, Traxy. :D

    The missing piece is RA’s date to report for duty to TH. If we just knew that or near the date, we could figure a lot more. I’m not sure how we can know it, but I’m going to keep my ear to the ground, and I assume all of you are as well. Just had a mental picture of that. LOL! No, you don’t want me to share.

  13. @mulubinba, Who knows I might come to Australia sometime. :D

  14. @RAFrenzy: I heard that TH is set to begin filming in February 2011. Just a few months off. Here’s my source:,20812,2026234,00.html which I found through

  15. Yeah, but do we know he has to be there then?

  16. It’s only a guess since he is the 2nd lead so I imagine he will be there throughout all of the filming. However, there may be a chance there will be shooting of just locations before the actors arrive. From my observation, the actors are there from the beginning. However, TH may work differently than the movies I’ve watched shoot in Seattle and New York City.

  17. @RAFrenzy – would LOVE to see you in Australia … and anyone else who might visit. I may have to post a few photos to “encourage” you to travel :)

    Just checked out the message board over at TORn. They have a countdown going to February 1st which is when they feel the cameras will start to roll.
    That doesn’t take into account the need for the actors to do some training beforehand though. I’m not sure if PJ is requiring a training session like he did with LOTR.

    The guys over at TORn feel that the actors will have been told that they need to keep themselves available for redoing scenes. Apparently PJ was notorious for calling the LOTR actors back to NZ for re-shoots. The LOTR actors found it difficult to juggle any new work commitments so TORn feels that something about making sure of availability for re-shoots might be written into their contracts this time around. This uncertainty may make it hard for RA to commit to other projects but I wonder if MF’s work commitments in summer may provide him with the space he needs to do the Rover. It’ s just that a “read through” implies that the play is on sooner than later … kind of like a first rehearsal. Odd that ETT hasn’t advertised yet though.

  18. IF this was happening next summer, I MIGHT be able to swing it, especially with assistance from RAF in finding cheap deals. NO way can I go in January unless a miracle takes place. I have no rich uncles on the brink of dying and leaving me their fortunes. So naturally I would hope for it to be next summer during some sort of break in filming to accommodate Martin’s Sherlock schedule. It does sound as if it’s going to be hard for Richard to do much of anything else once he’s immersed in Thorinhood.

    But I agree, it seems odd, if they are doing read-throughs right now with RA, that it wouldn’t be sooner rather than later for The Rover. Surely we will hear something pretty soon one way or the other–it is almost December, after all, and we know he’s going to NZ in February.

    And then if it’s soon I can settle into a good old sulk I will be missing this, and then give myself a pep talk to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. Life will go on, Angie.

    @Mulinbinba, One day I do hope to visit Australia. My husband and I had our first kiss while talking about Australia so I have always held a special spot for the Land of Oz in my heart. ( :

  19. It does seem likely then that the play will be between Dec when the current ETT play ends, and February when filming starts in NZ. (I too would prefer it to be summer in order to save the funds – but will try -one can hope always.)

    Has anyone tried to contact ETT and ask about dates for The Rover?

  20. What about Strike Back (assuming he is in it a little bit) – when’s he going to do that?

    But I also think that it could be imminent. But then again, they have to allow time to sell tickets – oh I don’t know – it’s crazy to speculate. Theatres have to be booked in advance too, don’t they, and the production marketed. I’m on the mailing list for one of the theatres that company is using (Richmond) and they often trail productions up to a year ahead. Perhaps they are planning it for after The Hobbit filming even?

  21. @bccmee the Sherlock that Stephen Fry is doing is the 2nd movie with Robert Downey Jr. The Sherlock that Martin Freeman is doing is a BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead. So not the same production.

    My best guess is he’ll do it before going to the Hobbit in Feb. But that’s just speculation, I have no idea.

  22. @Ali: Ah thanks! I got the information 2nd hand. Too many Sherlocks running around, LOL! I posted on IMDB ages ago that I thought RA would make a great Sherlock Holmes someday. Maybe in time he’ll play an older Sherlock like Jeremy Brett did.

  23. I really can’t believe that Richard is getting ready to go on tour with The Rover. How an earth can he manage to juggle so many projects up in the air at the same time? The man must be superhuman (okay take that as read!) I thought this play would be dead in the water for Richard now he is going to be filming parts one and two of The Hobbit. I won’t believe it until I literally see and hear it, but you never know. I just hope that he does not just do a couple of months on stage at a London venue and then someone else takes over the role. Nothing further on this on the ETT website, which I would have thought would have been updated by now. Great Expectations is due to start next, in early 2011, so when will The Rover begin. I hope this isn’t a wind-up otherwise there’s going to be murrddeer!!!!

