Beard Me

I am so digging Richard Armitage in a beard. But then I love beards on men. SO has a beard, and I’ve never gotten tired of it. It took me a few years to convince him to grow one, but after he did, his reaction was, “Wow, you really like my beard!! What happened to that other woman? … Yeah, maybe I’ll keep the beard. LOL!” Of course not all women like facial hair on men, and some are actually turned off by it, but c’mon, doesn’t RA in a beard challenge that notion for some of you? It’s hard to believe that some who have hated beards aren’t now saying, “Yowza!” and some, “Ocheemama!”

I know I want to touch it, and this is coming from someone who has yet to have a dream or fantasy about RA. This might change things. LOL! No, it probably won’t. I’m just that much of a control freak and head over heels in love with SO to the point I can’t even bring myself to fantasize about another man, but Richard’s beard is a strong temptation. I’m sure everything in its vicinity is feeling the same. :D

Honestly, I’m hoping he wears his own hair for the Hobbit. Somehow I doubt that’s going to happen, but he may be more into method acting than I think he is. The only downside for him is he really would not be able to hide behind his beard in public. But then can this guy hide? Oh, maybe he’s been able to do so up ’til now, but it’s going to get harder and harder, and if I know anything about the American public, he really won’t be able to do it if he spends much time here. We’re just absurd that way. Plus, women here have an absolute love affair with the English accent from a man, and when it’s someone like RA, oh man, Colin Firth is going to be a pup compared to this guy. Even Gerard Butler, who I have to admit is mighty fine and has a wonderful Scottish accent, will not be able to hold RA a candle if the women of the American public ever catch onto him.

Earlier I said to someone that he is a sexy beast in this press conference, and I’m sticking by those words. None of that negates the sensitive artist. I just see it as another facet of the same wonderfully complex person. If he were just the artist with the sensitive mouth, frankly, I would become bored. Just as if he were nothing but a sexy beast in a beard. Too much of any of it is BORING. Thankfully, RA is both and so much more. And of course my current infatuation is not just about the beard because I have no inclination to touch Aidan Turner’s! :D

Candid shot courtesy of Richard Armitage’s Beard blog. [Note: alas, the original tumblr is gone. Thankfully, I had the good sense to archive it the day after this post. Enjoy!]


  1. I’ve had FOUR dreams since *the beard.* Yes, four.

  2. And how many before that? :D

  3. LOL! i I think Aidan is a cutie but I have to say his current hairy status makes him look like he should play the werewolf instead of the vamp in Being Human.

    To me, the beard is one more of so many looks RA really can rock. My husband has been both bearded and clean-shaven and I love the way he looks either way and the same holds true of Mr. A.

    I don’t like beards on all men–they have to be tidy-looking (Brad Pitt’s was one of the worst I have seen on a celeb), they have to have the right kind of face to wear it. Richard, with his lovely cheekbones, those gorgeous eyes and that dazzling smile, has the right kind of face.

    And yes, he WAS a sexy beast at that conference. We all have multiple facets to our personalities, so who is to say a man with a” testosterone-charged lope” cannot also be a senstive, intuitive artist? Man’s the total package IMHO. He was channeling his inner Thorin with a generous dollop of John Thornton on the side and maybe a little bit of Guy, too. :D

    I agree, all the other British/Scottish/Irish blokes who have wowed the ladies on our shores pale in comparison with the Bearded Beauty. Mr. Honeytongue’s voice will have them swooning–add in all the rest, and well—
    I don’t think I could ever get bored by him, frankly. *sigh*

  4. @RAFrenzy I’ve had several RA & RA-character dreams before the beard, but never so many in such a short time. I have often dreamt of celebrities my whole life, but I think RA wins the record and it’s been less than 2 years since I’ve discovered him.

    @Angieklong It will be interesting to see how America reacts to this man! I’m looking forward to watching the parade.

  5. Parade may not be quite the word — frenzied mob more like. LOL! If women here really discover him, I can’t even think what will happen except that he’ll have to RUN!!

  6. I’ve had three RA-related dreams–one of him as Harry Kennedy dressed up as an angel for a nativity pageant, one where RA himself was barbecuing on my parents’ back porch and being very charming and funny and one of him with me in the back of a limo with me conducting an interview. Nothing salacious in the least, but I certainly enjoyed every single one of them. :D

    I confess that I wonder if he has any idea, really, the effect he has on women. I know he says it’s just the characters we are drawn to, and hey, he’s produced some very sexy fellows in his roles, but there’s no denying the man himself is awfully attractive.