  24. Welcome, Susie,

    I hate to think what it is if the tweet wasn’t legit. But I think it was. If not, then that site would lose so much credibility. I think it was legit. But what does it mean? Is doing the part or not?

    To everyone,

    As for the dates when The Hobbit begins, I know it’s February, but what exactly does that mean? When we have the answer to that, we’ll know a lot more.

    My gut says RA is doing the play. Unfortunately, my gut’s not telling me when. :D

  25. Bccmee,
    I have noted in various places that I think Richard would make a fantastic Holmes. He has the right look–the height, the hawkish profile and penetrating gaze–and would, of course, bring his own special spin to that complex character. I would also love to see those elegant hands of his playing the violin . . .
    I do really enjoy the new Sherlock with Freeman and Cumberbatch (what a name!)

    @Susie, I have sometimes pondered whether or not he just might be superhuman—or not of this earth ( ;

    Don’t you hate it when your gut doesn’t give you a specific timetable for events? So inconsiderate . . .

  26. :D

  27. I think the best source of information with regards to Hobbit schedules is MF’s interview with the Spanish newspaper. As Bilbo and Thorin are in most scenes together it seems likely that RA’s schedule is similar.

    And he says he will start in January (not February!) and have a break in the summer and return in September. I assume they have brought filming forward to have room for a break later. So I think RA doing The Rover in the summer is the best guess. The schedules for most theatre for the winter are long fixed, it would be hard to squeeze something in now. Or maybe he won’t do it until the Hobbit is completely finished. They could do preparations for the play now so they only need a short period of rehearsals once RA is back in the UK.

  28. Hello, Jane, I so hope you’re right. I guess we’ll know soon.

  29. Programmes printed now go to mid January. The next play is in productions for following season,. feb-may. My guess is The Rover is probably for following season mid-may -august, although many theatres tend to be quiet in August, our local one has commitments to local drama groups which tend to be fulfilled in August.
    I guess reading throughs are early on so that cast get a flavour of play, guidance from director and can go away and work on it, also allows wardobe to measure up for costumes.

  30. It just crossed my mind that RA mentioned in some interviews that he might do the Rover in mid 2011. He also said in a recent interview that he’s trying to find a “gap” or the Rover.

  31. @Kaprekar Do you think RA will actually appear in Strike Back? The message from producer Elaine Pyke was very ambiguous. She said “Richard will be in it in some way, but then the series will have two new leads who’ll take the action to new heights.” Sounds to me like they won’t use him much. Even though John Porter is my favorite RA character, I’m delighted that RA is moving on to film and back to the stage.

    @Susie There’s a chance that The Rover won’t tour. I really can’t imagine someone of RA’s status in a touring troupe. And there is a precedent; at least one of the ETT’s productions was an exclusive London engagement.

    @angieklong Yes, I do hope RA will be Sherlock Holmes someday. He missed his window of opportunity to play Mr. Knightley so perhaps we’ll get lucky and RA will have a nice 3 year stint as the great 221B Baker Street detective.

    @Jane Ooh good detective work! Maybe we’ll know by tomorrow if the ETT will respond to the tweets and facebook postings. I imagine at least one person has emailed them, but I didn’t. It’s fun to speculate, LOL!

  32. Based on the latest tweet by the ETT, it could be awhile before The Rover. Looks like my guess was completely wrong, oh well! I ordered a paper copy of the play so I can read it the old-fashioned way. My previous method of reading on my Pocket PC is no longer feasible. I also ordered a Kindle 3 which is designed to minimize eyestrain. I have been reading books electronically for years but it’s starting to take its toll so I splurged and bought myself a gift. Luckily my source for free public-domain books– –now offers the Kindle format.

    Has anyone read the play yet? I started it but will wait till after the book arrives to finish.

  33. […] Spooks 9 publicity blitz and even after the announcement of his casting as Thorin Oakenshield, with the tweeting of his participation in a read-through for The Rover, was his desire to get back on UK stages; it appeared in at least three pieces I can think of […]

  34. […] one thing I would suggest for everyone — and I can’t take credit for this, it was something Frenz suggested years ago — GET A TWITTER […]

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