    He’s like a human form of catnip, in some ways . . .

  7. Modest and faintly shy he might be. (A well-brought-up person). At this stage of his life, he probably has a very good sense of his effect on women. He’s not exactly lacking brains and sensitivity. Besides, there is a distinctly mischievous aspect to that smile…I don’t think he’s above flirtatiousness!

  8. Yes, he’s a gent, no doubt about it, and we love him for that. Oh, I think there is a naughty side to the Bearded Beauty . . . which would surely be a great deal of fun to explore.
    In my dream where I was interviewing him, he was sweet, charming, very interesting (are we surprised by any of this??) and yes, a little flirtatious, but in a very adorable way. Which I LOVED . . . :D

  9. The beard is really growing on me….did I mean to say that!!!

  10. LOL! A blog about the man’s beard! What next? (It’s terrific btw — the blog I mean — of course the beard is!)

  11. When I was writing this piece, it was a real temptation not to add one put after another. LOL!

    I love that blog.

  12. “Of course not all women like facial hair on men, and some are actually turned off by it, but c’mon, doesn’t RA in a beard challenge that notion for some of you? It’s hard to believe that some who have hated beards aren’t now saying, “Yowza!” and some, “Ocheemama!”

    As a non-facial hair lover, I’m actually feeling ever so slightly challenged. Ordinarily when I see something lovely, I don’t like the view obscured. (I also like smooth chests, unsurprisingly). RA’s beard is nicely contoured; it doesn’t grow up or down too far. It looks almost patrician compared to Aidan, the wolf boy’s and it doesn’t seem have been properly groomed yet. In the interest of analysis, I’ve been careful studying the pictures. It’s quite possible the beard may tone down the beautiful aspect and cranked up the sexy male PHWOAR aspect. Just sayin’ there may be a definite possibility there…

    BTW I was disappointed his hair was recently cut so short. He can really rock a mane ala S2 of RH but I think PJ wants to emphasis the alpha male appeal rather than the younger dish sexiness.

  13. Also that blog is hysterical. Feeling compelled to bookmark it. Uh oh.

  14. PSS: Did anybody observe that his chest appears waxed again (at least the part in the V of his shirt is clear). Are we getting bared chested dwarves? Anybody? Bueller?

  15. Agreed, the blog is hilarious. Got plenty of chuckles from that.

    Well, they DO go bathing in the lake in the book . . . hmmmmm. It had crossed my mind I didn’t notice any chest hairs springing up–after I finished trying to peek through that little gap between buttons we got in one of the shots . . . he does snug-fitting shirts so well.


  16. “Anybody? Bueller?”

    LMAO. LOL!!!

    So, uh, I take it you’ve warmed up to the beard a bit? :D

    I nearly lost it when I saw that blog. I’m about to submit a piece for it. Couldn’t help myself.

  17. I am actually feel a poem coming on–quite tongue in cheek–paying homage to The Beard. :D

  18. Love it! :D

  19. @Angiellkong

    He definitely knows he’s attractive from the reactions he gets. He just doesn’t believe it’s to the degree that they say he is: a sex symbol, beautiful boy, etc. He still remembers himself as the “ugly duckling” before he grew into his height and features. He compares himself to conventional looks like the The Business is wont to do. Remember when he said that compared to Rupert Penry-Jones, he was average? Honestly, my mouth fell open. As to RA dreams, I can’t recall having any yet. And I never have erotic dreams about any crush. Blame my years of being a repressed Catholic. ;) Poetry is good, can’t wait!


    Damnit, I went ahead bookmarked that blog so I won’t miss your entry. LOL! Being in this fandom is a tough job.

  20. PSSS: Oh I forgot. I was supposed to firmly add, “But I like him mainly for his acting, of course.” Of course. :D

  21. @Judiang,

    That’s actually what I told someone today–I think RA’s memories of being the kid who shot to full height at 14 and whose face hadn’t yet caught up with his nose, the lanky beanpole with the big beak, still stick with him. Because he is unconventional in his handsomeness, he thinks of himself as being a bit odd looking. I think he’s actually said that. I love the fact he’s no bland cookier cutter handsome guy. That’s so boring!!

    While I like Rupert Penry-Jones and thought he had good acting chemistry with RA during their all-too-few scenes together in Spooks, there’s NO comparison for me to RA (for one thing, not big on blonde fellows).

    Ah, Frenzy knows I will unabashedly state I appreciate his body of work–and his body. The wonderfully nuanced, detailed character actor inhabiting a leading man’s face and physique. What more could you want? :D

    Working on the poem. ;)

  22. I’m very fortunate as I’ve always liked well-kept beards on good-looking blokes, so Richard’s growing one for The Hobbit is a lovely variation on the sexy stubble and occasional clean-shaven! There’s something about this man! He’s now taken beards to a whole new level for me!

    Celebrity dreams: never had a single one before Richard. I have now had several dreams aboout him. It must say something about how special he is!

  23. I don’t think it is a coincidence that two of the most attractive dwaves have grown real beards. They may consider not to hide them under too much hair and prosthetics for the benefit of the audience. Plus one or two of the other dwaves so they blend in and it does not look too obvious.

  24. Well, of COURSE we all like him strictly for his acting! Hmnn. :)

    At the same time, it’s no bad thing to crush on an actor (yes, Angie, I really prefer “unconventional” looks and fascinating bone structure, too), one who is rather a good actor. No bad thing to be inspired to analyse performances and productions, production values, and all that makes up interesting TV or film work. (Besides which, it helps in rationalising one’s “crush” :D

    @Judiang, for all the middle-class background of the actor, I happen to see much of the patrician in his features and his bearing. Videos of the Red Carpets and moving within crowds reinforce this impression. On the verge of hyperbolic, time for this supporter to be quiet and sign off…

  25. He looks like a Plantagenet if you study paintings of them and compare to Richard’s features. He really captured the nobility in the character of Sir Guy in Robin Hood with his bearing.
    In “Truce,” Layla comes to think of John as a thoroughbred in spite of his working class origins. Yes, there is something patrician and so — regal about this fellow, no doubt. *sigh* And yet, so–down to earth. Approachable. Takes himself lightly. Quite a captivating combination to a lesser mortal like myself.

  26. I”ve long said as the “real me” ;-) that he looks like a Plantagenet. Probably has it in his line. I know it’s in my line, and kick in the head he really looks like a member of my family, and frankly, I wish he didn’t. LOL! So I haven’t been kidding about that, and this is the chief reason I will never have a fantasy about him. I would love to think it’s strictly because of my love for SO, and yes, I do adore SO, but I’m human and can’t really account for my dreams. But I’ll never dream about RA romantically. It ain’t happenin’. LOL!

  27. I may bore y’all with some of my genealogy later on in my diary entries. Not sure if I want to inflict that on you, but I might. LOL!

  28. So, Frenz, are you saying you might be distantly related to our Richard? :D
    I think that would be pretty cool.

    As for genealogy, I am a southern girl, you know, and we always like knowing who “our people” are. Bring the posts on!

    Actually, the older I get, the more I want to know about my family lineage.
    I doubt I have any royal blood coursing through these veins, but it’s interesting to learn things. My dad had someone do some research years ago and where that manuscript ended up, I have no idea. I liked reading it as a kid and imagining David, my great-great-great . . . . coming from Ireland to seek his fortune in the New World and ending up fighting in the American Revolution. And then there was the branch of the family who got massacred by some of my husband’s Native American relatives back in the pioneer days in Texas . . . thankfully we get along much better than they did!

  29. Maybe. :D I’ve never traced it out, and I’m not sure I’m going to, but he really does look like he could be my brother. Ironically, my brother and I don’t really look much alike. He looks more like my mother’s side of the family, who are predominantly Welsh. I’m the one who looks like dad.

    BTW, my kids are the ones who have made what I would call a big ass deal out of this, and my mother has chimed in as well. I wasn’t too thrilled to hear it actually. LOL!

  30. Yeah, I guess if you crush on someone you don’t necessarily want to be related to them!! Sometimes people we aren’t directly related to can look more like us than our closest kith and kin. I’ve known brothers and sisters who looked nothing alike. Speaking of which . . .

    I always wondered why my oldest sister looked so different from our middle sister and me, only to discover the big family secret after my dad’s death: Mama had to go to a fertility clinic and be artificially inseminated due to a terrible groin injury by dad suffered from a bayonet in WW II which apparently left him sterile. So my oldest sister is actually my half-sister and we don’t know who her biological father is.

    My middle sister is actually my uncle’s child (by the same method, I hasten to point out. They wanted a child with some of Daddy’s genes that time around). So she is my half-sister and my first cousin. Very southern gothic, don’t you think?

    So—what about me, you ask? Well, let’s say Mama was very surprised to discover herself with child the old-fashioned way six years after her second child. After my dad’s stroke, he would say things like, “I have three daughters, but I have one daughter.” I just thought he was confused. Everyone knew about this–even my husband–before I did. Talk about the last to know. . . . life really is like a box of chocolates, ladies. You just never know what you are gonna git . . .

  31. Definitely sounds like it could make a book. :D

  32. So my sisters and I have discussed. My mother never brought up this subject, and I was nervous about broaching it in her last fragile years. I think in her mind we were all Daddy’s biological children, and as far as we are concerned, he WAS our father. He’s the one who raised us and fretted over us and wanted the best for us. He asked us to watch out for each other when he was in the nursing home, bless his heart.

  33. All I have to say is…I like the beard and I am NOT a beard person. OK, I don’t have a beard but what I’m trying to say is, I’ve never been attracted to men w/beards. Nope, that’s not what I mean either…I’m not attracted to any men besides my husband. Well, I’m not blind. I can look. But not touch. COuldn’t do it in a million years. But I like “his” beard. I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

    Genealogy…my passion!! If you haven’t been there already, go to Get a month trial subscription and just see what you find. You WILL be amazed. The trick is….you use it as a tool, as a lead. Check out everything you find there. Validate, verify…but it is amazing!!! When I first began searching out my family, I did it the old fashioned way…going to LSD libraries, genealogy libraries, reading microfilm till I was cross-eyed…then I found the internet, which was the primary reason the internet was invented. Right Mr. Gore? Anyway, I took my internet findings to the little ladies at the libraries and they couldn’t believe what I’d found in 2 weeks. It had taken them years to discover that much info. I felt bad for them. It was almost like I had cheated.

    Which brings me back to the beard thing…don’t dream about the beard or RA or Guy…but have had some crazy ones about snakes (you know the Travelers insurance commercial with the rattlesnake and bunny. I see that and I’ll dream about snakes for a week.) and high school musicals and grade school crushes.

  34. Ah, genes and genealogy! A few acquiline features in my family, too. Alas, not me. If you trace us all back, particularly from the British Isles (and I’m sure, other European countries) everyone is related! Of course, many of us no longer in Britain/Ireland etc, are descended from younger sons of younger sons, which is how we end up in the “colonies” etc.

    The lovely thing about family history research is that it IS history, and leads the researcher to read the social and economic history of various eras, to try to better understand those ancestors. I’ve been a member of a British Isles Family History society here for a number of years. Naturally, mostly Old Trouts (we have the time) and the computer expertise of so many of them is amazing. There’s a two-day annual conference, with guest speakers, often from the other side of the Atlantic. There’s a quarterly journal, which has won some awards. There’s a library. (This is unadulterated boasting – I set up the library). And it has all been absorbing, not to forget the people one meets.

  35. NB,

    I have been too cheap to get on, and other people have traced out both sides of my family so that I haven’t felt the need. But I keep hearing how great it is! Maybe I’ll check it out. :D


    Love that about the library. I have told you about my love of librarians? ;-)

  36. Way to go fitzg!! That quite a job! Out here in the boonies, we’re lucky to have a regional gen. library just 40 miles away and it’s a really good one. Wonder where our closest British Isles society is? Will have to check on that.

    I have met some of the NICEST and most helpful people along the way and have managed to meet up with cousins I never knew existed. One guy contacted me thru ancestry and I was able to connect him to the rest of my family…family that he had for years yearned for. Talk about satisfying! Woohoo!!! I could write about a book about the wonderful folks and family I’ve meet these last 10 yrs!

  37. NB,

    That sounds wonderful!

  38. Too bad I can’t spell or type…

    met not meet.

    That’s not That

    Blame the meds. But at least I can breathe…

  39. 30 lashes w/a wet noodle. ;-)

  40. Wonder if the trip to the LSD library has anything to do with it. :D

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  41. haha…possibly.

    In my present state, 30 lashes with anything would not be felt!! Euphoria here I come!!

    Must add…ancestry not only traces for you, but you may find photos that you never knew existed. They also have a pm thingy which has been very useful. And lost family stories are sometimes posted there RE: I had lots of names, dates and places for one branch on my paternal side. And even a couple of pics. Digging deep at the site, I found tales about my great-great grandfather from a branch far removed from my immediate family! What a find!! What you find is that back then there might have been 10 children but only 2 stayed in the area in which they were born with the parents close by. Thus, those 2 “may” have many more stories to tell that those who moved away. And they’re likely to have photos also. It’s usually the daughters. Just some FYI. Perhaps too much, but I’m old, I’m hallucinating and I don’t care….. ;))

  42. I love this. You may yet inspire me to check it out!

  43. One more thing before I crash…another FYI, RA related altho this could be old news?? I got my edition of Audio Times from BBC yesterday and his LotN audio book is #8 on their Top Ten Titles.

    And Frenz, you could call a sub at Ancestry an early birthday/anniversary/Mother’s Day gift?

  44. Hi, guys,

    Must dash off again to help with interviews for the high school beauty pageant (you wouldn’t believe how many different activities I judge around here, I could write a story just on that) and got back only shortly from an interview and photo shoot with a lovely young lady from south end of county . . . it’s an absolutely gorgeous day here. Spring fever abounds!!

    Should I also mention I noticed how attractive the principal of the school down there looks with his facial hair? :D Funny how I am noticing beards, goatees, Van Dykes, et al. so much more lately., Check in with y’all later!!

  45. Ahh, I get it now. I was a bit behind on my blog reading today! ;)

    My SO also has a beard, kinda like RA’s … well, when he doesn’t get bored with it and thinks it’s too itchy and shaves it off. But then he just doesn’t shave for another few weeks and the beard is back! I love beards, but I LOATHE moustaches! They’re just ugly and seriously unattractive, but beards, yay. RA looks so goshdarn MANLY in it, it sets my hormones all aflutter and I bloody fancy him even more than usual! *fans herself* How is that even POSSIBLE?! Turning into some sort of cave woman here!

  46. Yes, some of us have gone off the deep end — as if that’s something new. LOL!

    @judiang, Oh, I’m feeling the pressure. I’m afraid it will be good for me but not for you. :D I’ve got to really get into snark mode and I”m not quite there yet. Son is really diverting my attention, and well, he should get it — at least until he’s out of the house. :D

    No, seriously, I’m meeting myself I’m so swamped. Picture me cross-eyed.

  47. Don´t want to disgard previous messages, but did anyone do the maths? Originally filming was supposed to start on Febr. 14th. Very likely the date for this press conference on Febr. 11th is the original planned date. I guess that it was about two weeks earlier that Aidan Turner and RA started growing their beards and it looks that AT started even a couple of days earlier. Now that Peter Jackson is kept to his bed due to an operation, filming is postponed until March, but the press conference was not. And why do the other dwarved haven´t grown their beards too in advance? Filming schedule? Or they get to sport the real long, ugly beards?

    Funny enough about the same time of starting growing beards (I only assume) I tweeted on Jan 26th: True Hobbit fans grow beards to support Peter Jackson in his quest to get the bearded Dwarves from paper to 3D . Hmmm…

  48. @Violet, Good points about the math and dates! Gosh, hope Mr. Jackson is gaining strength, too. Ulcer, let alone perforation is not a joke.

    There appear to have been a few hiccups en route to The Hobbit. As for the press conference, the Inmates (actors) did a super job of taking over and representing the aspirations of all involved in the production.

    As for math and growing beards, not all chaps can grow facial fast. Or at all? :) And, whatever other roles which they have been juggling, with Dwarf Boot Camp!

    “True Hobbit fans” growing beards? Assume the reference was to the other half of the population – a beard wouldn’t come easily to me! (Well, there was Alice’s beard for Geraldine’s wedding ensemble…)

  49. We don’t know if the real beards will appear in the movie. RA said it is an experiment. Perhaps they decide against it. Perhaps it is just a way to get used to wearing a beard. Perhaps only a few of them will have real beards and the rest fake ones. My personal theory is that they consider not to make their most handsome actors uglier and more unrecognisable than they have to.

  50. Fitzg, the reference was tongue in cheek and referred to those unlogical typical phrases in the media to catch attention.

    Jane, on my blog I have a post about the Hobbit casting with a collage of how some of the bearded characters might look together. I made the remark that I also thought there may be too many beards (to keep everyone apart).

    My first impression was ´Gerard Butler´ when I saw the pics before the press conference. Personally I chant braids, braids, braids (in Hobbit 2) ;)

  51. @Violet, yes that comment about fans growing beards just tickled the funny bone! A lot of people want the film’s success. The media can be amusing in its illogic. Or its purple hyperbole – T-loaded lope indeed! (Pity that shot of Mr. A wasn’t actually on the screen in the conference release) T-loaded he is, only, is there a more – “Jane-ite” decription? Just joking.

  52. I admit I didn’t think I would like him in a beard. But now that I have seen him with it I find it to be hot! I just hope like others here that he keeps his own. I think an overdone fake one would not suit him…He needs to look natural and he can still look regal or mysterious..I wish I could be Mrs. Thorin Oakenshield…I’ll sign up for that..Mr. Peter Jackson..write me in..I don’t mind an extended New Zealeand vacation! LOL

  53. @Violet…RACE YOU TO THE AIRPORT…..I’ve always wanted to visit NZ!!

    Afraid PJ would kick me out tho. I could play Mrs. Oakenshiled, his mom?!! I mean, everyone has a mom right? Works for me. Packing suitcase as I type. And no, I haven’t visited my local LSD either, Miz Smarty Pants, who by the way, I hope is no longer cross-eyed. That could really mess your mind, not unlike LSD. :0)

  54. I think Jane may be right about them wanting the more physically attractive actors (sorry, Ken Stott, I am NOT including you in this :D) to be recognizable in the films. So we might see Richard and Aidan and Rob sporting real fuzz while others are wearing fake beards . . . ah, who knows?? But I admit I am eager to see more of what they will be doing with the various characters. I am SO excited about this movie!!

  55. @violet8886,

    At my own private site, we have a thread: “Thing I didn’t find particularly sexy BRA (Before RA) . . .”

    Amongst the things we have mentioned: beards (although I personally like them just fine), tattoos, long hair on guys, including greasy, tangled manes, head-to-toe black leather, accountants, bondage, cozy jumpers, and nightmares (re Guy in RH3) . . . ; )

  56. @Angie love, what DO you mean about Ken Stott??! He has a NOSE! (exit giggling). Oh and all of above boxes not ticked on your above lists were on my NOT list, too. ‘Cept I grew up when brothers and others were being advised to clip the hair above the collar. So have rather quite liked male manes. Question is “how long, exactly”? Photos of a singer I admire for his singing, now a judge on you-know-what show, hasn’t rated a tick box yet.

    @Violet and NovB, what? Is this an airport race a la a certain reality show to get around the world? Join you, NB, Mum age to grown son myself.

    Fanstrav. is going to be fun. Save your energies, mesdames, for the event. No, just keep on going on. :D

  57. @fitzg,

    Oh, Ken has got a nose, alright . . . but not exactly classically aquiline like our dear RA’s (more like W.C. Fields). : )

    I actually prefer RA’s hair with a little length to it. And my husband’s, too. With long hair, it depends on the fellow wearing it as to whether I like it. But I always wanted it to be clean and healthy and well-groomed. And then boozy, tortured Guy a la S3 came into my life with that messy mane tumbling into his bloodshot eyes, and —-Whoooaaaa Nelly!!

    Saw a photo of RA at 22 now posted at RAnet where he had S3 Guy locks! Hadn’t quite yet grown into his present adult beauty but the sweet, sweet smile was there, reflected in his eyes.

  58. Saw that photo too! Their gallery is most interesting.

    Mr. Stott? Good character acter . That (bulbous) shape doesn’t hurt for his work. Mr. A is having a different type of career direction, which if he wishes, won’t keep him from either character work, or from production work.

    @Violet, was thinking about your comments re: prosthetics and fake hair. Immediately thought of Laurence Olivier and Richard III.

  59. Oh, yes, I’ve enjoyed Ken’s work in other projects. I love Timothy Spall, too, but let’s say they wouldn’t be my first choice for romantic leading man. But I do adore my British character actors!! :D

    Mr. A has it all–brains, insight, talent, charisma and looks for character roles as well as leading man fare and for working as a director if he chooses. No reason for him to be typecast.

  60. @Angie, doubt if Mr. S harboured thoughts of “leading man” roles, either. Mind you, the much-missed John Thaw/Morse did cause a heart flutter or two.

  61. Oh, I dearly loved Morse! I do miss him, although I enjoy the Inspector Lewis series, also.
    John Thaw definitely had a certain something . . .

  62. I too saw that photo of RA when he was younger with Robin Hood season 3 long hair. I think RA would look good with a beard [neat like he has now] and long hair like he had in RH3. Though even if his hair was short he could pull it off. I think, like others have said, his nose [aquiline] makes him capable of playing working class as well as regal or noble roles. It give him character. I also think it makes his vulnerability more believable too. I wouldn’t mind playing RA’s love interest or sister in a role. I am only 3 years older than him so I don’t think I could play his mom. Oh yeah, I would have to take acting classes too. I am not exactly an experienced actor! LOL Interesting that someone said he looks like a plantaganet. It would be interesting if he would ever go on those “so who do you think you are” shows that trace your lineage. That would be fascinating. I think he may be too private to do that.

  63. @Violet, you could have a point about Mr. A and “Who Do You Thin.k…”. Only from we infer from interviews, would he wish to turn the tabloid spotlight on his near family? Because, that could occur.

    There’s another thought. For those of us whose family/ancestors migrated to the “colonies” or elsewhere, it’s possible that stalking our family history is more a desire than for those who have been rooted in country of origin. And are more closely “rooted” there. All interesting thoughts for discussions of personal identity.

  64. @Violet8886,

    The same thought about the “Who Do You Think You Are?” show also popped into my head in relation to Richard. If you Google the Platagenets and look at their portraits, you will definitely see what RAF and I mean–that nose and the high cheekbones in particular just scream “Plantagenet” to me. And when he had his G S3 extensions in, boy, did I think Richard III.

    Having said before he would never appear in anything as himself on television (although he was largely talking about reality shows like Strictly Come Dancing, I think) and being the private person he is, he might not want such possible scrutiny. But what a kick it would be if they did trace his family back to a connection with those rulers . . . considering his desire for the RIII project.

    Yes, Fitzg, I think those of us who are transplants to other shores are especially interested in knowing from whence we came.

    I ended up doing a bit of research via Google last night and looked at photos of the charming little port town of Killough in County Down, Ireland, spelled but not pronounced the same way as my maiden name (which started out in Scotland with a “Mac” in front of it as a sept of the MacDonald clan), discovered the origin of Killough Springs Road in Birmingham, where my sister’s church is located (once the site of a plantation), and, coolest of all, found an up-and-coming paranormal romance/mystery author named Heather Killough-Walden whose hero in one of her books was inspired by none other than–Richard Armitage!! :D

    We Killoughs aren’t plentiful on the ground here in the U.S. so to make this connection with her as a distant relative, a fellow writer AND an RA fan . . . wonderful!!

  65. @Angie, oh no, another with ties to the MacDonalds! On behalf of a g-grandfather with the surname Campbell, apologies again for Glencoe. (I promise, I wasn’t there! Honest.)

  66. I swear there is everything on the web. LOL! There’s a Beard Me app for phone, so I’m getting some interesting hits. Maybe they’ll hang around to read about The Hobbit. That does seem to appeal to a significant number of gamers.

  67. Wow, there is a beard me app for the phone! There is everything out there! LOL

  68. Angieklong,

    Maybe RA has done or will do a look into his family lineage but probably he would do it privately. He probably would not do it on a TV show because as you said it may invite tabliod interest in his family. Then the floodgates would open and he doesn’t want open season on his private life. It would be interesting to see just where his family tree ends up…I am sure he is related to many interesting figures of history.

  69. […] The journey of the Beard continues. […]

  70. […] of you know how I feel about Richard’s beard, and I was disappointed when he was without it at The Hobbit premiere, […]

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